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Tickets for cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nearest airport(s) to Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro/Galeão – Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (IATA code: RIO).

How to book cheap airline tickets for flights to Rio de Janeiro

To book cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro, fill out the search form at the top of this page and enter:

  • City of departure;
  • City or airport of arrival — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
  • Departure date;
  • Return date;
  • Number of adult passengers and children;
  • Class of service (economy or business class);
  • Click on the «Search» button.
  • Pay for flights to Rio de Janeiro online with a bank card.
  • Within 2 minutes after payment, e-tickets to Rio de Janeiro will be sent to your e-mail.
  • Download airline tickets to your phone or print them out on paper and take them with you to the airport.
  • All you need to check in for a flight to Rio de Janeiro and board the plane is your passport.

Cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro from various cities

OriginDeparture atFind tickets
Curitiba10 March 2023Tickets from 36
Sao Paulo7 February 2023Tickets from 36
Goiania28 December 2022Tickets from 52
Uberlandia2 February 2023Tickets from 57
Belo Horizonte19 December 2022Tickets from 60
Navegantes14 February 2023Tickets from 68
Brasilia10 February 2023Tickets from 69
Florianopolis5 January 2023Tickets from 106
Vitoria15 December 2022Tickets from 119
Manaus23 March 2023Tickets from 129
Joao Pessoa12 December 2022Tickets from 130
Porto Alegre28 December 2022Tickets from 130
Fortaleza31 December 2022Tickets from 153
Buenos Aires16 May 2023Tickets from 156
Baura-Arealva30 December 2022Tickets from 224
Iguazu6 May 2023Tickets from 226
Asuncion20 December 2022Tickets from 240
San Jose31 December 2022Tickets from 251
Mendoza17 December 2022Tickets from 265
Lima11 September 2023Tickets from 278
Mexico City30 December 2022Tickets from 289
Salta16 December 2022Tickets from 308
Miami24 December 2022Tickets from 327
Trujillo6 December 2022Tickets from 328
Rosario5 April 2023Tickets from 330
Boston10 December 2022Tickets from 369
Santo Domingo16 January 2023Tickets from 376
Milan13 March 2023Tickets from 395
Brussels11 March 2023Tickets from 414
Panama City23 December 2022Tickets from 416
Punta Cana9 February 2023Tickets from 436
Madrid6 March 2023Tickets from 437
Caracas4 December 2022Tickets from 439
Quito20 February 2023Tickets from 440
Lisbon17 February 2023Tickets from 445
Amsterdam17 June 2023Tickets from 450
Ushuaia17 December 2022Tickets from 459
Paris3 September 2023Tickets from 461
New York9 May 2023Tickets from 465
Rome5 March 2023Tickets from 503
Nice8 December 2022Tickets from 506
Warsaw20 April 2023Tickets from 515
El Calafate27 December 2022Tickets from 541
Venice18 March 2023Tickets from 566

The cost of airline tickets for flights to Rio de Janeiro

  • The cost of airline tickets for flights to Rio de Janeiro varies depending on the day of the week and month. Select the month and day in which you want to fly and see the exact price of tickets for flights to Rio de Janeiro.
  • By default, the price of a one-way flight to Rio de Janeiro is shown.
  • If you need round-trip tickets to Rio de Janeiro, then click below on the 3 blue stripes and uncheck the one-way box.

3 tips to book the cheapest tickets to Rio de Janeiro:

  • Buy tickets to Rio de Janeiro at once in both directions there and back;
  • Book and pay for tickets to Rio de Janeiro online via the Internet. So you do not have to pay a commission to ticket offices;
  • Buy tickets to Rio de Janeiro for direct flights, as these are the cheapest flights.

Special offers for cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cheap flights from Rio de Janeiro

DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Belo Horizonte11 February 2023Tickets from 93
Goiania22 April 2023Tickets from 93
Sao Paulo12 May 2023Tickets from 97
Campo Grande15 December 2022Tickets from 143
Navegantes4 January 2023Tickets from 155
Florianopolis18 May 2023Tickets from 158
Natal2 February 2023Tickets from 206
Buenos Aires13 December 2022Tickets from 275
Santiago11 September 2023Tickets from 308
Salvador1 February 2023Tickets from 309
Porto Seguro20 February 2023Tickets from 313
Porto Alegre6 April 2023Tickets from 368
Bogota9 March 2023Tickets from 481
Medellin20 January 2023Tickets from 652
Cartagena20 January 2023Tickets from 653
Havana16 December 2022Tickets from 1 068
Fort Lauderdale12 December 2022Tickets from 1 087
Varadero16 December 2022Tickets from 1 172
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