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How to book cheap train tickets on the Gatwick Express website

To find and book cheap railway tickets on the official website Gatwick Express, just fill out the search form and indicate:

  • Departure city
  • City of arrival
  • Departure date
  • Number of passengers
  • Click on the «Search» button.
  • In a couple of seconds, the search system will show you the availability of available seats and you can book train tickets online on the official website Gatwick Express.
  • You can also find out train timetables in the same way.
  • You can pay for railway tickets in any way convenient for you, for example, using a bank card.
  • Immediately after payment, Gatwick Express train tickets will be sent to your e-mail.
  • When boarding a Gatwick Express train, you must present a ticket on your mobile phone screen and an original ID.

Gatwick Express train company contacts

Date of foundation 28 April 1996
Main services Express rail passenger service between London Victoria, Gatwick Airport, and Brighton in South East England
Parent company Govia Thameslink Railway
Address Govia Thameslink Railway
PO BOX 8644
Phones 0345 850 1530
Gatwick Express official website in English:

Gatwick Express Routes

Route Duration Fare
London Victoria to Gatwick Airport 37 mins Starting at $42
Gatwick Airport to London Victoria 29 mins Starting at $28
Route Starting Fare Average Duration Trains per Day
Brighton to London Starting at €6 1h01 96
London Victoria to London Gatwick Airport Starting at €11 0h33 34
London to Brighton Starting at €6 1h03 112
Gatwick Airport to London Victoria Starting at €21 0h52 51
London Gatwick Airport to London Victoria Starting at €21 0h52 50

Gatwick Express Ticket Types

  1. Express Class Tickets
    • Affordability: Express Class Tickets are the most budget-friendly option for travelers heading to Gatwick Airport.
    • Comfort: Passengers enjoy the comfort of air-conditioned train cars throughout their journey.
    • Refreshment: A refreshment trolley is available on board, stocked with a variety of beverages and snacks to enhance the travel experience.
  2. First Class Tickets
    • Premium Comfort: First Class Tickets elevate your travel experience with plush, reclining seats, ensuring a comfortable journey.
    • Complimentary Services: First Class passengers are treated to complimentary tea, coffee, and water. An in-seat refreshment service further enhances the onboard experience.
    • Reading Material: Travelers in First Class receive a complimentary copy of The Telegraph, providing entertainment and information during the trip.
    • Airport Lounge Access: Passengers who book First Class Return tickets online also gain exclusive access to the No.1 Airport Lounge in either terminal at Gatwick. This lounge offers a tranquil environment to relax before or after your flight.
  3. Advanced Ticket
    • Time Restriction: Advanced Tickets are limited to a specific time of day but not tied to a particular train service.
    • Cost-Efficient: These tickets are among the most economical choices available for Gatwick Express travel.
    • Important Note: Travelers should be aware that if they miss the allocated train departure time, they may need to purchase another ticket for a later service. It is crucial to ensure you possess the correct ticket before commencing your journey.

Timetable of the Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express, a vital transportation link in the South East of England, maintains a comprehensive timetable to cater to the travel needs of commuters, airport-bound passengers, and leisure travelers.

Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

During weekdays, the Gatwick Express operates its services with specific focus on accommodating commuters during peak hours:

  1. Express Commuter Service: Gatwick Express provides an efficient commuter service connecting several pivotal destinations, including:
    • London Victoria: The service commences at London Victoria Station.
    • Gatwick Airport: Ensuring swift and convenient access to Gatwick Airport.
    • Haywards Heath: An important stop for residents and commuters in the Haywards Heath area.
    • Brighton: Extending its reach to the vibrant coastal city of Brighton.
  2. Additional Stops During Morning Peak Hours (6:00 am — 9:00 am): Northbound services include extra stops at:
    • Preston Park
    • Hassocks
    • Burgess Hill
    • Enhancing accessibility for passengers residing in these locales during the busy morning commute.
  3. Additional Stops During Evening Peak Hours (5:00 pm — 8:00 pm): Southbound services also include additional stops at the same stations mentioned above, catering to passengers returning home during the evening rush.

Off-Peak Hours (Monday to Saturday)

During off-peak hours on Monday to Saturday, the Gatwick Express service maintains a more streamlined schedule, with a focus on key routes and frequencies:

  • London Victoria to Brighton Route: The off-peak schedule includes:
    • Frequency: 2 trains per hour (tph).
    • Calling at: Gatwick Airport and Haywards Heath.


On Sundays, the Gatwick Express simplifies its service to accommodate weekend travelers:

  • Sunday Shuttle Service: Gatwick Express operates a dedicated half-hourly shuttle service, exclusively between:
    • London Victoria
    • Gatwick Airport

This Sunday service is designed to provide a convenient and frequent link between the heart of London and Gatwick Airport, catering to leisure travelers and those embarking on weekend journeys.

History of the Gatwick Express train company

The Gatwick Express, a vital rail passenger service connecting London Victoria, Gatwick Airport, and Brighton in South East England, has a rich history that spans several decades. Here, we delve into the detailed chronology of the Gatwick Express train company, highlighting key milestones and developments:

  1. Inauguration in May 1984:
    • The Gatwick Express service was introduced in May 1984, marking a significant advancement in rail travel in the South East of England.
    • The initial service featured air-conditioned InterCity carriages and was operated by British Rail.
  2. Privatization in April 1996:
    • In April 1996, as part of the privatization of British Rail services, the Gatwick Express franchise was taken over by National Express.
    • National Express ushered in a new era for the service, focusing on enhancing the passenger experience and efficiency.
  3. Integration into Southern in June 2008:
    • Gatwick Express underwent a transformation in June 2008 when it ceased to exist as a separate franchise.
    • The service was merged into the Southern train operating company. However, it retained its unique identity and continued to serve as an essential transportation link.
  4. Inclusion in Govia Thameslink Railway in July 2015:
    • In July 2015, another significant change occurred when Southern, along with the Gatwick Express service, became part of Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR).
    • This merger aimed to streamline rail operations and further enhance the efficiency of the Gatwick Express service.
  5. Suspension during the COVID-19 Pandemic:
    • The Gatwick Express faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • On 30 March 2020, the service was suspended due to a sharp decline in passenger numbers. It briefly resumed in December 2021 but was again suspended following the impact of the Omicron variant.
  6. Resumption and Engineering Work:
    • A reduced service, as a result of essential engineering work at Gatwick Airport Station, resumed on 3 April 2022.
    • This marked a significant step toward restoring the vital connection between London, Gatwick Airport, and Brighton.
  7. Temporary Deployment of Trains:
    • During the suspension of Gatwick Express services, some of its Class 387/2 trains were temporarily used by Southern on various routes, including East Coastway services and Brighton Main Line services.
    • In May 2021, nine Class 387/2 trains were transferred to Great Northern, primarily serving routes between London King’s Cross and destinations like Cambridge, Ely, Peterborough, and Stevenage.
  8. Return of Gatwick Express:
    • As of 3 April 2022, Gatwick Express services were officially reinstated, with dedicated coaches once again providing swift and efficient transportation.
    • This resumption marked a positive milestone in the service’s history, reaffirming its significance in connecting travelers to and from Gatwick Airport.

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