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How to book cheap bus tickets on the Lux Express website

To find and book cheap Lux Express coach tickets on the official website, just fill out the search form and indicate:

  • Departure city
  • City of arrival
  • Departure date
  • Number of passengers
  • Click on the «Search» button.
  • In a couple of seconds, the search system will show you the availability of available seats and you can book Lux Express bus tickets online on the official website.
  • You can also find out bus timetables in the same way.
  • You can pay for coach tickets in any way convenient for you, for example, using a bank card.
  • Immediately after payment, Lux Express bus tickets will be sent to your e-mail.
  • When boarding a Lux Express bus, you must present a ticket on your mobile phone screen and an original ID.

Lux Express bus company contacts

Year of foundation 1993
Previous company names MootorReisi AS
Main services International and intercity bus services in the following countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Russia and Finland
Address Lux Express, Lastekodu 46, Tallinn, Estonia
Phones +372 680 0909
E-mail: [email protected]
Lux Express official website in English:

Destinations of Lux Express buses

Saint Petersburg — Tallinn
Saint Petersburg — Tartu
Saint Petersburg — Narva
Saint Petersburg — Jõhvi
Saint Petersburg — Vilnius
Saint Petersburg — Helsinki
Saint Petersburg — Riga
Moscow — Tallinn
Moscow — Riga
Tallinn — Minsk
Riga — Minsk
Tallinn — Tartu
Tallinn — Pärnu
Tallinn — Narva
Tallinn — Haapsalu
Tallinn — Kuressaare
Tallinn — Võru
Tartu — Narva
Tartu — Võru
Tartu — Viljandi
Tartu — Pärnu
Tartu — Kuressaare
Tartu — Jõhvi
Pärnu — Viljandi
Tallinn — Riga
Tartu — Riga
Biržai — Riga
Biržai — Daugavpils
Tallinn — Vilnius
Riga — Vilnius
Tallinn — Warsaw
Riga — Warsaw
Vilnius — Warsaw Tallinn — Saint Petersburg
Tartu — Saint Petersburg
Narva — Saint Petersburg
Jõhvi — Saint Petersburg
Vilnius — Saint Petersburg
Helsinki — Saint Petersburg
Riga — Saint Petersburg
Tallinn — Moscow
Riga — Moscow
Minsk — Tallinn
Minsk — Riga
Tartu — Tallinn
Pärnu — Tallinn
Narva — Tallinn
Haapsalu — Tallinn
Kuressaare — Tallinn
Võru — Tallinn
Narva — Tartu
Võru — Tartu
Viljandi — Tartu
Pärnu — Tartu
Kuressaare — Tartu
Jõhvi — Tartu
Viljandi — Pärnu
Riga — Tallinn
Riga — Tartu
Riga — Biržai
Daugavpils — Biržai
Vilnius — Tallinn
Vilnius — Riga
Warsaw — Tallinn
Warsaw — Riga
Warsaw — Vilnius

History of the Lux Express company

Lux Express is a prominent intercity bus service provider headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. This company is known for its extensive network, which covers the Baltic states, Poland, Finland, and Russia. Operating a modern fleet of 105 Scania Irizar i6 buses, Lux Express has become a key player in the transportation industry in this region.

The roots of Lux Express can be traced back to 1994 when the company was established under the name MootorReisi AS. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that the Lux Express brand was introduced, marking a significant turning point in the company’s history.

In 2010, Lux Express made a strategic decision to leave the Eurolines network. Simultaneously, the company introduced a more budget-friendly brand called «Simple Express,» expanding its reach to cater to a broader spectrum of travelers.

The year 2020 presented unique challenges for Lux Express as the first case of the COVID-19 pandemic in Estonia was linked to a passenger arriving on a Lux Express bus from Riga in February.

In June 2023, Lux Express displayed its commitment to modernization by placing an order for 27 Scania Irizar i6S buses. The initial delivery of 10 buses from this order took place in July 2023, indicating the company’s dedication to providing efficient and comfortable transportation services to its customers.

Corporate Structure

Lux Express Group operates in the field of intercity and international bus and coach transport within the European Union, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Belarus, using the Lux Express and Simple Express brand names. In Russia, the company operates under the legal entity JSC Eurolines since 1997, with Reit Remmel serving as the CEO.

The company’s journey began in 1993, laying the foundation for its subsequent growth and expansion into various international markets.

Key Milestones

  • On June 2, 2014, Lux Express initiated transportation services on the Helsinki-Saint Petersburg route, further solidifying its presence in the region.
  • However, on January 15, 2015, the company ceased its operations on the Riga-Kaliningrad route, marking an adjustment in its service offerings.
  • In a bid to expand its footprint, Lux Express entered the Polish domestic market on March 5, 2015, by introducing the Warsaw-Krakow route, demonstrating its commitment to connecting major cities across Europe.


Lux Express goes beyond just bus services. The company also offers a range of additional services, including visa and insurance services, ferry ticket sales, and options for car rental and hotel holidays. This comprehensive approach ensures that travelers can access all the necessary amenities for a seamless journey.

Lux Express Group categorizes its bus routes into different types based on the scope of services provided:

  1. Lux Mini: Equipped with 16 comfortable seats, Lux Mini operates between Saint Petersburg and Jõhvi via Narva and Sillamäe.
  2. Simple Express: This service offers a minimum set of services at affordable fares, starting from 1 euro for routes within Estonia and 3 euros for international routes.
  3. Lux Express: Providing an extended set of services, including personal multimedia devices with touch screens and, on international routes, complimentary coffee machines, this option offers a more luxurious travel experience at higher fares.
  4. Lux Express Special: Lux Express coaches with exclusive individual and paired leather seats cater to passengers seeking premium comfort.
  5. Lux Express Lounge: These coaches feature a lounge area at the rear, accommodating 10 private seats with footrests and shelves, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Lux Express also offers an in-flight magazine called «Direction,» available to passengers on Lux Express and Simple Express international flights, providing entertainment and information during the journey.

Lux Express is dedicated to continuously improving its service standards to offer the most comfortable and reliable means of travel. While the Lux Express brand was officially introduced in 2008, the company’s legacy dates back to 1994. Over the years, it has expanded its reach to become the largest international coach network in the Baltic region, connecting regional capitals from Tallinn to Warsaw and from Saint Petersburg to Helsinki.

Lux Express takes pride in its fleet of over 100 coaches, with an average age of just 3.7 years. These coaches cover an impressive daily distance of 74,243 kilometers, exceeding the circumference of the Earth along the equator, which is 40,075 kilometers. Annually, Lux Express coaches travel a staggering 27 million kilometers, equivalent to a journey to the Moon in just five days.

Furthermore, the company’s commitment to passenger comfort is evident in its provision of Wi-Fi services. On average, passengers use nearly 20,000 GB (20 TB) of Wi-Fi data on Lux Express coaches each month, ensuring that travelers stay connected and entertained throughout their journey.

Lux Express enhances the travel experience with its Lux TV media screens, featuring over 250 movies, popular TV shows, and the latest music albums. With a total of 4,792 Lux TV media screens across its coaches, passengers have access to personalized entertainment options, making their trips enjoyable and engaging.

Lux Express Stations

Lux Express, a renowned bus company, operates a comprehensive network of routes that connect travelers to popular bus stations in various cities. These stations are conveniently located within walking distance of public transit systems, ensuring a seamless journey beyond the bus ride. Some of the notable stations through which Lux Express operates include the Central Bus Station in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the Tallinn Bus Station in Tallinn, Estonia, and the Vilnius Coach Station in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Popular Routes with Lux Express

Originating in Estonia, Lux Express primarily focuses on serving routes within the Baltic states and neighboring countries. Travelers can embark on exciting journeys such as a 3-hour and 45-minute trip from Vilnius to Riga, often referred to as the «Pearl of the Baltics,» or a 6-hour and 45-minute expedition from Vilnius to Warsaw, known for its rich history, impressive architecture, and culinary delights. Regardless of your destination, Lux Express ensures consistent quality and support throughout your travel experience.

Lux Express Offers and Fares

Lux Express provides travelers with a range of offerings and fare options to cater to various preferences and budgets. When choosing Lux Express, you can expect an array of amenities on board, including wide legroom, adjustable seats, complimentary Wi-Fi, charging outlets, in-seat entertainment through LuxTV, clean restrooms, personal air conditioning, and other conveniences to ensure a relaxing and comfortable journey. The standard ticket option, available when you purchase Lux Express tickets using the search form at the top of this page, includes all of these on-board amenities.

Lux Express: Bus Types

Lux Express buses are easily recognizable by their distinct and iconic black exteriors. The company maintains a modern fleet with an average coach age of less than four years, ensuring travelers ride in top-of-the-line shuttles. These sleek and stylish buses are manufactured by Scania, a trusted name in vehicle manufacturing, particularly in the coach industry. Lux Express boasts a fleet of over 100 coaches, each equipped with luxurious amenities that come standard on these high-class bus lines.

Amenities on Lux Express

Lux Express prides itself on offering a luxurious travel experience, redefining expectations associated with bus travel. Passengers can anticipate exceptional comfort, including reclining seats, charging sockets, complimentary Wi-Fi, personal TVs with headsets, coffee machines, and, notably, onboard restrooms. The attention to detail in both the exterior and interior design of Lux Express buses creates a first-class atmosphere for every traveler, regardless of the type of Lux Express ticket they purchase.

Lux Express: Ticket Types

Lux Express offers three types of tickets to accommodate different preferences and needs:

  1. Campaign: This ticket type is designed to offer special promotions and discounts to travelers.
  2. Standard: The Standard ticket includes a comprehensive range of amenities and comforts for passengers on board.
  3. Lounge: The Lounge ticket provides an enhanced level of luxury and comfort, ideal for those seeking an elevated travel experience.

Lux Express: FAQs

  • Do I have to print my ticket?: For Lux Express international routes, printing a ticket is not required. Travelers can simply present their ID card or passport to the driver as proof of purchase.
  • Do I need to bring ID?: While most government-issued IDs are sufficient, having a passport on hand, especially for non-EU nationals, is advisable for identification purposes.
  • How early should I arrive at the bus stop before departure?: Lux Express recommends that passengers arrive at the bus station or stop at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. For those needing extra assistance, it’s advisable to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure.
  • What should I do if my baggage is lost?: In the event of forgotten or lost baggage, passengers should promptly contact Lux Express’s customer service. Providing relevant information such as the type of baggage, date and time of travel, and seat number will assist in resolving the issue efficiently. Lux Express is dedicated to ensuring passengers’ comfort and peace of mind throughout their journey.

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