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What services are provided to first class passengers on Spirit Airlines flights

  1. Spirit Airlines currently does not offer a first class service. They operate as a low-cost carrier and only offer one class of service, known as «Big Front Seat», which is essentially an extra-legroom economy seat with some additional perks. These seats are located at the front of the aircraft and have a pitch of 36 inches, compared to the standard 28-30 inches in regular economy seats.
  2. Some of the perks of the Big Front Seat on Spirit Airlines include priority boarding, dedicated overhead bin space, and complimentary premium drinks and snacks on flights longer than 2 hours. However, other amenities like meals, blankets, and pillows are not provided and must be purchased separately.
  3. It is worth noting that Spirit Airlines is known for their low fares and extra fees for various services, including baggage, seat assignments, and onboard snacks and drinks.

Spirit Airlines: popular first class routes

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1AtlantaBaltimoreFind tickets
2AtlantaDallasFind tickets
3AtlantaDetroitFind tickets
4AtlantaNew YorkFind tickets
5AtlantaFort LauderdaleFind tickets
6AtlantaLas VegasFind tickets
7AtlantaLos AngelesFind tickets
8AtlantaOrlandoFind tickets
9AtlantaMiamiFind tickets
10AtlantaChicagoFind tickets
11BaltimoreAtlantaFind tickets
12BaltimoreFort LauderdaleFind tickets
13BaltimoreOrlandoFind tickets
14DenverLas VegasFind tickets
15DallasFort LauderdaleFind tickets
16DallasLas VegasFind tickets
17DallasLos AngelesFind tickets
18DallasOrlandoFind tickets
19DallasChicagoFind tickets
20DetroitAtlantaFind tickets
21DetroitFort LauderdaleFind tickets
22DetroitLas VegasFind tickets
23DetroitNew YorkFind tickets
24DetroitOrlandoFind tickets
25New YorkAtlantaFind tickets
26New YorkFort LauderdaleFind tickets
27New YorkHoustonFind tickets
28New YorkLas VegasFind tickets
29New YorkOrlandoFind tickets
30New YorkMiamiFind tickets
31Fort LauderdaleAtlantaFind tickets
32Fort LauderdaleBaltimoreFind tickets
33Fort LauderdaleCancunFind tickets
34Fort LauderdaleDallasFind tickets
35Fort LauderdaleDetroitFind tickets
36Fort LauderdaleNew YorkFind tickets
37Fort LauderdaleHoustonFind tickets
38Fort LauderdaleNew YorkFind tickets
39Fort LauderdaleOrlandoFind tickets
40Fort LauderdaleNew OrleansFind tickets
41Fort LauderdaleChicagoFind tickets
42Fort LauderdalePhiladelphiaFind tickets
43Fort LauderdaleTampaFind tickets
44HoustonAtlantaFind tickets
45HoustonNew YorkFind tickets
46HoustonFort LauderdaleFind tickets
47HoustonLas VegasFind tickets
48HoustonLos AngelesFind tickets
49HoustonOrlandoFind tickets
50Las VegasAtlantaFind tickets
51Las VegasDenverFind tickets
52Las VegasDallasFind tickets
53Las VegasDetroitFind tickets
54Las VegasFort LauderdaleFind tickets
55Las VegasHoustonFind tickets
56Las VegasLos AngelesFind tickets
57Las VegasOrlandoFind tickets
58Las VegasOaklandFind tickets
59Las VegasChicagoFind tickets
60Las VegasSan DiegoFind tickets
61Los AngelesAtlantaFind tickets
62Los AngelesDallasFind tickets
63Los AngelesHoustonFind tickets
64Los AngelesLas VegasFind tickets
65Los AngelesChicagoFind tickets
66New YorkDetroitFind tickets
67New YorkFort LauderdaleFind tickets
68New YorkOrlandoFind tickets
69New YorkMiamiFind tickets
70OrlandoAtlantaFind tickets
71OrlandoBaltimoreFind tickets
72OrlandoCancunFind tickets
73OrlandoDallasFind tickets
74OrlandoDetroitFind tickets
75OrlandoNew YorkFind tickets
76OrlandoFort LauderdaleFind tickets
77OrlandoHoustonFind tickets
78OrlandoNew YorkFind tickets
79OrlandoMiamiFind tickets
80OrlandoNew OrleansFind tickets
81OrlandoChicagoFind tickets
82OrlandoPhiladelphiaFind tickets
83OrlandoSan JuanFind tickets
84MiamiAtlantaFind tickets
85MiamiNew YorkFind tickets
86MiamiNew YorkFind tickets
87MiamiOrlandoFind tickets
88New OrleansFort LauderdaleFind tickets
89New OrleansOrlandoFind tickets
90Myrtle BeachFort LauderdaleFind tickets
91ChicagoAtlantaFind tickets
92ChicagoFort LauderdaleFind tickets
93ChicagoLas VegasFind tickets
94ChicagoLos AngelesFind tickets
95ChicagoOrlandoFind tickets
96PhiladelphiaFort LauderdaleFind tickets
97PhiladelphiaOrlandoFind tickets
98San DiegoLas VegasFind tickets
99San JuanOrlandoFind tickets
100TampaFort LauderdaleFind tickets

Where can you fly with Spirit Airlines 1st class

Spirit Airlines operates mainly in the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America.

Some of its most popular domestic routes include:

  • Fort Lauderdale to New York City
  • Las Vegas to Los Angeles
  • Chicago to New Orleans
  • Atlanta to Orlando
  • Los Angeles to Seattle.

Internationally, Spirit Airlines flies to various destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, including:

  • Cancun, Mexico
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Bogota, Colombia
  • Lima, Peru
  • San Salvador, El Salvador.

Spirit Airlines: contact details

IATA code: NK
ICAO code: NKS
Country: USA
Operating bases and hubs: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Chicago–O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando
Foundation date: 1983 as Charter One Airlines
Reward program: Free Spirit
Parent company: Indigo Partners, Oaktree Capital Management
Address: 2800 Executive Way, Miramar, Florida, 33025, USA
Phone: +1-855-SAVE-555 (855-728-3555) or text us at 48763, or use 855-728-3555 on WhatsApp; 800030071 (from Mexico)
Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Spirit Airlines official website: spirit.com

Which airplanes does Spirit Airlines use for its first class flights

Spirit Airlines first class tickets

  • Spirit Airlines operates a fleet of over 160 aircraft, primarily consisting of Airbus A320 family aircraft and Airbus A320neo family aircraft. They also have a number of Airbus A319 and A321 aircraft in their fleet. Additionally, they operate a small number of Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
  • Spirit Airlines operates with an all-economy cabin layout, which means that all passengers receive the same level of service and seating. However, Spirit Airlines does offer an option called «Big Front Seat», which is a type of extra-legroom seating that provides a more comfortable experience than the standard economy seats.
  • The Big Front Seat is located in the first row of the aircraft and features a 36-inch pitch (the distance between two rows of seats), which is significantly more than the standard economy seat pitch of 28 inches. The seats are also wider and have a higher backrest, providing more support and comfort. The Big Front Seat is similar to the first-class seats on other airlines, but it does not come with the additional amenities and services that are typically provided in a first-class cabin.

First class ticket prices for Spirit Airlines flights from Fort Lauderdale

DestinationDeparture atDistanceStopsFind tickets
Atlanta27 April 2023937 kmDirectTickets from 51
Orlando1 May 2023286 kmDirectTickets from 76
New York27 April 20231715 kmDirectTickets from 106
Jacksonville12 April 2023514 kmDirectTickets from 108
Chicago19 April 20231905 km1 StopTickets from 110
Dallas28 April 20231799 km1 StopTickets from 129
Toronto10 May 20231958 kmDirectTickets from 144
Newburgh6 April 20231802 km1 StopTickets from 149
Baltimore17 May 20231493 km1 StopTickets from 158
Houston13 April 20231552 km1 StopTickets from 172
Las Vegas6 May 20233492 km1 StopTickets from 175
Indianapolis1 May 20231620 km1 StopTickets from 176
Philadelphia6 April 20231600 kmDirectTickets from 181
Washington17 May 20231450 kmDirectTickets from 182
Aguadilla26 October 20231580 kmDirectTickets from 190
Boston5 May 20231993 km1 StopTickets from 190
Los Angeles12 May 20233763 km1 StopTickets from 205
San Juan19 May 20231682 km1 StopTickets from 205
Columbus7 May 20231550 kmDirectTickets from 209
New Orleans9 June 20231083 km1 StopTickets from 215
Santo Domingo18 April 20231370 kmDirectTickets from 217
Tampa2 April 2023317 km1 StopTickets from 232
Austin12 May 20231776 kmDirectTickets from 233
Cancun12 April 2023884 kmDirectTickets from 269
Phoenix21 April 20233168 km1 StopTickets from 276
Pittsburgh5 April 20231603 kmDirectTickets from 287
Ontario12 May 20233690 km1 StopTickets from 299
Lima8 April 20234248 kmDirectTickets from 305
Punta Cana18 April 20231470 kmDirectTickets from 313
San Francisco4 April 20234152 km1 StopTickets from 316
San Jose20 April 20231837 kmDirectTickets from 333
Montreal14 July 20232229 km1 StopTickets from 336
Aruba28 May 20231843 km1 StopTickets from 344
Havana12 April 2023411 km1 StopTickets from 344
Guayaquil21 April 20233137 kmDirectTickets from 359
Medellin11 May 20232268 kmDirectTickets from 359
Providenciales27 July 2023932 km1 StopTickets from 375
Freeport20 June 2023152 kmDirectTickets from 376
Asheville20 May 20231065 km1 StopTickets from 416
Kingston17 July 2023968 kmDirectTickets from 431
Panama City8 May 20231892 kmDirectTickets from 436
San Diego4 April 20233645 km1 StopTickets from 438
Manaus13 May 20233891 km1 StopTickets from 488
Port Of Spain20 April 20232619 km1 StopTickets from 503
Rock Sound1 June 2023419 km1 StopTickets from 530
Mexico City6 April 20232073 km1 StopTickets from 544
Richlands7 April 20231003 km1 StopTickets from 560
Santiago3 April 20236685 km1 StopTickets from 577
Rio De Janeiro17 April 20236745 km1 StopTickets from 638
Sarasota21 April 2023280 km1 StopTickets from 647
Sint Maarten31 May 20231966 km1 StopTickets from 650
Wilkes-Barre8 April 20231745 km1 StopTickets from 672
Merida12 April 20231125 km1 StopTickets from 675
Anchorage18 April 20236416 km1 StopTickets from 759
Paris8 September 20237340 km1 StopTickets from 840
Dubai7 April 202312573 km1 StopTickets from 1 110
Jackson24 June 20233373 km1 StopTickets from 1 118
Barcelona23 April 20237514 km1 StopTickets from 1 144
Tel Aviv-Yafo19 April 202310576 km1 StopTickets from 1 230
Lisbon8 April 20236649 km1 StopTickets from 1 281
Madrid4 May 20237076 km1 StopTickets from 1 345
Buenos Aires25 January 20247141 km1 StopTickets from 1 408
Cairo7 April 202310420 km1 StopTickets from 1 642
St. George's7 April 20232478 km1 StopTickets from 1 645
Tokyo12 April 202311980 km1 StopTickets from 2 252
Rome25 August 20238298 km1 StopTickets from 2 533

Web check-in for Spirit Airlines first class passengers

Spirit Airlines offers online check-in for all flights, including international and domestic flights. The check-in time varies depending on the type of flight and the departure airport. Here are some details about the online check-in process for Spirit Airlines:

1. Time window for online check-in:

  • For domestic flights, online check-in is available between 24 hours and 1 hour before the scheduled departure time.
  • For international flights, online check-in is available between 24 hours and 1 hour and 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

2. Process for online check-in:

  • Passengers can check-in online through the Spirit Airlines website or mobile app.
  • Passengers need to provide their confirmation code or e-ticket number along with their last name to access their booking.
  • After accessing their booking, passengers can select their seats, purchase additional services, and print or download their boarding pass.

3. Benefits of online check-in:

  • Online check-in allows passengers to skip the check-in counter and save time at the airport.
  • Passengers can select their seats and purchase additional services, such as baggage allowances and seat upgrades, during the online check-in process.
  • Passengers can print or download their boarding pass to their mobile device, making it easier to access their flight information.

4. Exceptions to online check-in:

  • Passengers traveling with pets, unaccompanied minors, or those with special needs are required to check in at the airport.
  • Passengers who need to present travel documents or have their passport checked must check in at the airport.

5. Check-in deadline at the airport:

  • For domestic flights, passengers must complete the check-in process and drop off their baggage at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • For international flights, passengers must complete the check-in process and drop off their baggage at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Airport check-in for Spirit Airlines first class passengers

  • All passengers flying with Spirit Airlines, including those in economy class, can check-in at the airport for their flight. The check-in desks usually open 3 hours before the scheduled departure time and close 1 hour before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 2 hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights.
  • Passengers can also use self-service kiosks at the airport for check-in, which are available at most airports served by Spirit Airlines. The kiosks are available 24 hours a day and offer the same services as the check-in desks.
  • Spirit Airlines also offers online check-in, which is available 24 hours before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 24-48 hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights, depending on the destination. Passengers can print their boarding pass or have it sent to their mobile device.
  • It’s important to note that Spirit Airlines has strict baggage policies and fees.

Special deals on Spirit Airlines first class flights to Fort Lauderdale

OriginDeparture atDistanceStopsFind tickets
New York18 April 20231715 kmDirectTickets from 99
Philadelphia16 April 20231600 kmDirectTickets from 101
Columbus7 May 20231550 kmDirectTickets from 111
Baltimore17 May 20231493 km1 StopTickets from 116
Atlanta3 August 2023937 kmDirectTickets from 123
Detroit3 May 20231817 km1 StopTickets from 126
Austin11 April 20231776 km1 StopTickets from 128
Cincinnati26 April 20231503 km1 StopTickets from 132
Dallas24 May 20231799 kmDirectTickets from 141
Denver23 April 20232738 kmDirectTickets from 150
Washington2 May 20231454 km1 StopTickets from 155
Newburgh18 April 20231802 kmDirectTickets from 157
Chicago10 April 20231905 km1 StopTickets from 159
Orlando17 April 2023286 kmDirectTickets from 159
New Orleans9 September 20231083 km1 StopTickets from 170
San Antonio20 April 20231840 km1 StopTickets from 173
Nashville8 April 20231278 kmDirectTickets from 173
Indianapolis27 April 20231620 kmDirectTickets from 175
Raleigh/Durham2 June 20231097 kmDirectTickets from 200
Syracuse31 May 20231929 km1 StopTickets from 203
Los Angeles26 April 20233763 km1 StopTickets from 207
Houston9 April 20231552 km1 StopTickets from 212
Toronto9 April 20231958 km1 StopTickets from 216
Hartford6 May 20231890 km1 StopTickets from 217
Jacksonville4 April 2023514 kmDirectTickets from 219
San Juan24 May 20231682 kmDirectTickets from 230
Kingston21 April 2023968 kmDirectTickets from 233
Boston1 September 20231993 km1 StopTickets from 235
Charlotte3 April 20231019 km1 StopTickets from 236
Ontario5 May 20233690 km1 StopTickets from 238
Minneapolis17 April 20232395 km1 StopTickets from 242
Concord8 June 20231037 kmDirectTickets from 249
San Diego22 April 20233645 km1 StopTickets from 256
Cleveland20 June 20231712 kmDirectTickets from 272
Cancun5 April 2023884 km1 StopTickets from 285
Seattle20 April 20234367 km1 StopTickets from 288
Bogota24 July 20232460 km1 StopTickets from 289
Portland8 April 20234329 km1 StopTickets from 291
Greenville3 April 20231000 kmDirectTickets from 302
Guatemala City20 April 20231672 km1 StopTickets from 302
Salt Lake City14 October 20233350 km1 StopTickets from 302
San Francisco6 April 20234152 km1 StopTickets from 333
Phoenix3 May 20233168 km1 StopTickets from 339
Las Vegas30 March 20233492 km1 StopTickets from 351
Providence22 June 20231914 kmDirectTickets from 373
Montreal6 August 20232229 kmDirectTickets from 374
Kansas City20 April 20232000 km1 StopTickets from 382
Baton Rouge11 May 20231185 km1 StopTickets from 405
Middletown17 May 20231601 km1 StopTickets from 410
Sacramento25 April 20234096 km1 StopTickets from 446
Ottawa8 June 20232177 km1 StopTickets from 453
Guayaquil28 April 20233137 km1 StopTickets from 496
Munich6 May 20238010 km1 StopTickets from 552
Sao Paulo11 June 20236588 km1 StopTickets from 577
Buffalo5 April 20231879 km1 StopTickets from 580
Rome25 April 20238298 km1 StopTickets from 597
Zurich14 April 20237814 km1 StopTickets from 606
Des Moines18 July 20232118 km1 StopTickets from 618
Saint Louis2 April 20231701 km1 StopTickets from 739
Quebec6 April 20232429 km1 StopTickets from 830
Paris17 April 20237340 km1 StopTickets from 840
Frankfurt1 May 20237730 km1 StopTickets from 898
Barcelona23 August 20237514 km1 StopTickets from 911
Lincoln18 June 20232244 km1 StopTickets from 962
London29 May 20237076 km1 StopTickets from 1 089
Dubai10 April 202312573 km1 StopTickets from 1 220
Tel Aviv-Yafo6 July 202310576 km1 StopTickets from 1 540
Anchorage15 July 20236416 km1 StopTickets from 1 779

Spirit Airlines first class checked baggage and carry-on allowance

Spirit Airlines has a different baggage policy compared to many other airlines, as they operate on a «bare fare» model. This means that passengers pay for their ticket separately from any extras, such as checked baggage or seat assignments. However, Spirit Airlines does offer a variety of bundles that include baggage allowances.

Here are the details of Spirit Airlines’ baggage allowances and fees:

Carry-on Baggage:

  • Passengers are allowed to bring one personal item (such as a purse or small backpack) on board for free, as long as it fits under the seat in front of them.
  • Larger carry-on items such as suitcases or bags that need to be stored in the overhead bins can be purchased as an add-on.

Checked Baggage:

  • Spirit Airlines offers a variety of checked baggage allowances based on the fare purchased and whether the passenger has purchased a bundle.
  • The Bare Fare does not include any free checked bags, and the fee for the first checked bag starts at $35 when purchased online in advance.
  • The bundles range from «Thrills» to «Works» to «Perks», with the highest bundle including two free checked bags.

Weight and Size Restrictions:

  • Carry-on bags must not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches in size and must fit under the seat in front of the passenger.
  • Checked bags must not exceed 62 linear inches (length + width + height) and 40 pounds in weight for the lowest fare option. Passengers who purchase a bundle may be allowed larger and/or heavier bags.

It’s important to note that Spirit Airlines charges higher fees for baggage that is paid for at the airport rather than in advance online. Additionally, fees may vary based on the destination and specific flight.

Finally, Spirit Airlines has a «no-frills» approach to air travel and does not offer traditional first class seating or amenities. Instead, passengers can purchase extras such as larger seats or priority boarding for an additional fee.

What benefits does the Free Spirit frequent flyer program offer for Spirit Airlines first class passengers

The program offers benefits to all members, including those flying in economy, such as:

  1. Points accrual: Free Spirit members can earn points on flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and more.
  2. Elite status: Members who earn a certain number of points or fly a certain number of miles in a year can earn elite status, which offers benefits such as bonus points, free bags, priority boarding, and more.
  3. Award travel: Members can use their points to book award travel on Spirit Airlines and their partner airlines.
  4. Spirit Saver$ Club: Members can purchase the Spirit Saver$ Club membership for access to discounted fares, free bags, and other benefits.
  5. Dining and shopping: Members can earn points when dining or shopping with Free Spirit partners.
  6. Overall, the Free Spirit program is designed to reward loyal Spirit Airlines customers with a range of benefits, regardless of their travel class.

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