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Southwind Airlines: contact details

IATA code: S2
ICAO code: STW
Country: Turkey
Operating bases and hubs: Antalya Airport
Foundation date: 2022
Operates flights for tour operators: Anex Tour, Pegas Touristik, Coral Travel
Parent company: Cortex Havacılık ve Turizm Ticaret A.S.
Address: Göksu, Gazi Blv. No: 461, 07260 Kepez/Antalya, Turkey
Phone: +90 (242) 505 53 00, +90 242 444 80 79
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
Southwind Airlines official website:

Charter airline Southwind Airlines: Flight destinations

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1AntalyaNovosibirskFind tickets
2AntalyaMoscowFind tickets
3NovosibirskAntalyaFind tickets

Southwind Airlines: fleet

Charter airline Southwind Airlines official website

Aircraft brand Number of aircraft
Airbus A330 2 widebody
Airbus A321 2 narrow-body

Southwind Airlines: Web check-in

  1. Web check-in opens between 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, depending on the airline and the flight route.
  2. Web check-in closes 1 hour before the scheduled departure time, again depending on the airline and the flight route.
  3. It is recommended to check the specific web check-in policy and timeline for your flight with Southwind Airlines, as these may vary depending on the destination, departure airport, and flight time.
  4. During web check-in, passengers can select their preferred seats, print or download their boarding passes, and sometimes even pre-pay for additional baggage or other services.
  5. Passengers who have checked in online may proceed directly to the security checkpoint and then to the boarding gate, without the need to visit the check-in counter at the airport.
  6. However, passengers who have checked in online and have bags to check may need to drop off their luggage at a designated counter or kiosk at the airport before proceeding to security.

Southwind Airlines: Check-in at the airport

  1. Airport check-in opens 2 hours and 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time for domestic and international flights.
  2. Check-in at the airport for Southwind Airlines flights ends 1 hour before scheduled departure.
  3. It is recommended to arrive at the airport with enough time to complete the check-in process, pass through security and immigration procedures, and arrive at the boarding gate at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights, and 60 to 90 minutes for international flights.
  4. At the check-in counter, passengers are required to present their travel documents, such as their passport, visa, or ID card, and confirm their flight details, seat assignment, and baggage allowance.
  5. Passengers may be asked to provide additional documentation or information, depending on the destination and travel purpose, such as proof of vaccination, negative COVID-19 test results, or travel insurance.
  6. Passengers are also required to check their baggage, which may be subject to weight, size, and security restrictions. It is recommended to check the baggage policy and fees with Southwind Airlines before packing and arriving at the airport.
  7. After completing the check-in process, passengers will receive their boarding pass, which indicates their seat assignment, boarding time, and gate information.
  8. Passengers who have checked in at the airport may proceed to the security checkpoint and then to the boarding gate, where they will present their boarding pass and travel documents to the airline staff.
  9. It is recommended to check the specific airport check-in policy and timeline for your flight with Southwind Airlines, as these may vary depending on the destination, departure airport, and flight time.

Southwind Airlines: carry-on baggage and checked baggage allowance

Class Baggage allowance Hand luggage allowance
Economy up to 20 kg 1 unit weighing up to 8 kg, dimensions 23x40x55 cm

Southwind Airlines: Charter flights from Antalya

DestinationDeparture atStopsFind tickets
Tel Aviv-Yafo14 November 2023DirectTickets from 7
London9 December 2023DirectTickets from 25
Istanbul18 October 20231 StopTickets from 34
Izmir12 October 2023DirectTickets from 46
Adana8 November 2023DirectTickets from 46
Kayseri26 December 2023DirectTickets from 47
Gaziantep21 November 2023DirectTickets from 47
Diyarbakir13 December 2023DirectTickets from 51
Trabzon13 December 2023DirectTickets from 56
Dusseldorf25 March 2024DirectTickets from 58
Tbilisi26 November 2023DirectTickets from 58
Amman22 November 2023DirectTickets from 60
Stockholm16 December 2023DirectTickets from 60
Zurich13 December 2023DirectTickets from 60
Sofia9 November 2023DirectTickets from 60
Leipzig/Halle23 December 2023DirectTickets from 60
Beirut22 January 2024DirectTickets from 60
Berlin6 March 2024DirectTickets from 61
Hurghada15 February 2024DirectTickets from 62
Sharm el Sheikh14 January 2024DirectTickets from 62
Adler/Sochi3 October 2023DirectTickets from 64
Van30 October 2023DirectTickets from 66
Stuttgart19 December 2023DirectTickets from 67
Chisinau23 December 2023DirectTickets from 68
Cologne22 December 2023DirectTickets from 68
Geneva30 September 2023DirectTickets from 70
Samsun5 October 2023DirectTickets from 70
Mineralnye Vody27 January 2024DirectTickets from 71
Hamburg21 December 2023DirectTickets from 80
Ercan17 October 2023DirectTickets from 80
Bishkek2 December 2023DirectTickets from 80
Munich26 December 2023DirectTickets from 80
Gothenburg23 December 2023DirectTickets from 81
Frankfurt27 March 2024DirectTickets from 81
Ankara21 November 2023DirectTickets from 83
Bucharest14 October 2023DirectTickets from 85
Sarajevo28 March 20241 StopTickets from 88
Bodrum12 October 20231 StopTickets from 89
Prague26 October 2023DirectTickets from 90
Hanover17 December 2023DirectTickets from 90
Konya23 October 20231 StopTickets from 92
Almaty26 November 2023DirectTickets from 96
Nuremberg17 December 2023DirectTickets from 97
Budapest5 December 2023DirectTickets from 97
Erbil18 October 2023DirectTickets from 97
Tallinn22 December 2023DirectTickets from 97
Skopje29 October 2023DirectTickets from 97
Copenhagen18 March 2024DirectTickets from 97
Pristina11 October 20231 StopTickets from 98
Shymkent20 November 2023DirectTickets from 99
Astana22 February 2024DirectTickets from 99
Yerevan2 October 2023DirectTickets from 99
Dubai3 February 2024DirectTickets from 105
Manchester4 October 2023DirectTickets from 110
Belgrade25 October 20231 StopTickets from 111
Vienna24 February 2024DirectTickets from 112
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse14 December 20231 StopTickets from 113
Malatya10 October 20231 StopTickets from 113
Paris22 December 2023DirectTickets from 113
Oslo10 May 2024DirectTickets from 114
Brussels9 February 2024DirectTickets from 119
Vladikavkaz17 October 2023DirectTickets from 119
Bremen16 October 2023DirectTickets from 120
Dortmund2 October 2023DirectTickets from 120
Eindhoven4 October 2023DirectTickets from 120
Krakow12 October 2023DirectTickets from 120
Dresden2 October 2023DirectTickets from 121
Moscow1 December 2023DirectTickets from 122
Erzurum7 October 20231 StopTickets from 123
Makhachkala2 October 2023DirectTickets from 125
Kuwait13 November 20231 StopTickets from 127
Birmingham6 October 20231 StopTickets from 129
Amsterdam11 March 20241 StopTickets from 129
Lyon20 October 20231 StopTickets from 131
Volgograd1 October 2023DirectTickets from 133
Baku27 April 2024DirectTickets from 133
Tehran28 November 20231 StopTickets from 135
Antwerp3 October 2023DirectTickets from 135
Milan16 November 20231 StopTickets from 136
Bergen12 September 20241 StopTickets from 137
Rome30 November 20231 StopTickets from 140
Bahrain12 October 2023DirectTickets from 142
Warsaw17 October 2023DirectTickets from 142
Tashkent15 November 20231 StopTickets from 144
Rotterdam23 December 20231 StopTickets from 145
Sharjah18 November 20231 StopTickets from 145
Perm3 October 2023DirectTickets from 148
Venice14 October 20231 StopTickets from 150
Tirana14 February 20241 StopTickets from 150
Athens8 November 20231 StopTickets from 150
Helsinki21 March 20241 StopTickets from 150
Muenster3 October 2023DirectTickets from 151
Chelyabinsk26 January 2024DirectTickets from 153
Madrid24 December 20231 StopTickets from 155
Barcelona29 November 20231 StopTickets from 155
Salzburg16 October 20231 StopTickets from 156
Dammam1 October 20231 StopTickets from 158
Riyadh7 October 20231 StopTickets from 158
Groznyy18 October 2023DirectTickets from 159
Aalborg3 October 2023DirectTickets from 160

Southwind Airlines: Routes

Turkey: Antalya
Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk
Kazakhstan: Nur-Sultan, Almaty
European countries
Countries of the Middle East

Meals on board Southwind Airlines

  1. Economy Class: Passengers in Economy Class may need to purchase their meals or snacks on board, as these are not always included in the ticket price. However, some airlines may offer complimentary snacks and drinks, such as water, tea, or coffee.
  2. Premium Economy Class: Passengers in Premium Economy Class may enjoy an enhanced meal service with a wider selection of meal options, such as a hot meal, a choice of entrees, and complimentary drinks.
  3. Business Class: Passengers in Business Class typically enjoy a more luxurious and elaborate meal service, with multiple courses, gourmet entrees, and complimentary drinks. Some airlines may also offer a pre-flight dining service in their airport lounges.
  4. First Class: Passengers in First Class may enjoy a personalized and exclusive dining experience with a menu tailored to their preferences and served on fine china and linens. Some airlines may also offer a dedicated dining room and a selection of premium wines and spirits.

Service classes on Southwind Airlines flights

  1. Economy Class: This is the most basic service class and typically comes with the lowest price. Passengers in Economy Class are usually seated in a standard seat with limited legroom and may need to purchase additional services such as checked baggage, meals, and entertainment. However, some airlines may offer free in-flight entertainment and snacks.
  2. Premium Economy Class: This is a higher service class than Economy, but still less expensive than Business or First Class. Passengers in Premium Economy may enjoy extra legroom, priority boarding, enhanced meal options, and other amenities.
  3. Business Class: Business Class is a higher service class than Premium Economy and comes with more luxurious amenities and services. Passengers in Business Class typically enjoy larger seats, lie-flat beds, priority boarding, enhanced meal options, access to airport lounges, and other services.
  4. First Class: First Class is the highest service class offered by airlines and comes with the most luxurious amenities and services. Passengers in First Class may enjoy private suites, personal attendants, gourmet meals, and other exclusive services and amenities.

Southwind Airlines Fares

  1. Economy Class: This is the most basic fare class offered by airlines, and typically comes with the lowest price. Economy class passengers typically have the option to choose their seat, and may be charged additional fees for checked baggage, in-flight meals and entertainment.
  2. Premium Economy Class: This is a higher fare class than Economy, but still generally less expensive than Business or First Class. Premium Economy may offer additional legroom, priority boarding, and better in-flight services and amenities than Economy.
  3. Business Class: Business Class fares are usually significantly more expensive than Economy and Premium Economy, but offer a range of benefits, such as larger seats, lie-flat beds, priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling, access to airport lounges, enhanced in-flight meals and entertainment, and other services.
  4. First Class: First Class is the highest fare class offered by airlines, and typically comes with the most luxurious amenities and services. Passengers in First Class may enjoy private suites, personal attendants, gourmet meals, and other exclusive services and amenities.
  5. Other Fares: Some airlines also offer other fare classes, such as Basic Economy or Flexible Fares, which come with specific benefits and restrictions.

Southwind Airlines: Charter flights to Antalya

OriginDeparture atDistanceStopsFind tickets
London12 December 20232949 kmDirectTickets from 22
Istanbul13 October 2023463 kmDirectTickets from 27
Debrecen28 October 20231399 kmDirectTickets from 28
Adana28 October 2023399 kmDirectTickets from 31
Ankara25 October 2023405 kmDirectTickets from 31
Izmir11 October 2023357 kmDirectTickets from 33
Katowice25 October 20231774 kmDirectTickets from 35
Bucharest13 October 2023940 kmDirectTickets from 39
Gaziantep16 December 2023593 kmDirectTickets from 39
Diyarbakir16 December 2023837 kmDirectTickets from 39
Stockholm18 November 20232691 kmDirectTickets from 42
Manchester3 January 20243130 kmDirectTickets from 42
Berlin29 October 20232186 kmDirectTickets from 44
Hamburg28 October 20232453 kmDirectTickets from 45
Zurich5 November 20232163 kmDirectTickets from 46
Kayseri12 November 2023461 kmDirectTickets from 46
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse23 October 20232241 kmDirectTickets from 46
Tel Aviv-Yafo24 October 2023660 kmDirectTickets from 47
Hanover30 October 20232386 kmDirectTickets from 47
Gothenburg9 October 20232678 kmDirectTickets from 47
Copenhagen30 October 20232490 kmDirectTickets from 47
Bodrum10 October 2023280 km1 StopTickets from 47
Billund17 November 20232651 kmDirectTickets from 48
Ercan9 December 2023310 kmDirectTickets from 48
Krakow12 December 20231709 km1 StopTickets from 48
Budapest25 October 20231505 kmDirectTickets from 48
Geneva25 October 20232288 kmDirectTickets from 48
Samsun21 October 2023693 kmDirectTickets from 49
Trabzon6 January 2024899 kmDirectTickets from 49
Helsinki31 October 20232636 kmDirectTickets from 49
Nuremberg31 October 20232113 kmDirectTickets from 49
Adler/Sochi3 February 20241063 kmDirectTickets from 49
Stuttgart26 October 20232184 kmDirectTickets from 49
Cologne26 October 20232433 kmDirectTickets from 49
Erfurt5 January 20242216 kmDirectTickets from 50
Vienna19 October 20231702 kmDirectTickets from 50
Leipzig/Halle18 November 20232179 kmDirectTickets from 50
Sofia9 November 2023900 kmDirectTickets from 50
Saarbruecken29 October 20232346 kmDirectTickets from 50
Warsaw9 December 20231864 kmDirectTickets from 50
Dublin7 November 20233380 km1 StopTickets from 51
Paderborn11 December 20232389 kmDirectTickets from 52
Atyrau14 October 20232065 kmDirectTickets from 52
Bristol29 October 20233081 kmDirectTickets from 52
Dusseldorf1 November 20232478 kmDirectTickets from 53
Tallinn1 November 20232540 kmDirectTickets from 54
Beirut4 November 2023545 kmDirectTickets from 54
Barcelona15 November 20232514 km1 StopTickets from 54
Konya19 October 2023196 km1 StopTickets from 55
Dalaman11 October 2023180 km1 StopTickets from 56
Lyon28 November 20232347 km1 StopTickets from 56
Venice16 November 20231810 km1 StopTickets from 56
Milan15 November 20232076 km1 StopTickets from 57
Liverpool3 January 20243165 kmDirectTickets from 57
Munich1 November 20232000 kmDirectTickets from 57
Chisinau18 December 20231126 kmDirectTickets from 58
Mineralnye Vody21 January 20241316 kmDirectTickets from 59
Rome2 February 20241681 km1 StopTickets from 59
Edremit9 October 2023444 km1 StopTickets from 60
Karlsruhe/Baden Baden4 November 20232260 kmDirectTickets from 61
Shannon6 November 20233530 km1 StopTickets from 62
Alicante8 December 20232753 km1 StopTickets from 62
Prague1 December 20231974 km1 StopTickets from 62
Dresden5 November 20232077 kmDirectTickets from 62
Muenster25 October 20232474 kmDirectTickets from 63
Sevilla10 November 20233231 km1 StopTickets from 63
Vilnius9 December 20232017 km1 StopTickets from 63
Makhachkala3 February 20241578 km1 StopTickets from 64
Edinburgh18 November 20233310 km1 StopTickets from 65
Dortmund25 October 20232441 km1 StopTickets from 65
Belgrade4 December 20231244 km1 StopTickets from 67
Van21 October 20231115 kmDirectTickets from 67
Bourgas6 October 2023683 km1 StopTickets from 67
Lisbon17 November 20233484 km1 StopTickets from 68
Gdansk8 October 20232160 km1 StopTickets from 68
Leicestershire29 October 20233049 kmDirectTickets from 69
Friedrichshafen25 October 20232109 kmDirectTickets from 70
Tbilisi10 January 20241326 kmDirectTickets from 70
Gazipasa3 October 2023149 km1 StopTickets from 70
Aalborg24 October 20232725 kmDirectTickets from 70
Frankfurt25 October 20232298 kmDirectTickets from 71
Marrakech12 January 20243591 km1 StopTickets from 71
Nice3 November 20232129 km1 StopTickets from 71
Bremen29 October 20232475 kmDirectTickets from 71
Erzincan26 October 2023821 km1 StopTickets from 72
Birmingham6 January 20243059 kmDirectTickets from 72
Brussels26 October 20232577 km1 StopTickets from 72
Sharm el Sheikh13 October 20231047 kmDirectTickets from 72
Riga16 October 20232283 km1 StopTickets from 73
Skopje21 October 2023966 kmDirectTickets from 74
Antwerp3 October 20232614 kmDirectTickets from 74
Volgograd12 February 20241717 km1 StopTickets from 74
Nis10 November 20231043 km1 StopTickets from 74
Malta2 December 20231464 km1 StopTickets from 74
Larnaca21 November 2023339 km1 StopTickets from 75
Aktyubinsk18 October 20232571 kmDirectTickets from 76

Rules of transporting children on Southwind Airlines flights

  1. Age Limits: Southwind Airlines may have different age limits for unaccompanied children traveling on their flights. For example, Southwind Airlines may require that children under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult or a guardian who is at least 18 years old.
  2. Documentation: Parents or guardians may be required to provide documentation, such as a birth certificate, passport, or other form of identification, for the child who is traveling. In addition, some countries may require additional documentation for children traveling across international borders, such as a notarized letter of consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian.
  3. Unaccompanied Minors: If a child is traveling alone, Southwind Airlines may offer an unaccompanied minor service. This service typically includes special assistance and supervision during the flight, as well as assistance with connecting flights and other travel arrangements.
  4. Fees: Southwind Airlines may charge a fee for unaccompanied minors, which may vary depending on the age of the child and the length of the flight. In addition, some airlines may charge an additional fee for children traveling with bulky items, such as strollers or car seats.
  5. Seating: Depending on the age of the child and the airline’s policies, children may be required to sit in a certain section of the aircraft, such as near the front or back of the plane. Additionally, some airlines may offer special seating arrangements for families traveling with small children, such as bassinets or child-sized seats.

Rules for transporting pets on Southwind Airlines flights

  1. Types of Pets Allowed: Southwind Airlines may allow certain types of pets to travel on its flights, such as dogs, cats, and birds. Other types of animals, such as reptiles, amphibians, or exotic animals may not be permitted.
  2. Pet Carrier Requirements: In order to transport a pet on a Southwind Airlines flight, a pet carrier or crate is typically required. The carrier should be large enough to allow the pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. It should also be well-ventilated, and secure enough to prevent escape or injury.
  3. Health and Vaccination Requirements: Southwind Airlines may require that pets have a health certificate and proof of current vaccinations before being allowed to travel. Additionally, some airlines may require a specific type of health certificate, such as an international health certificate if traveling across borders.
  4. Fees and Restrictions: Airlines may charge a fee for pet transportation, and there may be restrictions on the number of pets that can be transported on a single flight. Some airlines may also have restrictions on the size or weight of the pet, and may not allow certain breeds of dogs or cats on board.
  5. Traveling with Service Animals: Southwind Airlines may allow passengers to travel with service animals, such as guide dogs or emotional support animals, free of charge. In order to travel with a service animal, passengers may need to provide documentation of the animal’s training and certification.

History of Southwind Airlines

  1. Southwind Airlines is a new airline that was announced in April 2022, with its base of operations in Antalya, Turkey. The airline is affiliated with the Russian tour operator Pegas Touristik and aims to prevent the loss of Russian tourists coming to Turkey following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  2. The airline received preclearance from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in June 2022, and its first commercial flight was flown to Perm on 12 August of the same year. Following the successful launch of its initial flight, the airline began offering charter flights to Germany in September 2022.
  3. In February 2023, the airline announced plans to carry tourists to Antalya from 16 Russian cities during the summer season, which is expected to significantly increase the number of passengers carried by the airline.
  4. Southwind Airlines plans to grow its fleet of aircraft, and by the end of 2023, it is expected to have a total of 14 planes. This expansion will enable the airline to offer more flights to popular tourist destinations in Turkey and Europe, which will help it to establish itself as a key player in the regional aviation industry.

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