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Thai Lion Air: contact details

IATA code: SL
ICAO code: TLM
Country: Thailand
Operating bases and hubs: Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport
Foundation date: 4 December 2013
Parent company: Lion Air
Address: 89/46 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road., Sanambin Sub-District, Don Mueang District, Bangkok 10210, Thailand
Phone: +66 2 529 9999
Email: [email protected]
Thai Lion Air official website: lionairthai.com

Low-cost airline Thai Lion Air: Flight Destinations

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1Kota KinabaluKuala LumpurFind tickets
2BengaluruBangkokFind tickets
3MumbaiAbu DhabiFind tickets
4MumbaiBangkokFind tickets
5GuangzhouBangkokFind tickets
6Chiang RaiBangkokFind tickets
7JakartaBangkokFind tickets
8JakartaDenpasar (Bali)Find tickets
9JakartaKuala NamuFind tickets
10JakartaKuala LumpurFind tickets
11JakartaSurabayaFind tickets
12ColomboBangkokFind tickets
13Chiang MaiBangkokFind tickets
14Chiang MaiUtapaoFind tickets
15ChangshaBangkokFind tickets
16ChengduBangkokFind tickets
17DhakaKuala LumpurFind tickets
18DelhiKuala LumpurFind tickets
19BangkokBengaluruFind tickets
20BangkokMumbaiFind tickets
21BangkokGuangzhouFind tickets
22BangkokChiang RaiFind tickets
23BangkokJakartaFind tickets
24BangkokColomboFind tickets
25BangkokChiang MaiFind tickets
26BangkokChangshaFind tickets
27BangkokChengduFind tickets
28BangkokDenpasar (Bali)Find tickets
29BangkokHat YaiFind tickets
30BangkokHangzhouFind tickets
31BangkokPhuketFind tickets
32BangkokKrabiFind tickets
33BangkokKhon KaenFind tickets
34BangkokKathmanduFind tickets
35BangkokKuala LumpurFind tickets
36BangkokNanjingFind tickets
37BangkokNanFind tickets
38BangkokNakhon Si ThammaratFind tickets
39BangkokPhitsanulokFind tickets
40BangkokSingaporeFind tickets
41BangkokTaipeiFind tickets
42BangkokTrangFind tickets
43BangkokUbon RatchathaniFind tickets
44BangkokSurat ThaniFind tickets
45BangkokUdon ThaniFind tickets
46BangkokWuhanFind tickets
47Denpasar (Bali)JakartaFind tickets
48Denpasar (Bali)BangkokFind tickets
49Denpasar (Bali)Kuala LumpurFind tickets
50Denpasar (Bali)MelbourneFind tickets
51Denpasar (Bali)SurabayaFind tickets
52Hat YaiBangkokFind tickets
53Hat YaiUdon ThaniFind tickets
54HangzhouBangkokFind tickets
55PhuketBangkokFind tickets
56PhuketKuala LumpurFind tickets
57Johor BharuKuala LumpurFind tickets
58Kota BharuKuala LumpurFind tickets
59KrabiBangkokFind tickets
60KuchingKuala LumpurFind tickets
61Khon KaenBangkokFind tickets
62Kuala NamuJakartaFind tickets
63KathmanduBangkokFind tickets
64Kuala LumpurKota KinabaluFind tickets
65Kuala LumpurMumbaiFind tickets
66Kuala LumpurJakartaFind tickets
67Kuala LumpurDelhiFind tickets
68Kuala LumpurBangkokFind tickets
69Kuala LumpurDenpasar (Bali)Find tickets
70Kuala LumpurPhuketFind tickets
71Kuala LumpurKuchingFind tickets
72Kuala LumpurPenangFind tickets
73Kuala LumpurHo Chi Minh CityFind tickets
74Kuala LumpurSingaporeFind tickets
75LangkawiKuala LumpurFind tickets
76MelbourneDenpasar (Bali)Find tickets
77NanjingBangkokFind tickets
78NanBangkokFind tickets
79Nakhon Si ThammaratBangkokFind tickets
80PenangKuala LumpurFind tickets
81PenangKuala LumpurFind tickets
82PhitsanulokBangkokFind tickets
83Ho Chi Minh CityKuala LumpurFind tickets
84SingaporeBangkokFind tickets
85SingaporeKuala LumpurFind tickets
86SemarangJakartaFind tickets
87SurabayaJakartaFind tickets
88Kuala LumpurJohor BharuFind tickets
89Kuala LumpurKota BharuFind tickets
90Kuala LumpurLangkawiFind tickets
91Kuala LumpurPenangFind tickets
92ChengduBangkokFind tickets
93TaipeiBangkokFind tickets
94TrangBangkokFind tickets
95Ubon RatchathaniBangkokFind tickets
96Surat ThaniBangkokFind tickets
97Udon ThaniBangkokFind tickets
98Udon ThaniHat YaiFind tickets
99UtapaoChiang MaiFind tickets
100WuhanBangkokFind tickets

Thai Lion Air: fleet

Low-cost airline Thai Lion Air official website
The air fleet of the low-cost airline «Thai Lion Air» consists of the following aircraft: Airbus A330-900, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER, Boeing 737 MAX 9.

Thai Lion Air: Web check-in

Web check-in for «Thai Lion Air» flights opens 24 hours and closes 3 hours before scheduled departure.

Thai Lion Air: Check-in at the airport

  • Check-in at the airport for international flights of the low-cost airline «Thai Lion Air» starts 3 hours and closes 60 minutes before the flight departure.
  • Check-in at the airport for domestic flights «Thai Lion Air» within Thailand starts 2 hours and closes 45 minutes before departure.

Thai Lion Air: Airfare Deals from Bangkok

DestinationDeparture atStopsFind tickets
Phuket4 September 2023DirectTickets from 29
Chiang Mai11 September 2023DirectTickets from 40
Krabi22 August 2023DirectTickets from 44
Hat Yai29 August 2023DirectTickets from 48
Surat Thani4 August 2023DirectTickets from 49
Udon Thani2 July 2023DirectTickets from 50
Chiang Rai28 November 2023DirectTickets from 55
Sakon Nakhon15 June 2023DirectTickets from 56
Phitsanulok12 June 2023DirectTickets from 59
Kuala Lumpur6 July 2023DirectTickets from 60
Nakhon Phanom19 June 2023DirectTickets from 63
Nan25 July 2023DirectTickets from 64
Trang1 August 2023DirectTickets from 73
Ho Chi Minh City11 January 2024DirectTickets from 91
Trat23 August 2023DirectTickets from 97
Siem Reap20 June 2023DirectTickets from 97
Phnom Penh10 July 2023DirectTickets from 101
Nha Trang14 August 2023DirectTickets from 105
Da Nang2 July 2023DirectTickets from 108
Narathiwat12 June 2023DirectTickets from 108
Phu Quoc8 September 2023DirectTickets from 109
Singapore28 June 2023DirectTickets from 110
Vientiane27 June 2023DirectTickets from 111
Penang4 July 20231 StopTickets from 112
Yangon10 July 2023DirectTickets from 112
Johor Bharu19 July 2023DirectTickets from 116
Luang Prabang23 June 2023DirectTickets from 127
Hanoi19 June 2023DirectTickets from 127
Langkawi17 September 20231 StopTickets from 128
Sihanoukville15 November 2023DirectTickets from 133
Kota Bharu8 July 20231 StopTickets from 138
Jakarta15 June 2023DirectTickets from 149
Guangzhou7 August 2023DirectTickets from 153
Koh Samui8 November 2023DirectTickets from 154
Denpasar (Bali)17 November 2023DirectTickets from 163
Hong Kong4 March 2024DirectTickets from 164
Manila1 July 2023DirectTickets from 166
Shenzhen20 June 20231 StopTickets from 173
Dalat22 November 20231 StopTickets from 175
Mandalay14 August 2023DirectTickets from 177
Hua Hin20 June 20231 StopTickets from 178
Pekanbaru2 August 20231 StopTickets from 180
Utapao12 July 20231 StopTickets from 181
Kota Kinabalu16 September 20231 StopTickets from 181
Kunming24 June 2023DirectTickets from 187
Seoul6 July 2023DirectTickets from 188
Taipei24 July 2023DirectTickets from 193
Macau17 June 2023DirectTickets from 195
Shanghai13 July 2023DirectTickets from 205
Kolkata7 September 2023DirectTickets from 207
Sanya20 June 20231 StopTickets from 208
Tawau17 August 20231 StopTickets from 226
Cebu City8 August 20231 StopTickets from 227
Beijing14 June 20231 StopTickets from 229
Caticlan8 October 20231 StopTickets from 230
Bengaluru6 September 2023DirectTickets from 242
Haiphong14 June 20231 StopTickets from 246
Bandar Seri Begawan19 July 20231 StopTickets from 247
Fukuoka15 June 2023DirectTickets from 250
Harbin12 June 20231 StopTickets from 261
Busan15 June 20231 StopTickets from 267
Luzon Island24 June 2023DirectTickets from 272
Kalibo8 January 20241 StopTickets from 277
Mumbai12 July 20231 StopTickets from 281
Tokyo27 June 2023DirectTickets from 290
Osaka23 June 2023DirectTickets from 294
Goa24 July 20231 StopTickets from 299
Dhaka7 November 2023DirectTickets from 307
Kathmandu17 July 20231 StopTickets from 316
Delhi14 July 20231 StopTickets from 326
Busuanga26 July 20231 StopTickets from 334
Zhuhai24 October 20231 StopTickets from 338
Dayong19 August 20231 StopTickets from 356
Jinan17 July 20231 StopTickets from 368
Pune13 June 20231 StopTickets from 371
Colombo9 August 20231 StopTickets from 375
Male4 September 2023DirectTickets from 389
Heihe21 June 20231 StopTickets from 412
Sydney1 November 20231 StopTickets from 448
Melbourne19 September 20231 StopTickets from 450
Jeju7 August 20231 StopTickets from 462
Dehra Dun15 June 20231 StopTickets from 468
Srinagar27 July 20231 StopTickets from 469
Irkutsk8 September 2023DirectTickets from 482
Sapporo25 October 20231 StopTickets from 485
Dubai6 July 20231 StopTickets from 490
Abu Dhabi21 July 20231 StopTickets from 519
Okinawa26 July 20231 StopTickets from 541
Krasnojarsk18 August 2023DirectTickets from 550
Vladivostok17 July 2023DirectTickets from 556
Sharjah10 November 2023DirectTickets from 558
Muscat27 June 20231 StopTickets from 580
Pakse20 June 20231 StopTickets from 592
Almaty11 June 2023DirectTickets from 605
Honolulu18 September 20231 StopTickets from 652
Tehran21 June 20231 StopTickets from 660
Istanbul21 July 20231 StopTickets from 661
Perth22 July 20231 StopTickets from 663
Novosibirsk8 September 20231 StopTickets from 696

Thai Lion Air: carry-on baggage and checked baggage allowance

  • Each «Thai Lion Air» passenger can take 1 personal item and 1 piece of carry-on baggage into the aircraft cabin.
  • The base fare generally does not include checked baggage, because «Thai Lion Air» is a low-cost carrier.
  • Passengers who have purchased tickets for «Thai Lion Air» flights with other fares can check in 1 piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg (50 lb) in the hold.
Personal item Carry-on baggage Checked baggage
  • Personal item must fit under the seat in front of you, and can be a handbag, small backpack, PC bag or similar.
  • Max weight: 8 kg / 17,6 lb.
  • Max size: 45x36x22 cm / 17x14x8 in.
  • Carry-on baggage is placed in the overhead locker above the seats, and can be a small trolley case, bag or similar.
  • Max weight: 10 kg / 22 lb.
  • Max size: 55x40x23 cm / 22x18x10 in.
  • Checked baggage is delivered during check-in at the departure hall and sent to the aircraft’s hold.
  • Maximum weight: 23 kg / 50 lb per baggage.
  • Total dimensions: 320 cm / 126 in (L+W+H).

Thai Lion Air: Airfare Discounts to Bangkok

OriginDeparture atDistanceStopsFind tickets
Phuket6 September 2023675 kmDirectTickets from 33
Krabi20 June 2023670 kmDirectTickets from 51
Surat Thani9 July 2023554 kmDirectTickets from 51
Chiang Mai21 June 2023567 kmDirectTickets from 53
Udon Thani22 June 2023464 kmDirectTickets from 54
Chiang Rai5 November 2023676 kmDirectTickets from 60
Kuala Lumpur16 October 20231246 kmDirectTickets from 62
Sakon Nakhon11 June 2023529 kmDirectTickets from 73
Trat11 August 2023231 kmDirectTickets from 98
Roi Et17 October 2023419 kmDirectTickets from 98
Ho Chi Minh City25 November 2023717 kmDirectTickets from 101
Nha Trang3 August 2023957 kmDirectTickets from 110
Phnom Penh10 July 2023504 kmDirectTickets from 110
Da Nang26 June 2023849 kmDirectTickets from 111
Yangon27 July 2023583 kmDirectTickets from 123
Singapore9 January 20241416 kmDirectTickets from 130
Penang21 July 2023959 km1 StopTickets from 132
Phu Quoc25 June 2023520 kmDirectTickets from 133
Hanoi11 June 2023992 kmDirectTickets from 134
Luang Prabang4 November 2023685 kmDirectTickets from 137
Jakarta21 June 20232326 kmDirectTickets from 140
Guangzhou19 July 20231700 kmDirectTickets from 151
Kolkata29 August 20231608 kmDirectTickets from 159
Manila21 January 20242186 kmDirectTickets from 162
Koh Samui17 September 2023466 kmDirectTickets from 165
Utapao7 September 2023143 km1 StopTickets from 172
Hong Kong4 July 20231690 kmDirectTickets from 175
Denpasar (Bali)23 January 20242987 kmDirectTickets from 175
Siem Reap25 July 2023351 kmDirectTickets from 180
Taipei23 August 20232486 kmDirectTickets from 186
Beijing13 June 20233315 km1 StopTickets from 190
Seoul26 June 20233665 kmDirectTickets from 191
Caticlan10 November 20232306 km1 StopTickets from 196
Shanghai14 June 20232889 kmDirectTickets from 207
Shenzhen3 July 20231696 kmDirectTickets from 208
Macau21 July 20231647 kmDirectTickets from 213
Dalat29 July 2023854 km1 StopTickets from 219
Thanh Hoa15 June 2023853 km1 StopTickets from 237
Hyderabad30 June 20232402 kmDirectTickets from 248
Harbin22 June 20234280 km1 StopTickets from 263
Sanya8 October 20231057 km1 StopTickets from 270
Delhi30 November 20232947 kmDirectTickets from 278
Mumbai4 August 20233008 kmDirectTickets from 280
Colombo10 July 20232383 kmDirectTickets from 285
Tokyo28 June 20234647 kmDirectTickets from 289
Ahmedabad11 July 20233138 km1 StopTickets from 295
Busan12 July 20233697 km1 StopTickets from 298
Urumqi16 June 20233588 km1 StopTickets from 300
Kaohsiung29 August 20232290 km1 StopTickets from 304
Goa10 July 20232898 km1 StopTickets from 305
Dhaka29 December 20231567 kmDirectTickets from 319
Jinan19 June 20233050 km1 StopTickets from 325
Praya11 July 20233056 km1 StopTickets from 326
Qingdao2 November 20233181 km1 StopTickets from 342
Male2 October 20233159 kmDirectTickets from 390
Dubai30 August 20234904 km1 StopTickets from 406
Kathmandu30 July 20232229 km1 StopTickets from 427
Bandar Seri Begawan18 June 20231833 kmDirectTickets from 438
Dalian31 October 20233471 km1 StopTickets from 438
Hangzhou1 October 20232730 km1 StopTickets from 447
Irkutsk22 September 20234301 km1 StopTickets from 449
Sharjah11 September 20234888 km1 StopTickets from 470
Heihe6 August 20234724 km1 StopTickets from 478
Krasnojarsk12 July 20234777 kmDirectTickets from 494
Muscat12 June 20234588 km1 StopTickets from 507
Abu Dhabi12 June 20234966 km1 StopTickets from 517
Vladivostok25 July 20234453 kmDirectTickets from 525
Novosibirsk21 July 20234853 kmDirectTickets from 530
Rajshahi28 June 20231745 km1 StopTickets from 555
Melbourne30 June 20237332 km1 StopTickets from 558
Bahrain11 June 20235386 km1 StopTickets from 565
Sydney30 June 20237514 km1 StopTickets from 572
Yekaterinburg15 September 20235856 km1 StopTickets from 575
Moscow14 September 20237058 km1 StopTickets from 577
Izhevsk15 June 20236230 km1 StopTickets from 603
Saint Petersburg5 July 20237605 km1 StopTickets from 610
Riyadh21 July 20235770 km1 StopTickets from 653
Kazan15 June 20236393 km1 StopTickets from 656
Doha10 September 20235284 km1 StopTickets from 663
Istanbul10 June 20237504 km1 StopTickets from 668
Tel Aviv-Yafo13 June 20236946 km1 StopTickets from 673
Novokuznetsk22 June 20234610 km1 StopTickets from 677
Saratov19 June 20236413 km1 StopTickets from 695
Samara15 June 20236243 km1 StopTickets from 707
Astana22 June 20234913 km1 StopTickets from 709
Almaty22 June 20234000 kmDirectTickets from 712
Adler/Sochi19 June 20236621 km1 StopTickets from 712
Perm22 June 20236165 km1 StopTickets from 714
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk24 November 20235365 km1 StopTickets from 717
Ulaanbaatar3 July 20233817 km1 StopTickets from 718
Chelyabinsk22 June 20235722 km1 StopTickets from 731
Ufa17 November 20235970 km1 StopTickets from 735
Frankfurt28 January 20248998 km1 StopTickets from 743

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