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Tickets for cheap flights to Canberra, Australia

Nearest airport(s) to Canberra: Canberra Airport (IATA code: CBR).

How to book cheap airline tickets for flights to Canberra

To book cheap flights to Canberra, fill out the search form at the top of this page and enter:

  • City of departure;
  • City or airport of arrival — Canberra, Australia;
  • Departure date;
  • Return date;
  • Number of adult passengers and children;
  • Class of service (economy or business class);
  • Click on the «Search» button.
  • Pay for flights to Canberra online with a bank card.
  • Within 2 minutes after payment, e-tickets to Canberra will be sent to your e-mail.
  • Download airline tickets to your phone or print them out on paper and take them with you to the airport.
  • All you need to check in for a flight to Canberra and board the plane is your passport.

Cheap flights to Canberra from various cities

OriginDeparture atFind tickets
Sydney13 March 2023Tickets from 133
Denpasar9 December 2022Tickets from 386
Auckland13 October 2022Tickets from 491
Tokyo3 February 2023Tickets from 541
Moscow20 April 2023Tickets from 842

The cost of airline tickets for flights to Canberra

  • The cost of airline tickets for flights to Canberra varies depending on the day of the week and month. Select the month and day in which you want to fly and see the exact price of tickets for flights to Canberra.
  • By default, the price of a one-way flight to Canberra is shown.
  • If you need round-trip tickets to Canberra, then click below on the 3 blue stripes and uncheck the one-way box.

3 tips to book the cheapest tickets to Canberra:

  • Buy tickets to Canberra at once in both directions there and back;
  • Book and pay for tickets to Canberra online via the Internet. So you do not have to pay a commission to ticket offices;
  • Buy tickets to Canberra for direct flights, as these are the cheapest flights.

Special offers for cheap flights to Canberra, Australia

Cheap flights from Canberra

DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Coolangatta (Gold Coast)7 November 2022Tickets from 147
Melbourne12 October 2022Tickets from 154
Brisbane19 November 2022Tickets from 171
Adelaide2 November 2022Tickets from 203
Newcastle20 February 2023Tickets from 231
Sydney2 November 2022Tickets from 237
Hobart6 February 2023Tickets from 252
Launceston14 November 2022Tickets from 327
Townsville16 June 2023Tickets from 351
Sunshine Coast18 March 2023Tickets from 352
Cairns15 January 2023Tickets from 363
Rockhampton18 November 2022Tickets from 391
Wagga Wagga31 October 2022Tickets from 418
Perth17 March 2023Tickets from 420
Darwin18 November 2022Tickets from 430
Albury26 October 2022Tickets from 435
Burnie23 November 2022Tickets from 441
Mackay29 December 2022Tickets from 451
Queenstown2 November 2022Tickets from 471
Port Macquarie24 November 2022Tickets from 477
Hervey Bay17 October 2022Tickets from 484
Tamworth18 October 2022Tickets from 488
Coffs Harbour9 July 2023Tickets from 501
Denpasar12 February 2023Tickets from 525
Hamilton Island27 October 2022Tickets from 551
Armidale29 October 2022Tickets from 565
Bundaberg29 October 2022Tickets from 602
Merimbula29 October 2022Tickets from 603
Nadi6 December 2022Tickets from 675
Port Moresby12 October 2022Tickets from 695
Proserpine10 October 2022Tickets from 727
Auckland29 December 2022Tickets from 747
Honiara7 November 2022Tickets from 1 223
Honolulu23 November 2022Tickets from 1 250
Wellington5 October 2022Tickets from 1 279
Abu Dhabi21 November 2022Tickets from 1 779
Doha22 November 2022Tickets from 2 442
Kathmandu31 December 2022Tickets from 3 296

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