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Thai Airways International: contact details

IATA code: TG
ICAO code: THA
Country: Thailand
Operating bases and hubs: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Phuket International Airport
Foundation date: 29 March 1960 (merged with Thai Airways Company on 1 April 1988)
Reward program: Royal Orchid Plus
Parent company: The Ministry of Finance of Thailand
Subsidiaries: Thai Smile Airways, Nok Air, Thai Catering, Thai Cargo, Thai Crew Center, Thai Flight Training Center, Thai Ground Services, Thai Technical, Wingspan Services
Alliance: Star Alliance
Address: Vibhavadi Rangsit Ticket Office, 89 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chattuchak, Bangkok, 10900, Thailand
Phone: +66 2 356 1111, +66 2 288 7000
Email: [email protected]
Thai Airways International official website:

Thai Airways International: Flight Destinations

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1Stockholm → BangkokFind tickets
2Stockholm → CopenhagenFind tickets
3Bangkok → StockholmFind tickets
4Bangkok → BengaluruFind tickets
5Bangkok → MumbaiFind tickets
6Bangkok → BrusselsFind tickets
7Bangkok → KolkataFind tickets
8Bangkok → ParisFind tickets
9Bangkok → JakartaFind tickets
10Bangkok → Chiang MaiFind tickets
11Bangkok → CopenhagenFind tickets
12Bangkok → DhakaFind tickets
13Bangkok → DelhiFind tickets
14Bangkok → DenpasarFind tickets
15Bangkok → DubaiFind tickets
16Bangkok → FrankfurtFind tickets
17Bangkok → FukuokaFind tickets
18Bangkok → HanoiFind tickets
19Bangkok → Hat YaiFind tickets
20Bangkok → Hong KongFind tickets
21Bangkok → PhuketFind tickets
22Bangkok → TokyoFind tickets
23Bangkok → HyderabadFind tickets
24Bangkok → SeoulFind tickets
25Bangkok → IslamabadFind tickets
26Bangkok → JeddahFind tickets
27Bangkok → KarachiFind tickets
28Bangkok → OsakaFind tickets
29Bangkok → Khon KaenFind tickets
30Bangkok → Kuala LumpurFind tickets
31Bangkok → LahoreFind tickets
32Bangkok → LondonFind tickets
33Bangkok → ChennaiFind tickets
34Bangkok → MelbourneFind tickets
35Bangkok → ManilaFind tickets
36Bangkok → MunichFind tickets
37Bangkok → NagoyaFind tickets
38Bangkok → TokyoFind tickets
39Bangkok → PenangFind tickets
40Bangkok → PerthFind tickets
41Bangkok → Phnom PenhFind tickets
42Bangkok → Ho Chi Minh CityFind tickets
43Bangkok → SingaporeFind tickets
44Bangkok → SydneyFind tickets
45Bangkok → TaipeiFind tickets
46Bangkok → Udon ThaniFind tickets
47Bangkok → ZurichFind tickets
48Bengaluru → BangkokFind tickets
49Mumbai → BangkokFind tickets
50Brussels → BangkokFind tickets
51Paris → BangkokFind tickets
52Jakarta → BangkokFind tickets
53Chiang Mai → BangkokFind tickets
54Copenhagen → StockholmFind tickets
55Copenhagen → BangkokFind tickets
56Copenhagen → FrankfurtFind tickets
57Dhaka → BangkokFind tickets
58Delhi → BangkokFind tickets
59Denpasar → BangkokFind tickets
60Dubai → BangkokFind tickets
61Frankfurt → BangkokFind tickets
62Frankfurt → PhuketFind tickets
63Frankfurt → MunichFind tickets
64Hanoi → BangkokFind tickets
65Hat Yai → BangkokFind tickets
66Hong Kong → BangkokFind tickets
67Phuket → BangkokFind tickets
68Phuket → FrankfurtFind tickets
69Phuket → LondonFind tickets
70Phuket → SydneyFind tickets
71Tokyo → BangkokFind tickets
72Hyderabad → BangkokFind tickets
73Seoul → BangkokFind tickets
74Islamabad → BangkokFind tickets
75Jeddah → BangkokFind tickets
76Krabi → BangkokFind tickets
77Karachi → BangkokFind tickets
78Osaka → BangkokFind tickets
79Khon Kaen → BangkokFind tickets
80Kuala Lumpur → BangkokFind tickets
81Lahore → BangkokFind tickets
82London → StockholmFind tickets
83London → BangkokFind tickets
84London → PhuketFind tickets
85Chennai → BangkokFind tickets
86Melbourne → BangkokFind tickets
87Manila → BangkokFind tickets
88Munich → BangkokFind tickets
89Munich → FrankfurtFind tickets
90Nagoya → BangkokFind tickets
91Tokyo → BangkokFind tickets
92Perth → BangkokFind tickets
93Phnom Penh → BangkokFind tickets
94Ho Chi Minh City → BangkokFind tickets
95Singapore → BangkokFind tickets
96Sydney → BangkokFind tickets
97Sydney → PhuketFind tickets
98Taipei → BangkokFind tickets
99Udon Thani → BangkokFind tickets
100Zurich → BangkokFind tickets

Thai Airways International: Air Fleet

Thai Airways official website cheap flights
The air fleet of the airline «Thai Airways International» consists of the following aircraft: Airbus A350-900, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9.

Thai Airways International: Web check-in

Web check-in for «Thai Airways» flights opens 24 hours and closes 3 hours before scheduled departure.

Thai Airways: Check-in at the airport

  • Check-in at the airport for international flights of «Thai Airways International» starts 3 hours and closes 60 minutes before the flight departure.
  • Airport check-in for «Thai Airways» domestic flights within Thailand starts 2 hours and closes 45 minutes before departure.

Thai Airways International: Airfare Deals from Bangkok

DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Krabi9 March 2023Tickets from 34
Phuket8 February 2023Tickets from 36
Surat Thani30 January 2023Tickets from 36
Udon Thani30 November 2022Tickets from 36
Chiang Mai13 February 2023Tickets from 39
Hat Yai8 January 2023Tickets from 44
Chiang Rai12 November 2022Tickets from 61
Ubon Ratchathani11 November 2022Tickets from 63
Ranong17 October 2022Tickets from 63
Khon Kaen12 October 2022Tickets from 66
Kuala Lumpur10 January 2023Tickets from 81
Trat10 January 2023Tickets from 83
Nakhon Si Thammarat7 October 2022Tickets from 87
Yangon25 November 2022Tickets from 92
Penang9 January 2023Tickets from 92
Ho Chi Minh City8 December 2022Tickets from 96
Phnom Penh25 November 2022Tickets from 98
Singapore11 February 2023Tickets from 101
Siem Reap12 February 2023Tickets from 109
Nha Trang7 December 2022Tickets from 110
Sukhothai27 October 2022Tickets from 115
Langkawi4 January 2023Tickets from 117
Da Nang13 November 2022Tickets from 117
Vientiane12 February 2023Tickets from 118
Hanoi30 November 2022Tickets from 121
Luang Prabang1 November 2022Tickets from 125
Phu Quoc17 October 2022Tickets from 126
Koh Samui13 March 2023Tickets from 136
Hua Hin20 October 2022Tickets from 162
Nan13 October 2022Tickets from 162
Manila9 February 2023Tickets from 168
Mandalay21 January 2023Tickets from 170
Dalat7 February 2023Tickets from 180
Denpasar25 February 2023Tickets from 182
Hong Kong27 February 2023Tickets from 183
Kota Kinabalu4 February 2023Tickets from 206
Nyaung-u15 February 2023Tickets from 211
Cebu City13 February 2023Tickets from 228
Utapao1 November 2022Tickets from 235
Bandar Seri Begawan27 October 2022Tickets from 237
Jakarta10 January 2023Tickets from 243
Taipei9 November 2022Tickets from 243
Kota Bharu19 November 2022Tickets from 246
Oudomxay6 December 2022Tickets from 247
Seoul25 November 2022Tickets from 271
Bengaluru16 December 2022Tickets from 281
Delhi22 January 2023Tickets from 283
Busan2 November 2022Tickets from 290
Mumbai13 February 2023Tickets from 300
Fukuoka14 November 2022Tickets from 302
Dhaka20 October 2022Tickets from 316
Sydney17 February 2023Tickets from 320
Tokyo18 October 2022Tickets from 356
Male21 November 2022Tickets from 362
Malacca26 December 2022Tickets from 362
Goa26 February 2023Tickets from 366
Osaka28 November 2022Tickets from 404
Jammu22 October 2022Tickets from 405
Beijing25 March 2023Tickets from 431
Dubai16 November 2022Tickets from 448
Abu Dhabi7 October 2022Tickets from 487
Sapporo6 December 2022Tickets from 540
Paris17 May 2023Tickets from 543
Los Angeles5 October 2022Tickets from 613
San Francisco28 November 2022Tickets from 625
Istanbul15 February 2023Tickets from 642
Irkutsk4 December 2022Tickets from 663
Bahrain6 October 2022Tickets from 674
Doha1 December 2022Tickets from 684
Almaty22 May 2023Tickets from 695
Milan5 February 2023Tickets from 737
Melbourne30 December 2022Tickets from 804
Tel Aviv-Yafo5 December 2022Tickets from 829
Moscow4 November 2022Tickets from 888

Thai Airways International: carry-on baggage and checked baggage allowance

Classes Carry-on Checked baggage
  • 1 hand baggage item (55x40x23 cm / 22x18x10 in), maximum weight: 10 kilos / 22 lb;
  • 1 personal item (45x36x22 cm / 17x14x8 in): handbag, small backpack, PC bag or similar.
1 item x 23 kg / 50 lb, length + width + height 158 cm/62 in
  • 1 hand baggage item (55x40x23 cm / 22x18x10 in), maximum weight: 10 kilos / 22 lb;
  • 1 personal item (45x36x22 cm / 17x14x8 in): handbag, small backpack, PC bag or similar.
2 items x 23 kg / 50 lb, length + width + height 158 cm/62 in

Thai Airways: Airfare Discounts to Bangkok

OriginDeparture atFind tickets
Surat Thani23 November 2022Tickets from 18
Krabi20 January 2023Tickets from 18
Ubon Ratchathani7 February 2023Tickets from 19
Phuket28 January 2023Tickets from 20
Chumphon21 January 2023Tickets from 22
Udon Thani5 November 2022Tickets from 23
Nan17 January 2023Tickets from 23
Chiang Mai9 January 2023Tickets from 24
Khon Kaen18 October 2022Tickets from 25
Chiang Rai7 December 2022Tickets from 27
Hat Yai22 February 2023Tickets from 27
Buri Ram12 October 2022Tickets from 31
Trang21 November 2022Tickets from 31
Nakhon Si Thammarat14 October 2022Tickets from 32
Sakon Nakhon13 October 2022Tickets from 39
Trat4 February 2023Tickets from 43
Kuala Lumpur22 February 2023Tickets from 44
Yangon8 November 2022Tickets from 45
Penang28 November 2022Tickets from 47
Ho Chi Minh City7 December 2022Tickets from 48
Ranong12 October 2022Tickets from 51
Da Nang10 February 2023Tickets from 54
Phu Quoc28 October 2022Tickets from 59
Nha Trang4 April 2023Tickets from 60
Phnom Penh15 February 2023Tickets from 63
Siem Reap17 January 2023Tickets from 65
Singapore26 June 2023Tickets from 65
Hanoi8 March 2023Tickets from 66
Johor Bharu3 February 2023Tickets from 66
Koh Samui22 April 2023Tickets from 70
Vientiane13 October 2022Tickets from 71
Manila20 February 2023Tickets from 74
Luang Prabang10 January 2023Tickets from 78
Mandalay11 October 2022Tickets from 86
Dalat7 December 2022Tickets from 89
Utapao10 January 2023Tickets from 90
Haiphong4 November 2022Tickets from 91
Denpasar7 March 2023Tickets from 91
Hua Hin7 October 2022Tickets from 95
Sihanoukville8 May 2023Tickets from 100
Puerto Princesa17 November 2022Tickets from 103
Caticlan10 November 2022Tickets from 103
Nyaung-u19 February 2023Tickets from 108
Kolkata27 November 2022Tickets from 108
Hong Kong2 March 2023Tickets from 111
Seoul15 March 2023Tickets from 112
Cebu City18 February 2023Tickets from 112
Busan28 November 2022Tickets from 123
Bengaluru28 November 2022Tickets from 124
Chennai6 November 2022Tickets from 124
Iloilo31 October 2022Tickets from 126
Jakarta25 November 2022Tickets from 128
Hyderabad9 October 2022Tickets from 131
Delhi16 December 2022Tickets from 132
Goa23 October 2022Tickets from 134
Mumbai17 December 2022Tickets from 135
Rach Gia8 October 2022Tickets from 135
Colombo15 November 2022Tickets from 138
Surabaya31 October 2022Tickets from 141
Kuching3 January 2023Tickets from 145
Taipei1 November 2022Tickets from 149
Jaipur31 October 2022Tickets from 149
Kochi6 December 2022Tickets from 149
Kalibo26 November 2022Tickets from 153
Sydney5 March 2023Tickets from 161
Tokyo11 November 2022Tickets from 163
Thiruvananthapuram6 December 2022Tickets from 174
Coimbatore1 December 2022Tickets from 175
Dhaka2 November 2022Tickets from 177
Guwahati28 October 2022Tickets from 184
Vishakhapatnam10 October 2022Tickets from 187
Lucknow8 November 2022Tickets from 189
Osaka11 October 2022Tickets from 189
Kozhikode15 October 2022Tickets from 191
Agra17 November 2022Tickets from 191
Bhubaneswar11 October 2022Tickets from 192
Pune27 November 2022Tickets from 194
Bandar Seri Begawan7 October 2022Tickets from 194
Shanghai8 October 2022Tickets from 200
Varanasi9 October 2022Tickets from 200
Yogyakarta29 October 2022Tickets from 202
Chandigarh24 October 2022Tickets from 205
Dubai14 February 2023Tickets from 213
Shenyang6 December 2022Tickets from 216
Ras al-Khaimah13 October 2022Tickets from 216
Guangzhou11 October 2022Tickets from 220
Shenzhen29 November 2022Tickets from 221
Tianjin11 October 2022Tickets from 222
Muscat30 October 2022Tickets from 223
Beijing1 November 2022Tickets from 223
Abu Dhabi6 February 2023Tickets from 227
Kathmandu19 December 2022Tickets from 234
Athens14 February 2023Tickets from 236
Perth1 November 2022Tickets from 239
Guiyang14 October 2022Tickets from 242

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