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Infobus Bus, Train and Plane Tickets official website

How to book cheap bus, train and plane tickets on the Infobus website

To find and book cheap coach, railway and plane tickets on the official website Infobus, just fill out the search form and indicate:

  • Departure city
  • City of arrival
  • Departure date
  • Number of passengers
  • Click on the «Search» button.
  • In a couple of seconds, the search system will show you the availability of available seats and you can book tickets online on the official website Infobus.
  • You can also find out timetables in the same way.
  • You can pay for tickets in any way convenient for you, for example, using a bank card.
  • Immediately after payment, Infobus tickets will be sent to your e-mail.
  • When boarding a bus, train or plane, you must present a ticket on your mobile phone screen and an original ID.

Infobus company contacts

Year of foundation 2002
Headquarters Praha, Czech Republic
Main services International and intercity bus, train and plane services in the following countries: Austria, Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine
Address ul.Na Florenci 35, Praha 1, Czech Republic
Phones +420 246 093 242
E-mail: [email protected]
Infobus official website in English:

Popular InfoBus Destinations and Stations

InfoBus, in collaboration with esteemed coach companies like EuroBus, has established a robust network of stations across Europe to ensure passengers receive comprehensive support throughout their journeys. These stations are strategically located in close proximity to local public transit systems, facilitating seamless connections for travelers departing from or arriving at their InfoBus destinations. Among the notable stations connected by InfoBus are the Dublin bus station, Sevilla bus stations, San Sebastian bus station, and Budapest bus station.

Popular InfoBus Routes

InfoBus boasts an extensive array of supported journeys, making the decision of where to explore across the continent the most challenging part of your adventure. Whether you’re looking to journey by bus from Amsterdam to Berlin, embark on an InfoBus expedition to Prague, or explore the cultural wonders of Vienna, InfoBus offers a plethora of exciting destinations waiting to be discovered.

InfoBus Offers and Fares

InfoBus tickets can be conveniently purchased through our search form, offering a Standard fare and consistent bus class across all trips. While the cost of your trip may vary depending on factors such as the route, distance, and other variables, there are no distinctions in seating classes or upgrade options for the tickets you select. InfoBus does not require seat reservations or bus passes; simply purchase your ticket for the desired journey and board the bus. Passengers have the flexibility to choose from any available seat, and the drivers are committed to accommodating specific passenger needs.

Bus Types Used by InfoBus

The type of bus you’ll travel on with InfoBus is determined by the specific journey you choose. For instance, well-traveled routes like Berlin to Prague or Tallinn to St. Petersburg typically employ larger coaches, while routes connecting less densely populated cities may use smaller buses. Regardless of the bus type, InfoBus consistently delivers exceptional customer service and employs dedicated drivers who are committed to ensuring your journey is comfortable, smooth, and enjoyable.

History of the Infobus company

INFOBUS Holding, an international IT company established in 2002, is a prominent player in the field of innovative software solutions tailored for the passenger transportation market. The company’s flagship product is the comprehensive and globally renowned BusSystem – a universal system for route management and ticket sales.

BusSystem: BusSystem is a versatile ticketing and passenger transportation system designed to cater to the diverse needs of all stakeholders within the passenger transportation industry.

Online Ticketing Pioneer: INFOBUS has been successfully operating as an online ticketing service since its inception in 2002, with the primary objective of enhancing accessibility and convenience in the ticket purchasing process.

Connecting Passengers and Carriers: INFOBUS serves as a crucial bridge between passengers and transportation companies, expediting the resolution of transportation-related issues.


  • 2002: INFOBUS Holding is founded.
  • 2005: The online ticketing system, BusSystem, is launched.
  • 2006: A representative office is established in Ukraine.
  • 2010: Integration of BusSystem into carriers’ systems is initiated.
  • 2012 — 2014: INFOBUS starts selling railway and airplane tickets.
  • 2015: A mobile application is launched, and a representative office is opened in Russia.
  • 2018: INFOBUS Holding acquires Beltranscom company.
  • 2019: INFOBUS Holding expands its presence to include offices in the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.
  • 2022: INFOBUS closes its representative office in Russia and opens one in Moldova.

Global Presence: INFOBUS Holding is now actively represented in Belarus, the Czech Republic, Moldova, and Ukraine.

Company’s Aim: INFOBUS Holding is committed to providing affordable and sought-after services worldwide, with the vision of becoming a recognized global leader and preferred partner within the passenger transportation industry.

Mission: INFOBUS Holding’s mission is to provide a simple and convenient system for organizing routes and seamlessly integrating various modes of transport.

In Numbers:

  • 100: INFOBUS Holding employs over 100 professionals across its offices in four countries.
  • 350: The company collaborates with 350 partner companies.
  • 6,500: INFOBUS Holding’s system boasts an impressive network of 6,500 carriers.
  • 10,000: There are approximately 10,000 points of sale within the INFOBUS ecosystem.


  • INFOBUS s.r.o.: Located in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • BusSystem UA: Situated in Lviv, Ukraine.
  • BusSystem Moldova: Based in Kishinev, Moldova.
  • Beltranscom DLC: Operating from Minsk, Belarus.

InfoBus FAQs

1. Printing a Ticket Voucher If you have a voucher and need to print your ticket, contact your provider directly to apply this credit to some or all of your selected journey.

2. Services for Travelers with Reduced Mobility Services for travelers with reduced mobility can be arranged in advance through your specific provider.

3. Luggage Allowance and Bicycle Policy Luggage allowance varies depending on the journey and bus type. Detailed information can be found in the additional details section of your ticket options. For instance, Eurolines travelers can bring two pieces of luggage with a combined weight of 66 pounds (30 kg) to be stored in the cargo hold, as well as a carry-on item. All Eurolines luggage must meet size restrictions and be labeled with your full name and address. Bringing a bicycle onboard depends on the selected route and available space in the coach luggage compartment, which may require an additional fee. The driver will make the final decision on additional luggage based on factors such as passenger count and distribution.

4. On-Board Services On-board services vary depending on the coach model and route. Since InfoBus partners with various major coach operators, the services can differ from company to company.

5. Traveling with Pets Pet policies vary by journey and bus type, with details available in the additional details section of your ticket options. Generally, only service animals and pets weighing under 11 pounds (5 kg) in a travel bag or container are allowed on Eurolines buses.

6. Bus Delays Bus delays can occur due to factors beyond the control of the driver, InfoBus, or partner companies. Reasons may include poor weather, road conditions, heavy traffic, natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances.

7. Handling Bus Cancellations In the event of a bus cancellation, InfoBus will notify passengers and offer alternative trips or solutions. If no alternatives are available, passengers will receive a full refund.

8. Dealing with Bus Delays EU legislation entitles passengers to a refund for delays exceeding 2 hours. Additionally, compensation of €80 per night per person (up to 2 nights) is applicable for journeys exceeding 155 miles (250 km). In cases of delays exceeding 90 minutes, the bus company should provide snacks and refreshments. These rules do not apply in cases of force majeure, accidents, or dangerous driving conditions. Most bus companies strive to inform passengers promptly about delays.

9. Children’s Travel Policies Child pricing and discounts vary by carrier. For example, Eurolines allows children from 10 to 16 to travel alone, provided a legal representative completes and signs a consent form at the time of booking. Discounted rates are available for children under 16. Children over 16 can travel alone and pay the regular fare. InfoBus and its partners disclaim responsibility for their supervision.

10. Group Reservations Group reservation discounts and offers are integrated into listed prices. Prices may change based on reservation date and ongoing promotions. Special discounts are often available for children, travelers with reduced mobility, and groups of three or more. Utilize Omio’s search tools and filters to find the best deals matching your journey and budget.

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