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Qatar Airways: contact details

IATA code: QR
ICAO code: QTR
Country: Qatar
Operating bases and hubs: Doha Hamad International Airport
Foundation date: 22 November 1993
Reward program: Qatar Airways Privilege Club (Avios; formerly Qmiles)
Parent company: Government of Qatar
Subsidiaries: Qatar Airways Cargo, Qatar Airways Holidays, The Qatar Aircraft Catering Company, Qatar Duty Free, United Media International, Qatar Aviation Services, Qatar Executive, Qatar Distribution Company
Alliance: Oneworld
Address: Qatar Airways Towers 1, next to Al Manna Building, Airport Road Doha, Qatar
Phone: +974 4144 5555
Email: [email protected]
Qatar Airways official website:

Qatar Airways: Flight Destinations

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1AlmatyDohaFind tickets
2AmmanDohaFind tickets
3AthensDohaFind tickets
4Abu DhabiDohaFind tickets
5AntalyaDohaFind tickets
6BarcelonaDohaFind tickets
7BelgradeDohaFind tickets
8BeirutDohaFind tickets
9BangkokDohaFind tickets
10BudapestDohaFind tickets
11CairoDohaFind tickets
12ParisDohaFind tickets
13JakartaDohaFind tickets
14ColomboDohaFind tickets
15DelhiDohaFind tickets
16DallasDohaFind tickets
17DohaAlmatyFind tickets
18DohaAmmanFind tickets
19DohaAthensFind tickets
20DohaAbu DhabiFind tickets
21DohaBarcelonaFind tickets
22DohaBelgradeFind tickets
23DohaBerlinFind tickets
24DohaBeirutFind tickets
25DohaBangkokFind tickets
26DohaCairoFind tickets
27DohaParisFind tickets
28DohaJakartaFind tickets
29DohaColomboFind tickets
30DohaDelhiFind tickets
31DohaDallasFind tickets
32DohaDenpasar (Bali)Find tickets
33DohaDubaiFind tickets
34DohaAnkaraFind tickets
35DohaYerevanFind tickets
36DohaRomeFind tickets
37DohaFrankfurtFind tickets
38DohaSao PauloFind tickets
39DohaBakuFind tickets
40DohaHong KongFind tickets
41DohaPhuketFind tickets
42DohaSeoulFind tickets
43DohaIstanbulFind tickets
44DohaJeddahFind tickets
45DohaNew YorkFind tickets
46DohaJohannesburgFind tickets
47DohaKuala LumpurFind tickets
48DohaKuwaitFind tickets
49DohaLos AngelesFind tickets
50DohaLarnacaFind tickets
51DohaLondonFind tickets
52DohaLondonFind tickets
53DohaMadridFind tickets
54DohaMuscatFind tickets
55DohaMiamiFind tickets
56DohaMaleFind tickets
57DohaManilaFind tickets
58DohaMunichFind tickets
59DohaMilanFind tickets
60DohaChicagoFind tickets
61DohaRiyadhFind tickets
62DohaIstanbulFind tickets
63DohaHo Chi Minh CityFind tickets
64DohaSharjahFind tickets
65DohaSingaporeFind tickets
66DohaMoscowFind tickets
67DohaTbilisiFind tickets
68DohaViennaFind tickets
69DohaWarsawFind tickets
70Denpasar (Bali)DohaFind tickets
71DubaiDohaFind tickets
72YerevanDohaFind tickets
73RomeDohaFind tickets
74FrankfurtDohaFind tickets
75Sao PauloDohaFind tickets
76BakuDohaFind tickets
77Hong KongDohaFind tickets
78PhuketDohaFind tickets
79SeoulDohaFind tickets
80TehranDohaFind tickets
81IstanbulDohaFind tickets
82JeddahDohaFind tickets
83New YorkDohaFind tickets
84Kuala LumpurDohaFind tickets
85KuwaitDohaFind tickets
86LondonDohaFind tickets
87MadridDohaFind tickets
88MuscatDohaFind tickets
89MaleDohaFind tickets
90ManilaDohaFind tickets
91MunichDohaFind tickets
92MilanDohaFind tickets
93IstanbulDohaFind tickets
94Ho Chi Minh CityDohaFind tickets
95SharjahDohaFind tickets
96SingaporeDohaFind tickets
97MoscowDohaFind tickets
98TbilisiDohaFind tickets
99ViennaDohaFind tickets
100WarsawDohaFind tickets

Qatar Airways: Air Fleet

Qatar Airways official website cheap flights
The air fleet of the airline «Qatar Airways» consists of the following aircraft: Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A350-900, Airbus A350-1000, Airbus A380-800, Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9.

Qatar Airways: Web check-in

Web check-in for Qatar Airways flights opens 24 hours and closes 3 hours before scheduled departure.

Qatar Airways: Check-in at the airport

  • Check-in at the airport for international flights of «Qatar Airways» starts 3 hours and closes 60 minutes before the flight departure.
  • Airport check-in for «Qatar Airways» domestic flights within Qatar starts 2 hours and closes 45 minutes before departure.

Qatar Airways: Airfare Deals from Doha

DestinationDeparture atDistanceStopsFind tickets
Mumbai1 June 20232296 km1 StopTickets from 196
Cairo20 November 20232052 km1 StopTickets from 207
Delhi19 November 20232553 km1 StopTickets from 220
Sharjah1 July 2023398 kmDirectTickets from 239
Abu Dhabi4 May 2023325 kmDirectTickets from 240
Kuwait31 March 2023566 kmDirectTickets from 243
Dubai20 November 2023381 km1 StopTickets from 290
Jeddah27 April 20231326 km1 StopTickets from 325
Tehran10 September 20231128 km1 StopTickets from 365
Kochi1 June 20233111 km1 StopTickets from 369
Riyadh15 April 2023489 km1 StopTickets from 373
Istanbul4 May 20232729 km1 StopTickets from 395
Muscat20 November 2023706 km1 StopTickets from 396
Colombo3 June 20233617 km1 StopTickets from 405
Bahrain21 April 2023145 km1 StopTickets from 418
Sharm el Sheikh4 May 20231731 km1 StopTickets from 424
Hurghada3 May 20231781 km1 StopTickets from 435
Beirut20 November 20231818 km1 StopTickets from 460
Baku30 April 20231695 km1 StopTickets from 469
Tashkent24 April 20232413 km1 StopTickets from 469
Kozhikode7 May 20233008 km1 StopTickets from 497
Salalah21 April 2023952 kmDirectTickets from 510
Sarajevo14 June 20233637 km1 StopTickets from 520
Amman21 April 20231679 kmDirectTickets from 535
Manila25 May 20237286 kmDirectTickets from 536
Naples11 June 20233843 km1 StopTickets from 540
Almaty12 April 20233060 km1 StopTickets from 545
Antalya8 September 20232353 km1 StopTickets from 548
Yerevan14 June 20231783 km1 StopTickets from 554
Ankara25 April 20232386 km1 StopTickets from 594
Zanzibar27 May 20233746 km1 StopTickets from 603
Paris14 April 20234964 km1 StopTickets from 640
Frankfurt3 May 20234585 km1 StopTickets from 650
Munich3 May 20234298 km1 StopTickets from 652
Bishkek20 April 20232872 km1 StopTickets from 654
Tunis27 September 20234106 km1 StopTickets from 660
Saint Petersburg4 April 20234175 km1 StopTickets from 665
Zurich1 May 20234490 km1 StopTickets from 669
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse1 May 20234568 km1 StopTickets from 672
Mashad2 May 20231441 km1 StopTickets from 715
Tirana20 April 20233430 km1 StopTickets from 721
Tel Aviv-Yafo21 April 20231789 km1 StopTickets from 751
Larnaca11 April 20232024 km1 StopTickets from 766
Singapore12 May 20236210 km1 StopTickets from 784
Kuala Lumpur21 April 20235912 km1 StopTickets from 829
Cape Town21 April 20237449 km1 StopTickets from 853
Tbilisi20 April 20231922 km1 StopTickets from 880
Hong Kong5 May 20236297 km1 StopTickets from 899
Casablanca29 April 20235729 km1 StopTickets from 927
Sorong10 April 20239018 km1 StopTickets from 1 102
Tokyo3 September 20238301 km1 StopTickets from 1 140
Antananarivo21 April 20234919 km1 StopTickets from 1 187
Nha Trang10 April 20236206 km1 StopTickets from 1 538

Qatar Airways: carry-on baggage and checked baggage allowance

Classes Carry-on Checked baggage
  • 1 hand baggage item (55x40x23 cm / 22x18x10 in), maximum weight: 10 kilos / 22 lb;
  • 1 personal item (45x36x22 cm / 17x14x8 in): handbag, small backpack, PC bag or similar.
1 item x 23 kg / 50 lb, length + width + height 158 cm/62 in
  • 1 hand baggage item (55x40x23 cm / 22x18x10 in), maximum weight: 10 kilos / 22 lb;
  • 1 personal item (45x36x22 cm / 17x14x8 in): handbag, small backpack, PC bag or similar.
2 items x 23 kg / 50 lb, length + width + height 158 cm/62 in

Qatar Airways: Airfare Discounts to Doha

OriginDeparture atDistanceStopsFind tickets
Riyadh8 April 2023489 km1 StopTickets from 147
Kuwait22 March 2024566 kmDirectTickets from 185
Abu Dhabi8 May 2023325 kmDirectTickets from 236
Sharjah5 May 2023398 kmDirectTickets from 239
Cairo2 April 20232052 km1 StopTickets from 240
Istanbul9 April 20232691 km1 StopTickets from 347
Baku5 April 20231695 km1 StopTickets from 369
Dubai5 May 2023381 km1 StopTickets from 374
Tehran5 May 20231128 km1 StopTickets from 389
Muscat15 April 2023706 kmDirectTickets from 409
Tbilisi22 May 20231922 km1 StopTickets from 425
Astana27 May 20233327 km1 StopTickets from 430
Bahrain5 April 2023145 km1 StopTickets from 432
Hurghada4 April 20231781 km1 StopTickets from 469
Almaty20 October 20233060 km1 StopTickets from 473
Colombo18 May 20233617 km1 StopTickets from 495
Alexandria21 April 20232231 km1 StopTickets from 502
Madinah1 April 20231198 km1 StopTickets from 524
Belgrade6 October 20233543 km1 StopTickets from 535
Kutaisi6 April 20232055 km1 StopTickets from 537
Antalya5 April 20232353 km1 StopTickets from 540
Dalaman10 April 20232506 km1 StopTickets from 583
Stuttgart8 May 20234490 km1 StopTickets from 594
Munich19 October 20234298 km1 StopTickets from 625
Helsinki27 April 20234395 km1 StopTickets from 643
Saint Petersburg11 April 20234175 km1 StopTickets from 655
Batumi21 April 20232035 km1 StopTickets from 702
Aktau20 April 20232068 km1 StopTickets from 751
London5 April 20235209 km1 StopTickets from 754
Seoul18 June 20237057 km1 StopTickets from 776
Cape Town24 April 20237449 kmDirectTickets from 793
Makhachkala23 April 20231983 km1 StopTickets from 812
Johannesburg5 September 20236239 kmDirectTickets from 891
Jakarta30 April 20236897 km1 StopTickets from 908
Al Ula7 April 20231376 km1 StopTickets from 937
Geneva6 April 20234632 km1 StopTickets from 980
Ras al-Khaimah2 April 2023442 km1 StopTickets from 1 309

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