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Malta Air: contact details

IATA code: AL
ICAO code: MAY
Country: Malta
Operating bases and hubs: Malta International Airport
Foundation date: 2019
Parent company: Ryanair
Address: Corporate Head Office, Airside Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Phone: +44 1279358438
Email: [email protected]
Malta Air official website: ryanair.com

Low-cost airline Malta Air: Flight Destinations

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1StockholmTallinnFind tickets
2AthensMilanFind tickets
3AthensRomeFind tickets
4BarcelonaMilanFind tickets
5BerlinMilanFind tickets
6BerlinBrusselsFind tickets
7BerlinRomeFind tickets
8BerlinMilanFind tickets
9BerlinLondonFind tickets
10MilanBarcelonaFind tickets
11MilanBerlinFind tickets
12MilanBariFind tickets
13MilanBudapestFind tickets
14MilanParisFind tickets
15MilanCagliariFind tickets
16MilanCologneFind tickets
17MilanCataniaFind tickets
18MilanLisbonFind tickets
19MilanMadridFind tickets
20MilanNaplesFind tickets
21MilanBucharestFind tickets
22MilanPalma MallorcaFind tickets
23MilanPalermoFind tickets
24MilanPragueFind tickets
25MilanLondonFind tickets
26BolognaBarcelonaFind tickets
27BolognaBariFind tickets
28BolognaParisFind tickets
29BolognaLondonFind tickets
30BariMilanFind tickets
31BariBolognaFind tickets
32BariRomeFind tickets
33BariMilanFind tickets
34BariVeniceFind tickets
35BrusselsBerlinFind tickets
36BrusselsRomeFind tickets
37BudapestMilanFind tickets
38BudapestRomeFind tickets
39ParisMilanFind tickets
40ParisBolognaFind tickets
41ParisRomeFind tickets
42CagliariMilanFind tickets
43CologneLondonFind tickets
44RomeParisFind tickets
45RomeCagliariFind tickets
46RomeLisbonFind tickets
47RomeBucharestFind tickets
48RomeThessalonikiFind tickets
49RomeLondonFind tickets
50BrusselsMilanFind tickets
51CataniaMilanFind tickets
52CataniaRomeFind tickets
53CataniaMilanFind tickets
54CataniaVeniceFind tickets
55RomeAthensFind tickets
56RomeBarcelonaFind tickets
57RomeBerlinFind tickets
58RomeBariFind tickets
59RomeCataniaFind tickets
60RomeMarseilleFind tickets
61RomePalermoFind tickets
62RomeViennaFind tickets
63FrankfurtMilanFind tickets
64FrankfurtPalma MallorcaFind tickets
65MarseilleRomeFind tickets
66MarseilleLondonFind tickets
67MilanBerlinFind tickets
68MilanBariFind tickets
69MilanCataniaFind tickets
70MilanNaplesFind tickets
71MilanBucharestFind tickets
72MilanPalma MallorcaFind tickets
73MilanPalermoFind tickets
74MilanLondonFind tickets
75NaplesMilanFind tickets
76NaplesMilanFind tickets
77NaplesVeniceFind tickets
78BucharestMilanFind tickets
79BucharestRomeFind tickets
80BucharestMilanFind tickets
81BucharestLondonFind tickets
82Palma MallorcaMilanFind tickets
83Palma MallorcaMilanFind tickets
84PalermoMilanFind tickets
85PalermoRomeFind tickets
86PalermoMilanFind tickets
87PragueMilanFind tickets
88ThessalonikiRomeFind tickets
89LondonBerlinFind tickets
90LondonMilanFind tickets
91LondonBolognaFind tickets
92LondonCologneFind tickets
93LondonRomeFind tickets
94LondonMilanFind tickets
95LondonBucharestFind tickets
96VeniceParisFind tickets
97VeniceBariFind tickets
98VeniceNaplesFind tickets
99ViennaRomeFind tickets
100ViennaMilanFind tickets

Malta Air: fleet

Low-cost airline Malta Air official website
The air fleet of the low-cost airline «Malta Air» consists of the following aircraft: Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737 MAX 200.

Malta Air: Web check-in

Web check-in for Malta Air flights opens 24 hours and closes 3 hours before scheduled departure.

Malta Air: Check-in at the airport

  • Check-in at the airport for international flights of the low-cost airline «Malta Air» starts 3 hours and closes 60 minutes before the flight departure.
  • Check-in at the airport for domestic flights «Malta Air» within Malta starts 2 hours and closes 45 minutes before departure.

Malta Air: Airfare Deals from Malta

DestinationDeparture atDistanceStopsFind tickets
Venice15 April 20231105 kmDirectTickets from 33
Catania15 April 2023186 kmDirectTickets from 40
Cagliari14 April 2023608 kmDirectTickets from 41
Rome12 May 2023680 kmDirectTickets from 54
Pisa15 April 2023938 km1 StopTickets from 70
Milan3 May 20231189 km1 StopTickets from 70
Belgrade5 May 20231111 kmDirectTickets from 80
London28 April 20232133 kmDirectTickets from 80
Palermo4 May 2023286 km1 StopTickets from 90
Parma10 July 20231054 kmDirectTickets from 108
Naples28 July 2023559 km1 StopTickets from 110
Sofia29 April 20231079 km1 StopTickets from 113
Budapest12 May 20231346 km1 StopTickets from 125
Athens7 July 2023872 kmDirectTickets from 126
Madrid2 June 20231655 kmDirectTickets from 136
Paris16 October 20231814 km1 StopTickets from 160
Lyon23 June 20231350 kmDirectTickets from 168
Bilbao28 April 20231699 km1 StopTickets from 170
Dublin6 May 20232531 km1 StopTickets from 206
Zurich28 April 20231378 kmDirectTickets from 213
Munich3 August 20231406 kmDirectTickets from 281
Amsterdam29 June 20231982 km1 StopTickets from 284
Yerevan4 September 20232651 km1 StopTickets from 377
Tbilisi13 May 20232705 km1 StopTickets from 515
New York11 September 20237384 km1 StopTickets from 762

Malta Air: carry-on baggage and checked baggage allowance

  • Each «Malta Air» passenger can take 1 personal item and 1 piece of carry-on baggage into the aircraft cabin.
  • The base fare generally does not include checked baggage, because «Malta Air» is a low-cost carrier.
  • Passengers who have purchased tickets for «Malta Air» flights with other fares can check in 1 piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg (50 lb) in the hold.
Personal item Carry-on baggage Checked baggage
  • Personal item must fit under the seat in front of you, and can be a handbag, small backpack, PC bag or similar.
  • Max weight: 8 kg / 17,6 lb.
  • Max size: 45x36x22 cm / 17x14x8 in.
  • Carry-on baggage is placed in the overhead locker above the seats, and can be a small trolley case, bag or similar.
  • Max weight: 10 kg / 22 lb.
  • Max size: 55x40x23 cm / 22x18x10 in.
  • Checked baggage is delivered during check-in at the departure hall and sent to the aircraft’s hold.
  • Maximum weight: 23 kg / 50 lb per baggage.
  • Total dimensions: 320 cm / 126 in (L+W+H).

Malta Air: Airfare Discounts to Malta

OriginDeparture atDistanceStopsFind tickets
Lamezia-Terme27 April 2023373 kmDirectTickets from 40
Cagliari28 April 2023608 kmDirectTickets from 44
Catania20 June 2023186 kmDirectTickets from 45
Parma15 May 20231054 kmDirectTickets from 53
Rome19 May 2023687 km1 StopTickets from 57
Milan3 May 20231161 kmDirectTickets from 61
Thessaloniki17 May 2023904 kmDirectTickets from 63
Bari21 May 2023619 km1 StopTickets from 69
Belgrade3 April 20231111 kmDirectTickets from 89
Memmingen19 June 20231393 kmDirectTickets from 90
Palermo31 March 2023286 kmDirectTickets from 92
Chania1 April 2023872 kmDirectTickets from 92
Brussels9 May 20231811 km1 StopTickets from 103
Barcelona12 June 20231234 km1 StopTickets from 105
Tel Aviv-Yafo3 May 20231925 km1 StopTickets from 105
Athens18 June 2023872 kmDirectTickets from 105
Budapest21 April 20231346 km1 StopTickets from 110
Warsaw24 April 20231907 km1 StopTickets from 112
Vienna10 April 20231374 km1 StopTickets from 112
Katowice19 April 20231666 km1 StopTickets from 112
London2 May 20232107 kmDirectTickets from 114
Palma Mallorca14 April 20231110 km1 StopTickets from 118
Sofia17 May 20231079 km1 StopTickets from 123
Oslo4 May 20232611 km1 StopTickets from 130
Frankfurt20 April 20231671 km1 StopTickets from 136
Prague30 March 20231584 kmDirectTickets from 145
Nice1 May 20231066 kmDirectTickets from 150
Paris4 September 20231814 kmDirectTickets from 157
Dublin23 September 20232531 km1 StopTickets from 161
Poznan13 July 20231850 km1 StopTickets from 166
Zagreb1 August 20231106 kmDirectTickets from 167
Porto26 May 20232092 km1 StopTickets from 186
Larnaca16 June 20231736 km1 StopTickets from 188
Munich19 June 20231406 kmDirectTickets from 199
Luxembourg10 July 20231671 km1 StopTickets from 206
Bucharest6 August 20231378 km1 StopTickets from 224
Yerevan24 October 20232651 km1 StopTickets from 228
Istanbul6 June 20231370 km1 StopTickets from 230
Manchester18 June 20232342 kmDirectTickets from 267
Chisinau1 May 20231718 km1 StopTickets from 332
Abu Dhabi25 April 20234034 km1 StopTickets from 372
Tbilisi4 April 20232705 km1 StopTickets from 458
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse31 March 20231425 km1 StopTickets from 524
Bishkek3 April 20235102 km1 StopTickets from 756

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