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What is a charter flights

Charters are flights ordered by a travel operator or legal entity on the basis of a lease agreement. When a travel agency intends to send tourists to some resort or city where regular airlines do not fly, then in this case the travel agency needs to rent a plane from the airline itself. Most charter flights operate during the summer months when the beach season opens. If regular flights were launched in these directions, then the airlines would have to work at a loss, since no one will fly in the winter to where there is «off season».

Varieties of charters

  • Split is a combined flight, when one segment of the journey is a regular flight.
  • Shuttle is when an aircraft constantly delivers and picks up new air passengers.
  • Poly is when passengers change aircraft several times.
  • A sludge charter is when an aircraft takes tourists to their destination, waits for them, and then returns with them.

Details about charter flights

Charter flights are operated by different airlines, even those that operate regular flights, so the service on charter flights will be no worse than on regular flights of the same airline.

Charters are not low-cost airlines, so the cost of air tickets for charters includes hand luggage and luggage and meals. Everything is exactly the same as on regular flights. And on low-cost airlines, you only buy a flight, and everything else is paid extra, since not everyone carries luggage and not everyone wants to pay for food on short flights.

Charters are the same regular flights, only rented by a tour operator during the peak tourist season.

Which airlines operate charter flights

Almost all airlines operate charter flights. Some more, some less. There are those that specialize in charter flights, but also operate regular flights.

How to buy air tickets for charter flights

  1. You can find tickets for charter flights using the search engine
  2. The biggest chances of booking tickets for a charter flight is to look for them at the beginning and end of the season, and not at the peak when the bulk of tourists fly.
  3. To buy the cheapest charter tickets, you need to buy them both ways with a return in 7 or 14 days, as these are standard terms.

The advantage of charter flights over regular flights

  • The closer the departure, the cheaper the tickets, as it is important to sell all the tickets on the plane.
  • Most often, charter flights are significantly cheaper than regular flights, if any exist in this direction.
  • Charters fly to beautiful cities and resorts where regular flights do not fly.

List of charter airlines




Red Sea Airlines


Safari Plus

Which countries do charters fly to?

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