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SpiceJet: contact details

IATA code: SG
ICAO code: SEJ
Country: India
Operating bases and hubs: Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi), Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad)
Foundation date: 2004
Reward program: SpiceClub
Subsidiaries: SpiceXpress
Address: 319 Udyog Vihar, Phase IV, Gurgaon 122016, Haryana India
Phone: +91 (0)124 4983410, +91 (0)124 7101600
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
SpiceJet official website: spicejet.com

SpiceJet low-cost airline ticket sale

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1Ahmedabad → DelhiFind tickets
2Ahmedabad → DubaiFind tickets
3Ahmedabad → DubaiFind tickets
4Ahmedabad → GoaFind tickets
5Amritsar → DelhiFind tickets
6Amritsar → DubaiFind tickets
7Bangkok → KolkataFind tickets
8Bangkok → DelhiFind tickets
9Bengaluru → KolkataFind tickets
10Bengaluru → DelhiFind tickets
11Bengaluru → GoaFind tickets
12Bengaluru → ChennaiFind tickets
13Mumbai → KolkataFind tickets
14Mumbai → DarbhangaFind tickets
15Mumbai → DelhiFind tickets
16Mumbai → DubaiFind tickets
17Mumbai → DubaiFind tickets
18Mumbai → GoaFind tickets
19Mumbai → JaipurFind tickets
20Mumbai → ChennaiFind tickets
21Mumbai → PatnaFind tickets
22Mumbai → RiyadhFind tickets
23Mumbai → SrinagarFind tickets
24Kozhikode → DubaiFind tickets
25Kolkata → BangkokFind tickets
26Kolkata → BengaluruFind tickets
27Kolkata → MumbaiFind tickets
28Kolkata → DhakaFind tickets
29Kolkata → DelhiFind tickets
30Kolkata → ChennaiFind tickets
31Colombo → ChennaiFind tickets
32Kochi → DubaiFind tickets
33Dhaka → MumbaiFind tickets
34Dhaka → KolkataFind tickets
35Darbhanga → MumbaiFind tickets
36Darbhanga → DelhiFind tickets
37Delhi → AhmedabadFind tickets
38Delhi → AmritsarFind tickets
39Delhi → BangkokFind tickets
40Delhi → BengaluruFind tickets
41Delhi → MumbaiFind tickets
42Delhi → KolkataFind tickets
43Delhi → DarbhangaFind tickets
44Delhi → Dehra DunFind tickets
45Delhi → DubaiFind tickets
46Delhi → GoaFind tickets
47Delhi → HyderabadFind tickets
48Delhi → BagdograFind tickets
49Delhi → JaipurFind tickets
50Delhi → JabalpurFind tickets
51Delhi → ChennaiFind tickets
52Delhi → PatnaFind tickets
53Delhi → PuneFind tickets
54Delhi → RajkotFind tickets
55Delhi → SrinagarFind tickets
56Delhi → VaranasiFind tickets
57Dubai → AhmedabadFind tickets
58Dubai → MumbaiFind tickets
59Dubai → JaipurFind tickets
60Dubai → PuneFind tickets
61Dubai → AhmedabadFind tickets
62Dubai → AmritsarFind tickets
63Dubai → MumbaiFind tickets
64Dubai → KozhikodeFind tickets
65Dubai → KochiFind tickets
66Dubai → DelhiFind tickets
67Dubai → JaipurFind tickets
68Dubai → PuneFind tickets
69Goa → AhmedabadFind tickets
70Goa → BengaluruFind tickets
71Goa → MumbaiFind tickets
72Goa → DelhiFind tickets
73Goa → HyderabadFind tickets
74Goa → PuneFind tickets
75Goa → RajkotFind tickets
76Hyderabad → DelhiFind tickets
77Hyderabad → GoaFind tickets
78Bagdogra → KolkataFind tickets
79Jaipur → MumbaiFind tickets
80Jaipur → DelhiFind tickets
81Jaipur → DubaiFind tickets
82Jeddah → MumbaiFind tickets
83Chennai → BengaluruFind tickets
84Chennai → MumbaiFind tickets
85Chennai → KolkataFind tickets
86Chennai → ColomboFind tickets
87Chennai → DelhiFind tickets
88Patna → DelhiFind tickets
89Pune → AhmedabadFind tickets
90Pune → BengaluruFind tickets
91Pune → DelhiFind tickets
92Pune → DubaiFind tickets
93Pune → DubaiFind tickets
94Pune → GoaFind tickets
95Pune → ChennaiFind tickets
96Rajkot → DelhiFind tickets
97Rajkot → GoaFind tickets
98Riyadh → MumbaiFind tickets
99Srinagar → MumbaiFind tickets
100Srinagar → DelhiFind tickets

SpiceJet: fleet

Low-cost airline SpiceJet official website

Airplane Number of aircraft Number of seats
Boeing 737-800 36 186-189
Boeing 737-700 5 144-149
Boeing 737-900 1 189
Boeing 737-900ER 4 212
Boeing 737 MAX 8 13 189
De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 22 78
De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 NextGen 10 90

SpiceJet: Web check-in

Web check-in for SpiceJet flights opens 24 hours and closes 60 minutes before scheduled departure.

SpiceJet: Check-in at the airport

  • Check-in at the airport for international flights of the low-cost airline «SpiceJet» starts 3 hours and closes 60 minutes (75 minutes in case of Dubai and Kabul) before the flight departure.
  • Airport check-in for SpiceJet domestic flights within India starts 3 hours and closes 60 minutes before departure.

SpiceJet: checked baggage and carry-on baggage allowance for domestic flights

Each passenger is permitted to carry one piece of hand baggage with maximum weight of , free of cost. Hand baggage size must be within the dimensions of: 55+35+25 cm (L+W+H; total 115 cm) on Boeing flights and 50+35+23 cm (L+W+H; total 108 cm or 42.5 inches) on Q400 flights.

SpiceJet Permits one piece of free checked-in baggage of up to 15 kgs with Overall dimensions of 158 cm (L+W+H) per passenger, for all domestic flights.

SpiceJet: carry-on baggage allowance for international flights

Unless otherwise advised by SpiceJet, only one piece of Hand Baggage per Passenger will be allowed. The dimensions of the Hand Baggage should not exceed (L+B+H) – 55+35+25 cm totaling 115 cms (45 inches)on Boeing flights and 50+35+23 cm totaling 108 cms (42.5 inches) on Bombardier flights. The hand baggage allowance is 7 kg (which would include Laptop and duty free shopping bags) per adult and child (any passenger above 2 years of age). Strolley bags with the above specified dimensions will be allowed.

Articles, which may be carried free in addition to the Baggage allowance (subject to applicable security regulations), are:-

  • An overcoat wrap or blanket.
  • An umbrella or walking stick.
  • A lady’s handbag, lady’s pocket-book or lady’s purse.
  • A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight.
  • A small camera and/or a pair of binoculars.
  • Infant’s food for consumption in flight.
  • A fully collapsible invalid’s wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches and/or braces or other prosthetic device for the Passenger’s use.

SpiceJet: checked baggage allowance for international flights

The dimensions of the checked-in baggage should not exceed 158 cm (62 inches) in L+W+H.

Flight Checked-in baggage allowance (in weight) Cost for excess baggage per kg
India to Malé 20 kg INR 600
India to Muscat 30 kg INR 600
India to Bangkok 20 kg INR 600
India to Colombo 30 kg INR 660
India to Dubai 30 kg INR 600
India to Ras Al-Khaimah 30 kg INR 600
India to Kabul 30 kg INR 600
India to Dhaka 30 kg
40 kg is permitted from Mumbai to Dhaka for immediate sale with travel period till 31st May 2022.
INR 600
India to Chattogram 20 kg INR 600
India to Hong Kong 30 kg INR 1300
India to Jeddah 30 kg INR 1200
India to Riyadh 30 kg INR 1200
India to Kuwait 30 kg INR 1000
India to Sharjah 30 kg INR 600
Malé to India 20 Kg USD 9
Colombo to India 30 kg LKR 1560
Dubai to India 30 kg
1. For flight from DWC to Amritsar and Jaipur, 40 Kg is permitted for immediate sale and travel period from 9th May 2022 to 31st May 2022.
2. For flight from Dubai to Kozhikode, 40 Kg is permitted for bookings until 16th May 2022 with travel from 5th May 2022 to 16th May 2022.
3. For flight from UAE to Dhaka, 40 Kg is permitted for bookings and travel until 31st May 2022.
4. For Fights from Ex-DWC, 40 Kg is permitted for bookings and travel until 17th june 2022.
AED 60 + AED 40
Ras al Khaimah to India 30 kg AED 60 + AED 40
Kabul to India 30 kg USD 9
Muscat to India 30 kg
40 kg is permitted for immediate sale with travel period till 31st May 2022.
Bangkok to India 20 kg THB 315
Dhaka to India
Dhaka to Dubai/Jeddah/Riyadh
20 Kg BDT 700
BDT 1300
Chattogram to India 20 kg BDT 700
Hong Kong to India 30 kg HKD 140
Jeddah to India 30 kg baggage + 5 litres of zam zam water
40 kg is permitted from Jeddah to Mumbai for immediate sale with travel period till 31st May 2022 and for jeddah to Dhaka, 50 Kg is permitted for immediate sale with travel period till 31st May 2022
SAR 65
Riyadh to India 30 kg
40 kg is permitted for immediate sale with travel period till 20th June 2022 and for Riyadh to Dhaka, 50 Kg is permitted for immediate sale with travel period till 31st May 2022
SAR 65
Kuwait to India 30 Kg. KWD 5 + KWD 2
Sharjah to India 30 kg AED 60 + AED 30
International to International via India on SpiceJet flight 30 kg INR 1050
Ex India: Extra Per Piece INR 2000
Ex Male To India USD 30
Ex Colombo To India LKR 5500
Ex Dubai To India AED 100 + AED 40
Ex Ras Al-Khaimah To India AED 100 + AED 40
Ex Kabul To India USD 30
Ex Muscat To India OMR 12
Ex Bangkok To India THB 940
Ex Dhaka To India BDT 2500
Ex Chattogram To India BDT 2500
Ex HongKong To India HKD 220
Ex-Jeddah To India 30 kg baggage + 5 litres of zam zam water
40 kg is permitted from Jeddah to Mumbai for immediate sale with travel period till 31st May 2022 and for jeddah to Dhaka, 50 Kg is permitted for immediate sale with travel period till 31st May 2022
SAR 105
Ex-Riyadh To India 30 kg
40 kg is permitted for immediate sale with travel period till 20th June 2022 and for Riyadh to Dhaka, 50 Kg is permitted for immediate sale with travel period till 31st May 2022
SAR 105
Ex-Kuwait To India KWD10 + KWD2
Ex-Sharjah To India AED 110 + AED 30

SpiceJet: Ticket Sale from Delhi

DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Gaya16 December 2022Tickets from 109
Jaipur16 September 2022Tickets from 110
Dehra Dun17 September 2022Tickets from 111
Chandigarh3 July 2022Tickets from 121
Varanasi14 September 2022Tickets from 133
Amritsar10 October 2022Tickets from 138
Mumbai4 August 2022Tickets from 142
Udaipur7 July 2022Tickets from 155
Aurangabad11 October 2022Tickets from 162
Surat Gujarat19 July 2022Tickets from 163
Goa27 August 2022Tickets from 167
Kolkata1 February 2023Tickets from 173
Pune4 July 2022Tickets from 178
Kathmandu5 September 2022Tickets from 181
Bengaluru22 August 2022Tickets from 183
Leh6 July 2022Tickets from 185
Kochi14 September 2022Tickets from 191
Bangkok20 September 2022Tickets from 205
Hanoi20 September 2022Tickets from 212
Chennai3 November 2022Tickets from 214
Male7 July 2022Tickets from 227
Abu Dhabi22 September 2022Tickets from 227
Dharamsala16 December 2022Tickets from 232
Kozhikode8 July 2022Tickets from 235
Colombo21 September 2022Tickets from 241
Singapore24 September 2022Tickets from 260
Mangalore11 July 2022Tickets from 265
Agra22 July 2022Tickets from 266
Dubai26 September 2022Tickets from 268
Kannur8 July 2022Tickets from 279
Sharjah29 July 2022Tickets from 287
Ho Chi Minh City26 July 2022Tickets from 303
Kuala Lumpur18 July 2022Tickets from 355
Phuket15 September 2022Tickets from 384
Denpasar26 September 2022Tickets from 411
Tashkent18 July 2022Tickets from 421
Istanbul7 November 2022Tickets from 501
Moscow3 October 2022Tickets from 592
Bishkek12 July 2022Tickets from 654
Yerevan22 July 2022Tickets from 665
Munich7 October 2022Tickets from 684
Tbilisi3 July 2022Tickets from 705
Saint Petersburg8 August 2022Tickets from 741
Almaty30 October 2022Tickets from 919
Perm8 August 2022Tickets from 919
Nalchik8 August 2022Tickets from 929
Melbourne6 August 2022Tickets from 940
Mauritius25 July 2022Tickets from 1 066
Casablanca4 July 2022Tickets from 1 122
Busan20 July 2022Tickets from 1 184
Cancun9 August 2022Tickets from 1 849
Beijing14 November 2022Tickets from 1 928

SpiceJet: Flight destinations

Country (State) City Airport
Afghanistan Kabul Kabul International Airport
Bahrain Manama Bahrain International Airport
Bangladesh Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport
Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport
China Guangzhou Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong International Airport
India (Andaman and Nicobar Islands) Port Blair Veer Savarkar International Airport
India (Andhra Pradesh) Rajahmundry Rajahmundry Airport
Tirupati Tirupati Airport
Vijayawada Vijayawada Airport
Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Airport
India (Assam) Guwahati Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport
Dibrugarh Dibrugarh Airport
Silchar Silchar Airport
India (Bihar) Darbhanga Darbhanga Airport
Patna Jay Prakash Narayan Airport
India (Chandigarh) Chandigarh Chandigarh Airport
India (Delhi) Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport
India (Goa) Dabolim Dabolim Airport
India (Gujarat) Ahmedabad Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
Kandla Kandla Airport
Porbandar Porbandar Airport
Rajkot Rajkot Airport
Surat Surat International Airport
India (Himachal Pradesh) Dharamsala Kangra Airport
India (Jammu and Kashmir) Jammu Jammu Airport
Srinagar Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport
India (Jharkhand) Ranchi Birsa Munda Airport
India (Karnataka) Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport
Belgaum Belgaum Airport
Hubli Hubli Airport
Mangalore Mangalore International Airport
India (Kerala) Kochi Cochin International Airport
Kozhikode Calicut International Airport
Trivandrum Trivandrum International Airport
India (Ladakh) Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport
India (Madhya Pradesh) Jabalpur Jabalpur Airport
Bhopal Raja Bhoj Airport
Gwalior Gwalior Airport
India (Maharashtra) Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport
Nashik Nashik Airport
Pune Pune Airport
Shirdi Shirdi Airport
India (Odisha) Jharsuguda Veer Surendra Sai Airport
India (Pondicherry) Pondicherry Pondicherry Airport
India (Punjab) Amritsar Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport
Jalandhar Adampur Airport
India (Rajasthan) Ajmer Kishangarh Airport
Jaipur Jaipur International Airport
Jaisalmer Jaisalmer Airport
Jodhpur Jodhpur Airport
Udaipur Maharana Pratap Airport
India (Sikkim) Gangtok Pakyong Airport
India (Tamil Nadu) Chennai Chennai International Airport
Coimbatore Coimbatore International Airport
Madurai Madurai International Airport
Thoothukudi Tuticorin Airport
India (Telangana) Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
India (Uttarakhand) Dehradun Dehradun Airport
India (Uttar Pradesh) Allahabad Allahabad Airport
Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Airport
Kanpur Kanpur Airport
Kushinagar Kushinagar Airport
Varanasi Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport
India (West Bengal) Bagdogra Bagdogra Airport
Durgapur Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport
Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport
Maldives Malé Velana International Airport
Oman Muscat Muscat International Airport
Saudi Arabia Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport
Riyadh King Khalid International Airport
Sri Lanka Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport
Thailand Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
United Arab Emirates Dubai Dubai International Airport
Ras Al Khaimah Ras Al Khaimah International Airport
Sharjah Sharjah International Airport
Vietnam Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport
Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat International Airport

SpiceJet: History

SpiceJet, originally Royal Airways, is an Indian low-cost airline based in New Delhi with its base at Indira Gandhi International Airport.The origins of SpiceJet lie in the Genius Leasing Finance and Investment Company, founded on 9 February 1984 by the Indian Modi Group, which also offered air taxi flights from 14 March 1984. After the deregulation of Indian air traffic, the company was renamed MG Express Ltd. in 1993 in order to start scheduled national flights in cooperation with Lufthansa. To this end, MG Express leased four Boeing 737-200s from the German company, which were used under the brand name ModiLuft. Lufthansa also provided technical and organisational support on site until the cooperation ended in 1995. In the following year, the company, which in the meantime had been renamed ModiLuft Ltd. ceased its flight operations, but was not dissolved afterwards.

In 2000, the resumption of flight operations was planned using the still existing Air Operator Certificate of ModiLuft. Scheduled flights were to be operated under the new brand name Royal Airways, but could not be started initially due to insufficient capital cover. After the financial problems were solved by an IPO in 2003, the company was restructured and renamed Royal Airways Ltd. in 2004. Entrepreneurs Ajay Singh and Bhupendra Kansagra bought the company in early 2005 and converted it into a low-cost airline before it began operations. The first scheduled flight took place on 24 May 2005 under the brand name SpiceJet. A year later, the company’s official name was also changed to SpiceJet Ltd.

In November 2014, it became known that SpiceJet was experiencing economic problems and that its existence was at risk. Several aircraft had already been returned to the leasing company since the beginning of the year. In mid-December 2014, the situation worsened as flights were cancelled due to a lack of fuel.

At the beginning of 2015, Ajay Singh, who had left the company in the meantime, took over the majority again and provided the airline with new capital amounting to 209 million euros. With the sale of the 15 De Havilland DHC-8-400s, the fleet is to consist only of Boeing 737s in future and thus concentrate on India’s major cities.

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