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IATA code: PC
ICAO code: PGT
Hubs: Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (Istanbul)
Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey
Foundation date: 1989
Reward program: Pegasus BolBol
Parent company: ESAS Holding
Subsidiaries: IZair, Pegasus Asia
Istanbul head office address Aeropark Yenişehir Mah. Osmanlı Bulvarı No:11/A 34912 — Kurtköy
Phone: 0888 228 12 12 (Turkey)
Email: [email protected]
Pegasus Airlines official website: flypgs.com
Pegasus Airlines is a low-cost airline in Turkey and began its work as a charter company. In 1992, the Pegasus Airlines has already become one of the best Turkish airlines.

When Pegasus Airlines changed hands in 2005, its focus changed from a charter airline to a budget airline. Two years after that, the low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines has already become the largest non-state Turkish airline.

Despite the fact that the Pegasus Airlines low-cost airline has taken a leading position among the leading airlines, introducing new aircraft models and innovative technologies, it has managed to maintain the proud title of a low-cost airline.

Low-cost airline Pegasus Airlines: Airfare Deals

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1Adana → AntalyaFind tickets
2Adana → IstanbulFind tickets
3Izmir → MoscowFind tickets
4Izmir → AnkaraFind tickets
5Izmir → BakuFind tickets
6Izmir → IstanbulFind tickets
7Izmir → IstanbulFind tickets
8Amsterdam → IstanbulFind tickets
9Stockholm → IstanbulFind tickets
10Kayseri → IstanbulFind tickets
11Athens → IstanbulFind tickets
12Antalya → AdanaFind tickets
13Antalya → MoscowFind tickets
14Antalya → ErcanFind tickets
15Antalya → AnkaraFind tickets
16Antalya → YerevanFind tickets
17Antalya → BishkekFind tickets
18Antalya → IstanbulFind tickets
19Antalya → Tel Aviv-YafoFind tickets
20Barcelona → IstanbulFind tickets
21Berlin → IstanbulFind tickets
22Milan → IstanbulFind tickets
23Bodrum → MoscowFind tickets
24Bodrum → IstanbulFind tickets
25Budapest → IstanbulFind tickets
26Cologne → IstanbulFind tickets
27Copenhagen → IstanbulFind tickets
28Brussels → IstanbulFind tickets
29Dalaman → MoscowFind tickets
30Dalaman → IstanbulFind tickets
31Moscow → IzmirFind tickets
32Moscow → AntalyaFind tickets
33Moscow → BodrumFind tickets
34Moscow → DalamanFind tickets
35Moscow → IstanbulFind tickets
36Dusseldorf → IstanbulFind tickets
37Dubai → IstanbulFind tickets
38Ercan → AntalyaFind tickets
39Ercan → IstanbulFind tickets
40Ankara → IzmirFind tickets
41Ankara → AntalyaFind tickets
42Ankara → IstanbulFind tickets
43Yerevan → AntalyaFind tickets
44Yerevan → IstanbulFind tickets
45Rome → IstanbulFind tickets
46Frankfurt → IstanbulFind tickets
47Bishkek → AntalyaFind tickets
48Bishkek → IstanbulFind tickets
49Hamburg → IstanbulFind tickets
50Istanbul → IzmirFind tickets
51Saint Petersburg → IstanbulFind tickets
52Mineralnye Vody → IstanbulFind tickets
53Munich → IstanbulFind tickets
54Paris → IstanbulFind tickets
55Bucharest → IstanbulFind tickets
56Istanbul → AdanaFind tickets
57Istanbul → IzmirFind tickets
58Istanbul → AmsterdamFind tickets
59Istanbul → StockholmFind tickets
60Istanbul → KayseriFind tickets
61Istanbul → AthensFind tickets
62Istanbul → AntalyaFind tickets
63Istanbul → BarcelonaFind tickets
64Istanbul → BerlinFind tickets
65Istanbul → MilanFind tickets
66Istanbul → BodrumFind tickets
67Istanbul → BudapestFind tickets
68Istanbul → CologneFind tickets
69Istanbul → CopenhagenFind tickets
70Istanbul → BrusselsFind tickets
71Istanbul → DalamanFind tickets
72Istanbul → MoscowFind tickets
73Istanbul → DusseldorfFind tickets
74Istanbul → DubaiFind tickets
75Istanbul → ErcanFind tickets
76Istanbul → AnkaraFind tickets
77Istanbul → YerevanFind tickets
78Istanbul → RomeFind tickets
79Istanbul → FrankfurtFind tickets
80Istanbul → BishkekFind tickets
81Istanbul → HamburgFind tickets
82Istanbul → HurghadaFind tickets
83Istanbul → Saint PetersburgFind tickets
84Istanbul → Mineralnye VodyFind tickets
85Istanbul → ParisFind tickets
86Istanbul → BucharestFind tickets
87Istanbul → PragueFind tickets
88Istanbul → LondonFind tickets
89Istanbul → TbilisiFind tickets
90Istanbul → TiranaFind tickets
91Istanbul → Tel Aviv-YafoFind tickets
92Istanbul → TrabzonFind tickets
93Istanbul → ViennaFind tickets
94London → IstanbulFind tickets
95Tbilisi → IstanbulFind tickets
96Tirana → IstanbulFind tickets
97Tel Aviv-Yafo → AntalyaFind tickets
98Tel Aviv-Yafo → IstanbulFind tickets
99Trabzon → IstanbulFind tickets
100Vienna → IstanbulFind tickets

Pegasus Airlines fleet

Pegasus Airlines fleet

Airplane Number of aircraft Number of seats
Airbus A320-200 12 180
Airbus A320neo 46 186
Airbus A321neo 7 239
Boeing 737-800 28 189

All flights of the Pegasus Airlines are carried out by aircraft models: Boeing 737-800, Airbus A320 and A321.

The maximum capacity of the Airbus A320 is 186 people. This is one of the most popular aircraft in the world, since in the manufacture of this particular brand of the vessel, an electric remote control system and other innovative technologies were used.

The maximum capacity of the Boeing 737-800 is 189 people. The low-cost airline uses 2 models of this brand for air transportation — with a capacity of 198 passengers and — 189. These models are designed for passengers flying in economy class. Despite this, the distance between the seats is quite large, and passengers will not experience inconvenience, as is the case with charter companies.

Online check-in for a Pegasus Airlines flight

Online check-in for Pegasus Airlines domestic and international flights starts 7 days and ends 60 minutes before departure.
In order to check in your family and your traveling companions, you will need to provide their booking code.
You will have to pay extra to select seats during the check-in process. However, if you want to sit next to your family and friends during the flight, then it will be worth it.

Check-in at the airport for a Pegasus Airlines flight

To check-in at the airport for Pegasus Airlines low-cost flights, it is recommended to arrive at the check-in desk at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure.
Check-in at the airport for Pegasus Airlines domestic flights closes 40 minutes before departure.
Check-in at the airport for Pegasus Airlines international flights closes 60 minutes before departure.

Those passengers who fly only with hand luggage can go through automated check-in.
On the touch screen of the registration machine, you need to select the necessary parameters, and after that you will see a message that your registration has been successfully completed.
Kiosks for automatic check-in are available 24 hours a day. You can register immediately and there and back.

Pegasus Airlines: Airfare Discounts from Istanbul

DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Ankara26 October 2022Tickets from 56
Konya2 October 2022Tickets from 58
Izmir4 November 2022Tickets from 62
Edremit27 September 2022Tickets from 63
Trabzon12 December 2022Tickets from 67
Bodrum2 January 2023Tickets from 67
Denizli29 December 2022Tickets from 78
Adana30 January 2023Tickets from 79
Dalaman1 November 2022Tickets from 80
Kayseri10 November 2022Tickets from 80
Athens13 February 2023Tickets from 87
Gazipasa30 October 2022Tickets from 87
Antakya17 October 2022Tickets from 92
Sivas5 December 2022Tickets from 96
Ercan23 January 2023Tickets from 96
Samsun19 November 2022Tickets from 98
Tbilisi17 January 2023Tickets from 98
Gaziantep24 October 2022Tickets from 99
Golgen24 October 2022Tickets from 99
Sarajevo2 December 2022Tickets from 106
Antalya3 November 2022Tickets from 107
Pristina4 November 2022Tickets from 108
Mardin19 October 2022Tickets from 112
Skopje2 December 2022Tickets from 114
Diyarbakir1 October 2022Tickets from 115
Tirana3 January 2023Tickets from 115
Dusseldorf5 December 2022Tickets from 115
Bucharest7 November 2022Tickets from 117
Thessaloniki7 November 2022Tickets from 118
Vienna27 February 2023Tickets from 121
Nevsehir13 March 2023Tickets from 121
Van12 October 2022Tickets from 123
Cologne14 January 2023Tickets from 124
Dubrovnik30 March 2023Tickets from 128
Zagreb7 December 2022Tickets from 129
Milan10 January 2023Tickets from 130
Stuttgart15 February 2023Tickets from 130
Munich15 February 2023Tickets from 130
Lyon21 November 2022Tickets from 133
Hurghada5 December 2022Tickets from 133
Sharm el Sheikh19 January 2023Tickets from 134
Budapest24 November 2022Tickets from 134
Batman14 October 2022Tickets from 134
Ljubljana12 January 2023Tickets from 135
Zurich25 January 2023Tickets from 136
Tel Aviv-Yafo22 November 2022Tickets from 136
Mus17 October 2022Tickets from 136
Brussels21 November 2022Tickets from 136
Nis29 October 2022Tickets from 136
Rome14 February 2023Tickets from 138
Batumi13 November 2022Tickets from 138
Hamburg17 November 2022Tickets from 139
Catania12 January 2023Tickets from 139
Belgrade28 February 2023Tickets from 139
Podgorica28 November 2022Tickets from 140
Venice26 November 2022Tickets from 140
London4 November 2022Tickets from 141
Berlin2 December 2022Tickets from 141
Nuremberg28 November 2022Tickets from 141
Copenhagen25 November 2022Tickets from 141
Stockholm8 December 2022Tickets from 142
Bologna22 November 2022Tickets from 144
Malta2 December 2022Tickets from 145
Erzurum13 March 2023Tickets from 146
Naples5 December 2022Tickets from 146
Malatya30 September 2022Tickets from 146
Amsterdam23 November 2022Tickets from 147
Tehran10 January 2023Tickets from 148
Hanover17 November 2022Tickets from 148
Geneva22 November 2022Tickets from 149
Nice27 November 2022Tickets from 152
Marseille26 November 2022Tickets from 153
Kuwait11 November 2022Tickets from 155
Barcelona27 November 2022Tickets from 156
Madrid5 February 2023Tickets from 157
Paris5 February 2023Tickets from 157
Bordeaux5 December 2022Tickets from 157
Prague5 February 2023Tickets from 157
Yerevan26 November 2022Tickets from 163
Frankfurt18 February 2023Tickets from 165
Lisbon11 January 2023Tickets from 171
Valencia15 January 2023Tickets from 172
Malaga22 November 2022Tickets from 173
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse19 November 2022Tickets from 175
Porto20 March 2023Tickets from 175
Chisinau16 November 2022Tickets from 176
Sharjah5 October 2022Tickets from 177
Bari5 December 2022Tickets from 178
Oslo5 December 2022Tickets from 182
Sofia17 January 2023Tickets from 183
Siirt14 October 2022Tickets from 184
Thira18 March 2023Tickets from 185
Krakow10 December 2022Tickets from 185
Abu Dhabi23 February 2023Tickets from 187
Beirut2 December 2022Tickets from 188
Varna22 October 2022Tickets from 196
Baghdad1 November 2022Tickets from 196
Adler/Sochi24 January 2023Tickets from 198
Kerkyra9 December 2022Tickets from 199

Checked baggage allowance on Pegasus Airlines flights

Rates Basic Essentials Advantage Comfort Flex
Domestic flights/Cyprus Not available on domestic flights 15 kg 20 kg 20 kg
International flights 0 kg 20 kg 20 kg 20 kg
The airline is not responsible for the transportation of fragile items, for scratches, dents, broken off luggage handles, etc. Therefore, you should bear this in mind before flying. It is best to take only clothes into the luggage compartment, as everything else can be beaten and the airline will not compensate for the damage.

Hand luggage allowance on Pegasus Airlines flights

The hand luggage allowance on Pegasus Airlines flights is 1 item no larger than 55x40x20 cm or 1 item for personal use no larger than 40x30x15 cm.

Where the Pegasus Airlines flies in Turkey

Where Pegasus Airlines flies in Turkey

Pegasus Airlines international route network

Pegasus Airlines International Route Network

Which countries and cities does Pegasus Airlines fly to

The Pegasus Airlines can be used for low cost flights in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East. The low-cost airline operates flights to 36 points within Turkey and 88 points around the world, the route network includes 124 destinations in 47 countries.

City Country
Adana Turkey
Alanya/Gazipasa Turkey
Almaty Kazakhstan
Amasya/Merzifon Turkey
Amman Jordan
Amsterdam Netherlands
Ankara Turkey
Antalya Turkey
Athens Greece
Bahrain Bahrain
Baku Azerbaijan
Edemmit Turkey
Barcelona Spain
Basel Switzerland
Mulhouse France
Freiburg Germany
Batman Turkey
Batumi Georgia
Beirut Lebanon
Belgrade Serbia
Bergamo Italy
Berlin Germany
Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
Bodrum/Milas Turkey
Bologna Italy
Bremen Germany
Brussels Belgium
Brussels/Charleroi Belgium
Bucharest Romania
Budapest Hungary
Chelyabinsk Russia
Cologne/Bonn Germany
Copenhagen Denmark
Dalaman Turkey
Delhi India
Denizli Turkey
Diyarbakir Turkey
Doha Qatar
Dubai UAE
Dushanbe Tajikistan
Düsseldorf Germany
Eilat Israel
Elazig Turkey
Erbil Iraq
Erfurt Germany
Erzincan Turkey
Erzurum Turkey
Frankfurt am Main Germany
Ganja Azerbaijan
Gaziantep Turkey
Geneva Switzerland
Terrible Russia
Hamburg Germany
Hannover Germany
Khatai Turkey
Hurghada Egypt
Igdir Turkey
Istanbul Turkey
Izmir Turkey
Kahramanmarash Turkey
Karachi Pakistan
Kars Turkey
Castamonu Turkey
Kayseri Turkey
Kharkiv Ukraine
Khujand Tajikistan
Kyiv (Borispol) Ukraine
Kyiv (Zhulyany) Ukraine
Konya Turkey
Krasnodar Russia
Krasnoyarsk Russia
Kutahya Turkey
Kutaisi Georgia
Kuwait Kuwait
Leipzig Germany
London Great Britain
Lviv Ukraine
Lyon France
Lyon/Saint Etienne France
Madrid Spain
Makhachkala Russia
Malatya Turkey
Manchester Great Britain
Mardin Turkey
Marseille France
Milan Italy
Mineralnye Vody Russia
Moscow Russia
Munich Germany
Mush Turkey
Muscat Oman
Münster/Osnabrück Germany
Nevsehir Turkey
Nice France
Nizhny Novgorod Russia
North Nicosia Northern Cyprus
Novosibirsk Russia
Nuremberg Germany
Omsk Russia
Osh Kyrgyzstan
Oslo Norway
Paris France
Perm Russia
Prague Czech Republic
Pristina Kosovo
Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Rome Italy
Rotterdam Netherlands
Saarbrücken Germany
Samara Russia
Samsun Turkey
Sanliurfa Turkey
Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
St. Petersburg Russia
Shirnak Turkey
Sivas Turkey
Skopje North Macedonia
Sochi Russia
Sofia Bulgaria
Stockholm Sweden
Stuttgart Germany
Tbilisi Georgia
Tehran Iran
Tel Aviv Israel
Tirana Albania
Trabzon Turkey
Van Turkey
Vienna Austria
Volgograd Russia
Yekaterinburg Russia
Yerevan Armenia
Zaporozhye Ukraine
Zurich Switzerland
Helsinki Finland

History of «Pegasus Airlines»

On December 1, 1989, two businesses (Net and Silkar) partnered with Aer Lingus to create a travel and charter airline called Pegasus Airlines. Flights began on April 15, 1990 on two Boeing 737-400 aircraft. However, that same summer, Iraq invaded Kuwait and the seven-month occupation of Kuwait severely hit Turkey’s tourism industry.

By 1992, tourists were returning to the country, and Pegasus began to grow with the commissioning of the third Boeing 737-400. Later, the airline leased two Airbus A320 aircraft to operate during the summer peak time.

After two successful years, Aer Lingus and Net sold their shares in 1994 to the Istanbul bank Yapi Kreditbank; thus Pegasus became a wholly Turkish company.

On September 4, 1997, Pegasus placed an order for one Boeing 737-400 and one Boeing 737-800, thus becoming the first Turkish carrier to order a Boeing 737 Next Generation. The airline also entered into leasing agreements for ten Boeing 737-800 aircraft with International Lease Finance Corporation.

In January 2005, ESAS Holdings bought Pegasus Airlines and appointed Ali Sabanci as its chairman. Two months later, the acquired airline was reorganized from a charter airline to a budget one. In November 2005, Pegasus placed an order for 12 new Boeing 737-800s.

In 2007, Pegasus became the largest Turkish non-state carrier in terms of passenger numbers. In 2008, it carried 4.4 million passengers.

In 2012, the airline acquired forty-nine percent of the shares of the Kyrgyz airline Air Manas. On March 22, 2013, Air Manas operated its first flight under the brand name Pegasus Asia. In 2015, the airline became an independent brand. On September 12, 2019, the Board of Directors of Pegasus Airlines decided to sell its 49% stake in the private Kyrgyz carrier Air Manas. On the same day, Pegasus entered into an agreement with the Irish company Avia Trade Corp. LP, which is now the co-founder of Air Manas.

Pegasus Airlines achieved a turnover of 691,100,801 TL in the first three months of 2016, increasing its sales revenues by 19 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

In October 2016, Pegasus Airlines announced its intention to lease three of its vessels, confirming a significant downturn in the air transportation market.

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