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South African Skylink Airways: contact details

IATA code: SA
ICAO code: SAA
Country: South Africa
Operating bases and hubs: Cape Town International Airport
Foundation date: 2021
Address: Jones Rd, O.R. Tambo, Kempton Park, 1627, South Africa
Phone: +27 71 856 7210
Email: [email protected]
South African Skylink Airways official website:

South African Skylink Airways: Airfare Deals

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1AccraJohannesburgFind tickets
2Addis AbabaJohannesburgFind tickets
3MalagaStockholmFind tickets
4MalagaCopenhagenFind tickets
5AlicanteStockholmFind tickets
6AlicanteCopenhagenFind tickets
7AmsterdamCopenhagenFind tickets
8AmsterdamOsloFind tickets
9StockholmMalagaFind tickets
10StockholmAlicanteFind tickets
11StockholmAmsterdamFind tickets
12StockholmAthensFind tickets
13StockholmParisFind tickets
14StockholmCopenhagenFind tickets
15StockholmDublinFind tickets
16StockholmRomeFind tickets
17StockholmGothenburgFind tickets
18StockholmHelsinkiFind tickets
19StockholmLondonFind tickets
20StockholmMilanFind tickets
21StockholmOsloFind tickets
22StockholmPalma MallorcaFind tickets
23StockholmWarsawFind tickets
24AthensStockholmFind tickets
25AthensCopenhagenFind tickets
26BarcelonaCopenhagenFind tickets
27BerlinCopenhagenFind tickets
28BrusselsCopenhagenFind tickets
29CairoJohannesburgFind tickets
30ParisStockholmFind tickets
31ParisCopenhagenFind tickets
32CopenhagenMalagaFind tickets
33CopenhagenAlicanteFind tickets
34CopenhagenAmsterdamFind tickets
35CopenhagenStockholmFind tickets
36CopenhagenAthensFind tickets
37CopenhagenBarcelonaFind tickets
38CopenhagenBerlinFind tickets
39CopenhagenBergenFind tickets
40CopenhagenBrusselsFind tickets
41CopenhagenParisFind tickets
42CopenhagenDublinFind tickets
43CopenhagenRomeFind tickets
44CopenhagenGdanskFind tickets
45CopenhagenGothenburgFind tickets
46CopenhagenHelsinkiFind tickets
47CopenhagenReykjavikFind tickets
48CopenhagenLondonFind tickets
49CopenhagenMilanFind tickets
50CopenhagenOsloFind tickets
51CopenhagenPalma MallorcaFind tickets
52CopenhagenVeniceFind tickets
53Cape TownDubaiFind tickets
54Cape TownJohannesburgFind tickets
55DublinCopenhagenFind tickets
56DurbanDubaiFind tickets
57DurbanJohannesburgFind tickets
58DubaiCape TownFind tickets
59DubaiDurbanFind tickets
60DubaiJohannesburgFind tickets
61RomeCopenhagenFind tickets
62KinshasaJohannesburgFind tickets
63GdanskCopenhagenFind tickets
64GothenburgStockholmFind tickets
65GothenburgCopenhagenFind tickets
66HelsinkiStockholmFind tickets
67HelsinkiCopenhagenFind tickets
68HarareJohannesburgFind tickets
69JohannesburgAccraFind tickets
70JohannesburgAddis AbabaFind tickets
71JohannesburgCairoFind tickets
72JohannesburgCape TownFind tickets
73JohannesburgDurbanFind tickets
74JohannesburgDubaiFind tickets
75JohannesburgKinshasaFind tickets
76JohannesburgHarareFind tickets
77JohannesburgLagosFind tickets
78JohannesburgLusakaFind tickets
79JohannesburgMaputoFind tickets
80JohannesburgMauritiusFind tickets
81JohannesburgNairobiFind tickets
82JohannesburgVictoria FallsFind tickets
83JohannesburgWindhoekFind tickets
84LondonStockholmFind tickets
85LondonCopenhagenFind tickets
86LondonOsloFind tickets
87MilanStockholmFind tickets
88LagosJohannesburgFind tickets
89LusakaJohannesburgFind tickets
90MaputoJohannesburgFind tickets
91MauritiusJohannesburgFind tickets
92MilanCopenhagenFind tickets
93NairobiDar Es SalaamFind tickets
94NairobiJohannesburgFind tickets
95OsloStockholmFind tickets
96OsloCopenhagenFind tickets
97OsloLondonFind tickets
98Palma MallorcaCopenhagenFind tickets
99Victoria FallsJohannesburgFind tickets
100WindhoekJohannesburgFind tickets

South African Skylink Airways: Air Fleet

South African Skylink Airways official website

Airplane Number of aircraft Number of seats
Sukhoi Superjet 100 10 95
Embraer E190 2 114
Airbus A330-300 1 295-440
Airbus A330-200 1 253

South African Skylink Airways: Web check-in

Web check-in for South African Skylink Airways flights opens 24 hours and closes 3 hours before scheduled departure.

South African Skylink Airways: Check-in at the airport

  • Check-in at the airport for international flights of «South African Skylink Airways» starts 3 hours and closes 60 minutes before the flight departure.
  • Airport check-in for «South African Skylink Airways» domestic flights within South Africa starts 2 hours and closes 40 minutes before departure.

South African Skylink Airways: checked baggage and carry-on baggage allowance

Classes Hand baggage Checked baggage
  • 1 hand baggage item, maximum weight — 8 kg;
  • 1 accessory.
1 item x 23 kg, length + width + height 158 cm/62 in
  • 1 hand baggage item, maximum weight — 8 kg;
  • 1 accessory.
2 items x 23 kg, length + width + height 158 cm/62 in

South African Skylink Airways: Airfare Discounts from Cape Town

DestinationDeparture atStopsFind tickets
Johannesburg10 June 2023DirectTickets from 73
Port Elizabeth7 June 2023DirectTickets from 96
Durban1 December 2023DirectTickets from 125
Bloemfontein23 June 2023DirectTickets from 152
East London25 June 2023DirectTickets from 189
George1 December 2023DirectTickets from 211
Windhoek25 August 2023DirectTickets from 271
Victoria Falls10 October 20231 StopTickets from 379
Maputo18 November 20231 StopTickets from 409
Nelspruit16 September 20231 StopTickets from 420
Livingstone6 December 20231 StopTickets from 451
Skukuza7 November 20231 StopTickets from 486
Lusaka3 August 20231 StopTickets from 499
Zanzibar17 November 20231 StopTickets from 513
Mauritius26 July 20231 StopTickets from 517
Hoedspruit24 June 20231 StopTickets from 522
London7 June 20231 StopTickets from 593
Istanbul12 June 20231 StopTickets from 608
Zurich12 June 20231 StopTickets from 689
Doha5 November 2023DirectTickets from 709
Nairobi3 August 20231 StopTickets from 746
Antananarivo17 July 20231 StopTickets from 838
Nice17 July 20231 StopTickets from 918
Moscow7 June 20231 StopTickets from 935
Kathmandu22 March 20241 StopTickets from 940
Ho Chi Minh City29 September 20231 StopTickets from 1 010
Nossi-be17 July 20231 StopTickets from 1 028
Saint Petersburg9 June 20231 StopTickets from 1 135
Buenos Aires11 June 20231 StopTickets from 1 774

South African Skylink Airways: Flight destinations

Republic of South Africa Nigeria Mauritius
Réunion Island The Comoros Saint Helena

South African Skylink Airways: History

«Skylink Airways» is a South African airline that owns 5 Sukhoi Superjet SJ100s and has 5 others under operating lease. The carrier expects to fill market niches not covered by South African Airways, which is in a difficult situation. These will be both domestic flights in South Africa and international flights to other African countries, for example, to Nigeria; it will be possible to fly by plane Sukhoi Superjet SJ100 to Mauritius, Reunion and Comoros. In addition, the airline will take two used Embraer 190s to fly to Saint Helena.In addition to the main offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Skylink Airways has opened a representative office in Moscow. In November 2021, she began training crews from South Africa in Russia. At the initial stage, the company will employ about 200 people; a training center is planned to open in South Africa.

The owner of the airline has no experience in air transportation — he previously worked in the construction and oil business, as well as organizing safari tours. He found investors from Russia and South Africa, and explains the choice of Superjet by the fact that it is a modern aircraft developed from scratch in the 21st century, which compares favorably with the designs of the sixties that have exhausted the limits of modernization. He is aware that other foreign airlines have abandoned the Superjet due to problems with spare parts and services that caused long aircraft downtime, so he immediately plans to build a spare parts warehouse and a technical center in South Africa.

The start of flights is scheduled for September 2022. Later, «South African Skylink Airways» expects to enter the long haul market and fly Airbus to Australia, Dubai, Moscow and London.

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