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VivaAerobus: contact details

IATA code: VB
ICAO code: VIV
Country: Mexico
Operating bases and hubs: Cancún International Airport, Guadalajara International Airport, Mexico City International Airport, Monterrey International Airport
Foundation date: 2006
Reward program: Viva Fan
Parent company: Inversionistas en Autotransportes Mexicanos S.A. de C.V.
Address: Monterrey International Airport. Terminal C, Miguel Aleman highway Km 24, Apodaca, NL, Mexico, C.P. 66600
Phone: +52 81 82 150 150
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
VivaAerobus official website: vivaaerobus.com

VivaAerobus low-cost airline ticket sale

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1Leon/Guanajuato → MonterreyFind tickets
2Leon/Guanajuato → TijuanaFind tickets
3Bogota → CancunFind tickets
4Bogota → Mexico CityFind tickets
5Ciudad Juarez → GuadalajaraFind tickets
6Ciudad Juarez → Mexico CityFind tickets
7Culiacan → MonterreyFind tickets
8Culiacan → TijuanaFind tickets
9Cancun → Leon/GuanajuatoFind tickets
10Cancun → BogotaFind tickets
11Cancun → GuadalajaraFind tickets
12Cancun → Mexico CityFind tickets
13Cancun → MonterreyFind tickets
14Cancun → Find tickets
15Cancun → TijuanaFind tickets
16Chihuahua → MonterreyFind tickets
17Dallas → Mexico CityFind tickets
18Dallas → MonterreyFind tickets
19Guadalajara → Ciudad JuarezFind tickets
20Guadalajara → CancunFind tickets
21Guadalajara → HoustonFind tickets
22Guadalajara → Los AngelesFind tickets
23Guadalajara → Mexico CityFind tickets
24Guadalajara → MonterreyFind tickets
25Guadalajara → Find tickets
26Guadalajara → ChicagoFind tickets
27Guadalajara → Puerto VallartaFind tickets
28Guadalajara → San José del CaboFind tickets
29Guadalajara → TijuanaFind tickets
30Hermosillo → MonterreyFind tickets
31Houston → GuadalajaraFind tickets
32Houston → Mexico CityFind tickets
33Houston → MonterreyFind tickets
34New York → Mexico CityFind tickets
35Las Vegas → Mexico CityFind tickets
36Las Vegas → MonterreyFind tickets
37Los Angeles → GuadalajaraFind tickets
38Los Angeles → Mexico CityFind tickets
39Los Angeles → MonterreyFind tickets
40Medellin → Mexico CityFind tickets
41Mexico City → BogotaFind tickets
42Mexico City → Ciudad JuarezFind tickets
43Mexico City → CuliacanFind tickets
44Mexico City → CancunFind tickets
45Mexico City → ChihuahuaFind tickets
46Mexico City → DallasFind tickets
47Mexico City → GuadalajaraFind tickets
48Mexico City → HermosilloFind tickets
49Mexico City → HoustonFind tickets
50Mexico City → New YorkFind tickets
51Mexico City → Las VegasFind tickets
52Mexico City → Los AngelesFind tickets
53Mexico City → MedellinFind tickets
54Mexico City → MeridaFind tickets
55Mexico City → MonterreyFind tickets
56Mexico City → ChicagoFind tickets
57Mexico City → Puerto VallartaFind tickets
58Mexico City → San AntonioFind tickets
59Mexico City → San José del CaboFind tickets
60Mexico City → TijuanaFind tickets
61Mexico City → VeracruzFind tickets
62Merida → Mexico CityFind tickets
63Merida → MonterreyFind tickets
64Monterrey → Leon/GuanajuatoFind tickets
65Monterrey → Ciudad JuarezFind tickets
66Monterrey → CancunFind tickets
67Monterrey → ChihuahuaFind tickets
68Monterrey → DallasFind tickets
69Monterrey → GuadalajaraFind tickets
70Monterrey → HermosilloFind tickets
71Monterrey → HoustonFind tickets
72Monterrey → Las VegasFind tickets
73Monterrey → Los AngelesFind tickets
74Monterrey → Mexico CityFind tickets
75Monterrey → MeridaFind tickets
76Monterrey → Find tickets
77Monterrey → Puerto VallartaFind tickets
78Monterrey → San AntonioFind tickets
79Monterrey → San José del CaboFind tickets
80Monterrey → TijuanaFind tickets
81 → GuadalajaraFind tickets
82 → MonterreyFind tickets
83Chicago → GuadalajaraFind tickets
84Chicago → Mexico CityFind tickets
85Puerto Vallarta → GuadalajaraFind tickets
86Puerto Vallarta → Mexico CityFind tickets
87Puerto Vallarta → MonterreyFind tickets
88Puerto Vallarta → TijuanaFind tickets
89San Antonio → Mexico CityFind tickets
90San Antonio → MonterreyFind tickets
91San José del Cabo → GuadalajaraFind tickets
92San José del Cabo → Mexico CityFind tickets
93Tuxtla Gutierrez → CancunFind tickets
94Tuxtla Gutierrez → Mexico CityFind tickets
95Tijuana → CuliacanFind tickets
96Tijuana → CancunFind tickets
97Tijuana → GuadalajaraFind tickets
98Tijuana → Mexico CityFind tickets
99Tijuana → MonterreyFind tickets
100Veracruz → MonterreyFind tickets

VivaAerobus: fleet

Low-cost airline VivaAerobus official website

Airplane Number of aircraft Number of seats
Airbus A320-200 200 180
Airbus A320neo 200 186
Airbus A321-200 8 220
Airbus A321neo 9 240

VivaAerobus: Web check-in

Fares Web check-in opens
Tarifa Zero Available 72 hours before domestic flights.
Available 24 hours before international flights.
Combo Light Available 72 hours before domestic flights.
Available 24 hours before international flights.
Combo Extra Available 10 days before domestic flights.
Available 24 hours before international flights.
Combo Smart Available 10 days before domestic flights.
Available 24 hours before international flights.

VivaAerobus: Check-in at the airport

  • Check-in at the airport for international flights of the low-cost airline «VivaAerobus» starts 3 hours and closes 70 minutes before the flight departure.
  • Airport check-in for VivaAerobus domestic flights within Mexico starts 2 hours and closes 45 minutes before departure.

VivaAerobus: bundles, checked baggage and carry-on baggage allowance

Fares Incluided
Tarifa Zero
  • Web check-in (72 h before)
  • 1 personal item (18 x 14 x 8 inches)
Combo Light
  • Web check-in (72 h before)
  • 1 personal item (18 x 14 x 8 inches)
  • Up to a 22 lbs. carry-on
  • Free itinerary changes
Combo Extra
  • Web check-in (10 days before)
  • 1 personal item (18 x 14 x 8 inches)
  • Up to a 22 lbs. carry-on
  • Free itinerary changes
  • Up to 33 lbs. checked bag
Combo Smart
  • Web check-in (10 days before)
  • 1 personal item (18 x 14 x 8 inches)
  • 2 bags that together do not exceed 33 lbs. (15 kg) carry-on
  • Unlimited itinerary changes
  • Up to a 55 lbs. checked bag
  • Free seat selection
  • Viva Express (Priority check-in)

VivaAerobus: Ticket Sale from Mexico

DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Cancun1 February 2023Tickets from 74
Guadalajara7 September 2022Tickets from 74
Huatulco6 September 2022Tickets from 80
Ciudad Juarez28 September 2022Tickets from 86
Mexicali11 May 2023Tickets from 88
Tijuana5 October 2022Tickets from 92
San José del Cabo8 November 2022Tickets from 94
Acapulco9 August 2022Tickets from 95
Puerto Vallarta5 August 2022Tickets from 97
Puerto Escondido5 August 2022Tickets from 113
Cozumel14 August 2022Tickets from 150
Guatemala City19 June 2023Tickets from 173
La Paz4 August 2022Tickets from 200
Manzanillo23 July 2022Tickets from 222
Bogota9 November 2022Tickets from 230
Los Mochis7 July 2022Tickets from 250
San Francisco21 September 2022Tickets from 256
San Pedro Sula1 September 2022Tickets from 302
Lima9 February 2023Tickets from 306
Houston18 July 2022Tickets from 350
Havana1 September 2022Tickets from 398
Los Angeles7 July 2022Tickets from 442
Roatan1 September 2022Tickets from 451
Puerto Asis25 July 2022Tickets from 473
Ontario6 July 2022Tickets from 607
Buenos Aires9 November 2022Tickets from 770
Caracas20 July 2022Tickets from 816
Jakarta22 November 2022Tickets from 1 087
Moscow6 September 2022Tickets from 1 870

VivaAerobus: Flight destinations

Country (State/Region) City Airport
Colombia (Bogotá) Bogotá El Dorado International Airport
Medellín José María Córdova International Airport
Costa Rica (San José) San José Juan Santamaría International Airport
Cuba (Santiago de Cuba Province) Santiago de Cuba Antonio Maceo Airport
Mexico (Baja California) Mexicali Mexicali International Airport
Tijuana Tijuana International Airport
Mexico (Baja California Sur) La Paz La Paz International Airport
San José del Cabo Los Cabos International Airport
Mexico (Campeche) Campeche Campeche International Airport
Ciudad del Carmen Ciudad del Carmen International Airport
Mexico (Chiapas) Tuxtla Gutiérrez Tuxtla Gutiérrez International Airport
Mexico (Chihuahua) Chihuahua Chihuahua International Airport
Ciudad Juárez Ciudad Juárez International Airport
Mexico (Coahuila) Torreón Torreón International Airport
Mexico (Durango) Durango Durango International Airport
Mexico (Guanajuato) León/El Bajío Del Bajío International Airport
Mexico (Guerrero) Acapulco Acapulco International Airport
Mexico (Jalisco) Guadalajara Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport
Puerto Vallarta Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport
Mexico (Mexico City) Mexico City Mexico City International Airport
Felipe Ángeles International Airport
Mexico (Michoacán) Morelia Morelia International Airport
Mexico (Nuevo León) Monterrey Monterrey International Airport
Mexico (Oaxaca) Huatulco Bahías de Huatulco International Airport
Oaxaca Oaxaca International Airport
Puerto Escondido Puerto Escondido International Airport
Mexico (Puebla) Puebla Puebla International Airport
Mexico (Querétaro) Querétaro Querétaro Intercontinental Airport
Mexico (Quintana Roo) Cancún Cancún International Airport
Chetumal Chetumal International Airport
Cozumel Cozumel International Airport
Mexico (San Luis Potosí) San Luis Potosí San Luis Potosí International Airport
Mexico (Sinaloa) Culiacán Culiacán International Airport
Los Mochis Los Mochis International Airport
Mazatlán Mazatlán International Airport
Mexico (Sonora) Ciudad Obregón Ciudad Obregón International Airport
Hermosillo Hermosillo International Airport
Mexico (State of Mexico) Toluca/Mexico City Toluca International Airport
Mexico (Tabasco) Villahermosa Villahermosa International Airport
Mexico (Tamaulipas) Nuevo Laredo Nuevo Laredo International Airport
Tampico Tampico International Airport
Reynosa General Lucio Blanco International Airport
Mexico (Veracruz) Veracruz Veracruz International Airport
Mexico (Yucatán) Mérida Mérida International Airport
Mexico (Zacatecas) Zacatecas Zacatecas International Airport
United States (California) Los Angeles Los Angeles International Airport
United States (Florida) Miami Miami International Airport
Orlando Orlando International Airport
United States (Illinois) Chicago Midway International Airport
Chicago O’Hare International Airport
United States (Nevada) Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport
United States (New York) New York John F. Kennedy International Airport
United States (New Jersey) Newark Newark Liberty International Airport
United States (Ohio) Cincinnati Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
United States (Texas) Austin Austin–Bergstrom International Airport
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Harlingen Valley International Airport
Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport
San Antonio San Antonio International Airport

VivaAerobus: History

VivaAerobus is a low-cost airline in Mexico, owned by Ryanair and the large bus company IAMSA. It is headquartered at General Mariano Escobedo International Airport, Monterrey. It has been in existence since 2006.The company began operations on November 30, 2006. In July 2007, the airline has publicly confirmed its intention to open terminals outside of Mexico, in Austin, USA. Currently, the company flies between Monterrey and cities such as Mexico City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, San Antonio, Houston, etc.

The company is owned by the Ryan family, the founders of Ryanair and Mexican bus company IAMSA. The Ryans teamed up with Maurice Mason of Kite Investments to form RyanMex to facilitate with the Irish family’s investment in the Mexican company. RyanMex has a 49% stake in the company, with IAMSA owning the rest. It all started with an initial investment of $50 million and two Boeing 737-300 airliners. The airline served 1 million 300 thousand passengers in the first year of operation.

On November 5, 2007, the company received permission from the U.S. Department of Transportation to operate at Austin Bergstrom Airport. The airline started operating flights from there on May 1, 2008.

On May 16, 2009, the airline announced that it was discontinuing flights to Austin Bergstrom Airport. On May 31, 2009, the airline was accused of postponing the swine flu outbreak, which caused an unprecedented drop in demand for service. Beginning in the summer of 2009, the company began flying to Las Vegas.

In November 2009, the airline announced an application for flights between Hermosillo and Las Vegas beginning in March 2010.

Flights from Houston began in April 2010.

On April 1, 2011, Mexico City, the capital of Mexico City, became the main destination. The company is also expanding the number of destinations.

On July 26, 2011, the company received approval to fly from Chicago’s Midway Airport.

On August 15, 2011, VivaAerobus announced round-trip flights between San Antonio and Monterrey airports.

On April 13, 2012, the company discontinues flights to Chicago Midway.

On February 18, 2013, company founder Roberto Alcantara signed an agreement under which the airline began flights from Toluca Airport.

VivaAerobus operates commuter buses from downtown El Paso to Abraham Gonzalez International Airport in Ciudad Juarez.

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