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IATA code: B5
ICAO code: BBT
Type of airline: Charter airline
Country: Turkey
Operating bases and hubs: Antalya Airport
Foundation date: March 2023
Air Fleet: Airbus A320-200, Airbus A3201-200
Address: 3rd Floor, Pasha Plaza,
Hümeyra St., Sultan Selim District,
Kağıthane/İstanbul, Türkiye, 34415
Phone: +90 212 400 0226
Email: [email protected]
BBN Airlines official website:

BBN Airlines: Flight Destinations

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1StockholmAntalyaFind tickets
2AntalyaStockholmFind tickets
3AntalyaBerlinFind tickets
4AntalyaBillundFind tickets
5AntalyaBrusselsFind tickets
6AntalyaBudapestFind tickets
7AntalyaParisFind tickets
8AntalyaCologneFind tickets
9AntalyaCopenhagenFind tickets
10AntalyaDebrecenFind tickets
11AntalyaDusseldorfFind tickets
12AntalyaErfurtFind tickets
13AntalyaFrankfurtFind tickets
14AntalyaHanoverFind tickets
15AntalyaHamburgFind tickets
16AntalyaHelsinkiFind tickets
17AntalyaChisinauFind tickets
18AntalyaKrakowFind tickets
19AntalyaKuopioFind tickets
20AntalyaKuwaitFind tickets
21AntalyaLeipzig/HalleFind tickets
22AntalyaLondonFind tickets
23AntalyaLuleaFind tickets
24AntalyaManchesterFind tickets
25AntalyaMunichFind tickets
26AntalyaNurembergFind tickets
27AntalyaOsloFind tickets
28AntalyaBucharestFind tickets
29AntalyaOuluFind tickets
30AntalyaPaderbornFind tickets
31AntalyaRigaFind tickets
32AntalyaStuttgartFind tickets
33AntalyaTallinnFind tickets
34AntalyaTel Aviv-YafoFind tickets
35AntalyaTampereFind tickets
36AntalyaUmeaFind tickets
37AntalyaVilniusFind tickets
38AntalyaVaxjoFind tickets
39AntalyaWarsawFind tickets
40BerlinAntalyaFind tickets
41BergenAntalyaFind tickets
42BodrumBillundFind tickets
43BodrumBariFind tickets
44BodrumCopenhagenFind tickets
45BodrumLondonFind tickets
46BodrumSamarkandFind tickets
47BillundAntalyaFind tickets
48BariBodrumFind tickets
49BrusselsAntalyaFind tickets
50BudapestAntalyaFind tickets
51ParisAntalyaFind tickets
52CologneAntalyaFind tickets
53CologneBourgasFind tickets
54CologneHeraklionFind tickets
55CologneHurghadaFind tickets
56CologneKosFind tickets
57CologneRhodesFind tickets
58CologneSharm el SheikhFind tickets
59CopenhagenAntalyaFind tickets
60CopenhagenBodrumFind tickets
61DusseldorfAntalyaFind tickets
62DusseldorfHurghadaFind tickets
63ErcanStockholmFind tickets
64ErcanCopenhagenFind tickets
65ErcanIstanbulFind tickets
66ErcanViennaFind tickets
67FrankfurtAntalyaFind tickets
68HanoverAntalyaFind tickets
69HamburgAntalyaFind tickets
70HelsinkiAntalyaFind tickets
71HeraklionCologneFind tickets
72HurghadaCologneFind tickets
73IstanbulErcanFind tickets
74IstanbulKuwaitFind tickets
75IstanbulTel Aviv-YafoFind tickets
76ChisinauAntalyaFind tickets
77KrakowAntalyaFind tickets
78KuopioAntalyaFind tickets
79KuwaitIstanbulFind tickets
80Leipzig/HalleAntalyaFind tickets
81LondonAntalyaFind tickets
82LondonBodrumFind tickets
83LuleaAntalyaFind tickets
84ManchesterAntalyaFind tickets
85MunichAntalyaFind tickets
86NurembergAntalyaFind tickets
87OsloAntalyaFind tickets
88OuluAntalyaFind tickets
89PaderbornAntalyaFind tickets
90RhodesCologneFind tickets
91RigaAntalyaFind tickets
92StuttgartAntalyaFind tickets
93TallinnAntalyaFind tickets
94Tel Aviv-YafoAntalyaFind tickets
95Tel Aviv-YafoIstanbulFind tickets
96TrabzonKuwaitFind tickets
97VaasaAntalyaFind tickets
98ViennaAntalyaFind tickets
99VilniusAntalyaFind tickets
100WarsawAntalyaFind tickets

BBN Airlines Fleet

Charter BBN Airlines official website

Aircraft Number of aircraft Number of seats
Airbus A320-200 1 180
Airbus A321-200 4 218

The fleet of aircraft of Turkish charter airline BBN Airlines includes two models: Airbus A320-200 and Airbus A321-200. These models have been carefully selected to meet passenger requirements and provide the optimum combination of capacity and comfort.

Airbus A320-200:

  1. Capacity: BBN Airlines’ Airbus A320-200 aircraft can accommodate up to X passengers while providing a comfortable space for an enjoyable travelling experience.
  2. Cabin layout: The cabin of the Airbus A320-200 is divided into different sections, including economy class and possibly business class, giving passengers a choice depending on their preferences.
  3. Classes of Service: Presumably, several classes of service are available on board the Airbus A320-200:
  • Economy Class: Passengers can enjoy comfortable seats with the necessary amenities for short to medium flights.
  • Business Class: This class provides enhanced comfort and service, including wider seats and additional privileges.

Airbus A321-200:

  1. Capacity: Highly spacious and flexible, the Airbus A321-200 can accommodate up to Y passengers, providing a variety of travel options.
  2. Cabin layout: The cabin of the Airbus A321-200 is also divided into different sections, creating many options to meet the needs of a variety of passengers, including economy class and possibly business class.
  3. Classes of Service: Similar to the Airbus A320-200, the Airbus A321-200 is likely to offer several classes of service:
  • Economy Class: In this class, passengers can enjoy amenities and comfort during the flight.
  • Business Class: This class may include additional amenities such as spacious seats, enhanced service and other exclusive offerings.

BBN Airlines Web check-in

Online check-in for international and domestic flights of Turkish charter airline BBN Airlines is offered to passengers as a convenient way to simplify the process of checking in and obtaining boarding tickets before departure. The time frame for starting and ending online check-in may vary depending on the type of flight and class of service.

International flights:

  1. Check-in Start: Online check-in for BBN Airlines international flights usually starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  2. Check-in End: For international flights, online check-in is available up to 2-3 hours prior to departure, depending on specific airline regulations.

Domestic flights:

  1. Check-in Start: Online check-in for domestic flights on BBN Airlines usually also starts 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  2. Check-in End: For domestic flights, similar to international flights, online check-in can be completed within 2-3 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Passengers wishing to use online check-in can log on to the official website of BBN Airlines by entering their details, selecting their seat and receiving their boarding ticket electronically. This convenient service saves time and avoids queues at airport check-in counters, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable start to the journey.

Check-in at the airport for BBN Airlines flights

Airport check-in for international and domestic flights of Turkish charter airline BBN Airlines is an important pre-flight step that ensures passengers are formally processed and prepared to board the aircraft.

International flights:

  1. Check-in Start: At the airport, check-in for BBN Airlines international flights usually starts 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  2. End of check-in: Check-in is completed approximately 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time. This ensures that the passenger list is generated in a timely manner and preparations for boarding are made.
  3. Check-in procedure: Passengers arrive at the check-in area where they present their proof of identity and ticket reservation. They are then issued boarding tickets and have their baggage checked.

Domestic flights:

  1. Start of Check-in: The start of check-in for domestic flights of BBN Airlines usually also takes place 3 hours before the expected departure time.
  2. Check-in End: Similar to international flights, check-in for domestic flights ends approximately 1 hour prior to departure.
  3. Check-in procedure: Passengers go through a similar check-in procedure by presenting their document and receiving their boarding passes.

Features of airport check-in:

  1. Baggage Check: After check-in, passengers check their luggage into the aircraft’s baggage compartment for inspection and departure.
  2. Special Services: Passengers requiring special services (e.g. passengers with reduced mobility) can request assistance at the check-in desk.
  3. Boarding: After successful check-in and security check, passengers await boarding announcements at the appropriate gate.

Checked baggage and carry-on baggage allowances on BBN Airlines flights

Baggage and hand luggage allowances on flights of Turkish charter airline BBN Airlines are carefully regulated to ensure maximum convenience and to cover the different needs of passengers depending on the fare and class of service selected.

Economy Class:

  1. Hand baggage: In Economy Class, passengers are normally entitled to carry one hand baggage weighing up to 7kg. The dimensions of this baggage may vary, but generally the sum of the three dimensions (length, width and height) should not exceed 115 cm.
  2. Checked baggage: For Economy Class passengers, checked baggage allowances may vary depending on the fare selected. For example, one fare may allow one piece of baggage weighing up to 20kg with certain dimensions, while in another fare these allowances may differ.

Business Class:

  1. Hand baggage: Business Class passengers can generally carry a larger hand baggage. Weight and dimensional rules may vary, but in most cases baggage weighing up to 10kg is allowed, with total measurements usually not exceeding 125cm.
  2. Checked baggage: For Business Class passengers, checked baggage allowances may also vary depending on the fare selected. This class of service usually offers a more generous baggage allowance, such as two or more pieces of baggage weighing up to 30kg each.

BBN Airlines: Airfare Deals from Antalya

DestinationDeparture atStopsFind tickets
London12 December 2023DirectTickets from 26
Istanbul3 October 2023DirectTickets from 32
Adana8 November 2023DirectTickets from 32
Ankara27 September 2023DirectTickets from 34
Izmir10 October 2023DirectTickets from 34
Zurich2 October 2023DirectTickets from 39
Diyarbakir25 October 2023DirectTickets from 41
Ercan25 October 2023DirectTickets from 42
Trabzon14 January 2024DirectTickets from 42
Tel Aviv-Yafo13 October 2023DirectTickets from 43
Kayseri16 October 2023DirectTickets from 44
Gaziantep24 October 2023DirectTickets from 45
Beirut28 October 2023DirectTickets from 45
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse28 September 2023DirectTickets from 46
Dresden26 December 2023DirectTickets from 48
Leipzig/Halle30 September 2023DirectTickets from 48
Dusseldorf19 December 2023DirectTickets from 48
Sofia26 November 2023DirectTickets from 48
Hurghada1 January 2024DirectTickets from 48
Sharm el Sheikh20 December 2023DirectTickets from 48
Samsun30 October 2023DirectTickets from 49
Munich21 March 2024DirectTickets from 49
Tallinn27 September 2023DirectTickets from 49
Berlin12 December 2023DirectTickets from 49
Warsaw23 December 2023DirectTickets from 49
Hamburg17 December 2023DirectTickets from 49
Stockholm18 December 2023DirectTickets from 49
Copenhagen15 December 2023DirectTickets from 49
Cologne17 December 2023DirectTickets from 49
Gothenburg16 December 2023DirectTickets from 49
Bucharest29 September 2023DirectTickets from 50
Nuremberg15 December 2023DirectTickets from 50
Paderborn25 December 2023DirectTickets from 52
Manchester19 December 2023DirectTickets from 53
Konya14 October 20231 StopTickets from 55
Bodrum30 September 20231 StopTickets from 58
Rostock-Laage24 December 2023DirectTickets from 59
Dalaman3 October 20231 StopTickets from 60
Adler/Sochi25 September 2023DirectTickets from 62
Van21 October 2023DirectTickets from 62
Milan7 December 20231 StopTickets from 62
Vienna16 January 20241 StopTickets from 64
Debrecen21 October 2023DirectTickets from 66
Budapest29 September 2023DirectTickets from 66
Prague29 September 2023DirectTickets from 66
Frankfurt24 December 2023DirectTickets from 67
Chisinau26 September 2023DirectTickets from 67
Brussels19 November 20231 StopTickets from 67
Geneva30 September 2023DirectTickets from 68
Paris29 November 2023DirectTickets from 68
Rome12 December 20231 StopTickets from 68
Belgrade5 December 20231 StopTickets from 68
Mineralnye Vody14 March 2024DirectTickets from 69
Athens20 January 20241 StopTickets from 70
Dublin13 December 20231 StopTickets from 71
Riga16 December 20231 StopTickets from 71
Gazipasa27 September 20231 StopTickets from 72
Tbilisi5 November 2023DirectTickets from 72
Yerevan23 October 2023DirectTickets from 72
Larnaca2 December 20231 StopTickets from 73
Skopje21 October 2023DirectTickets from 73
Eindhoven2 December 20231 StopTickets from 74
Erfurt29 September 2023DirectTickets from 74
Mardin29 October 20231 StopTickets from 74
Bruges27 September 2023DirectTickets from 74
Barcelona18 December 20231 StopTickets from 75
Moscow26 September 2023DirectTickets from 75
Amman1 November 2023DirectTickets from 75
Stuttgart10 December 2023DirectTickets from 76
Dortmund9 December 20231 StopTickets from 76
Bratislava16 January 20241 StopTickets from 76
Rize27 September 20231 StopTickets from 76
Edinburgh18 December 20231 StopTickets from 77
Valencia12 December 20231 StopTickets from 77
Paphos29 November 20231 StopTickets from 77
Erzincan26 September 20231 StopTickets from 78
Sarajevo5 December 20231 StopTickets from 78
Amsterdam18 December 20231 StopTickets from 78
Lyon16 December 20231 StopTickets from 79
Vladikavkaz26 September 2023DirectTickets from 80
Bremen17 October 2023DirectTickets from 80
Erzurum15 October 20231 StopTickets from 81
Merzifon9 October 20231 StopTickets from 81
Sivas27 September 20231 StopTickets from 81
Volgograd17 December 20231 StopTickets from 81
Igdir6 October 20231 StopTickets from 82
Makhachkala18 January 20241 StopTickets from 82
Belfast21 December 20231 StopTickets from 82
Lisbon24 January 20241 StopTickets from 83
Denizli9 October 20231 StopTickets from 84
Venice9 November 20231 StopTickets from 84
Edremit11 October 20231 StopTickets from 84
Elazig1 November 20231 StopTickets from 84
Bahrain5 October 2023DirectTickets from 84
Kassel27 September 2023DirectTickets from 84
Thessaloniki29 September 20231 StopTickets from 85
Zagreb9 December 20231 StopTickets from 85
Abu Dhabi30 September 2023DirectTickets from 85
Ordu7 October 20231 StopTickets from 86

Popular Routes of BBN Airlines

BBN Airlines provides passengers with a variety of routes both within and outside Turkey, allowing its customers to choose destinations according to their needs and travel plans.

International routes:

  1. Antalya (Turkey) — Paris (France): BBN Airlines offers regular flights from Antalya to Paris, providing travellers with the opportunity to enjoy the architecture and culture of France.
  2. Antalya (Turkey) — Rome (Italy): This route links Antalya with historic Rome, allowing passengers to discover the wealth of Italian history and art.
  3. Antalya (Turkey) — London (UK): BBN Airlines also flies between Antalya and London, providing access to British culture and attractions.

Domestic routes:

  1. Ankara — Istanbul: BBN Airlines provides flights between Turkey’s capital, Ankara, and the country’s largest city, Istanbul.
  2. Izmir — Antalya: Passengers can use the route between the beautiful coastline of Izmir and the tourist centre of Antalya.
  3. Antalya — Adana: This route connects Antalya and Adana, giving travellers the opportunity to experience the culture and history of southern Turkey.

Meals on board BBN Airlines

The meals on board the aircraft of Turkish charter airline BBN Airlines are varied and geared to meet the needs of different classes of service, giving passengers a choice depending on their preferences and expectations.

Economy Class:

  1. Gastronomic range: Within Economy Class, BBN Airlines provides passengers with a wide range of meals that cater to the limited space and specificity of the passenger cabin.
  2. Main Meals: In this class, passengers can expect full meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes a variety of meal variations including meat, fish and vegetarian options.

Business Class:

  1. Gastronomic sophistication: For Business Class passengers, BBN Airlines creates a higher standard of gastronomic experience by offering carefully selected and gourmet meals.
  2. Menu Variety: The Business Class menu offers a variety of gastronomic options including gourmet appetisers, main courses and desserts. These dishes may represent different culinary traditions and ingredients.
  3. Premium Service: In addition to high-quality meals, Business Class passengers also enjoy a higher level of service. This may include individual menu selections, wine pairings and personalised service.

Service classes on BBN Airlines flights

Turkish charter airline BBN Airlines offers passengers a variety of classes of service, ensuring comfort and fulfilment of individual needs during flights.

Economy Class:

  1. Service Level: Economy Class is the standard class of service, providing passengers with acceptable value for money. It is aimed at travellers who value economy without compromising on basic comfort.
  2. Seats: Economy Class seats provide a basic level of comfort with comfortable seating space.
  3. Meals: Passengers in this class receive basic meals depending on the length of the flight. The menu includes a variety of food options.
  4. Entertainment: Some flights provide access to entertainment systems such as magazines, films and music.

Business Class:

  1. Service Level: Business Class offers a higher level of comfort and personalised service. It is designed for travellers who appreciate advanced features and a personalised experience.
  2. Seats: Business Class seats provide more space to relax and often have the option to convert into a flat bed.
  3. Meals: Passengers in this class enjoy fine dining and additional gastronomic options. A wine list and more upscale meals are features of Business Class.
  4. Entertainment: Business Class typically offers a wider range of entertainment options, including larger screens and increased access to films, music and other content.

BBN Airlines Fares

Turkish charter airline BBN Airlines offers a variety of fares that allow passengers to choose options that fit their budget, needs and flight preferences.

Economy Fare:

  1. Price: The economy fare provides access to a more affordable price per ticket, making it attractive to travellers looking to save money.
  2. Basic Services: This fare includes basic services such as passenger and hand luggage. It offers a choice of additional services for a fee.
  3. Flexibility: An economy fare may be less flexible in terms of date changes or refunds than other fares.

Business fare:

  1. Comfort and service: A business fare offers a higher level of comfort and personalised service. It is aimed at travellers who appreciate higher quality standards.
  2. Baggage: Business fares often offer more generous baggage and carry-on baggage allowances.
  3. Flexibility and refunds: This fare may have more flexibility in terms of changing flight dates or refunds, giving passengers greater certainty.

Premium fare:

  1. Exclusive services: The Premium fare offers the highest level of comfort and service. It is aimed at travellers who are looking for a luxurious flight experience.
  2. Benefits: Premium fares may include additional benefits such as priority check-in, access to airport lounges and other upgrades.
  3. Flexibility: This fare can offer a high level of flexibility when changing your booking.

BBN Airlines: Airfare Discounts to Antalya

OriginDeparture atDistanceStopsFind tickets
London9 December 20232949 kmDirectTickets from 25
Debrecen28 October 20231399 kmDirectTickets from 27
Istanbul5 October 2023463 kmDirectTickets from 29
Adana28 September 2023399 kmDirectTickets from 32
Ankara27 September 2023405 kmDirectTickets from 33
Izmir10 October 2023357 kmDirectTickets from 34
Bucharest13 October 2023940 kmDirectTickets from 34
Liverpool31 October 20233165 kmDirectTickets from 40
Trabzon25 December 2023899 kmDirectTickets from 41
Manchester3 January 20243130 kmDirectTickets from 42
Stockholm11 November 20232691 kmDirectTickets from 42
Gaziantep26 October 2023593 kmDirectTickets from 42
Kayseri9 December 2023461 kmDirectTickets from 44
Diyarbakir25 October 2023837 kmDirectTickets from 44
Berlin29 October 20232186 kmDirectTickets from 44
Hamburg29 October 20232453 kmDirectTickets from 45
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse31 October 20232241 kmDirectTickets from 46
Zurich25 October 20232163 kmDirectTickets from 46
Hanover30 October 20232386 kmDirectTickets from 47
Gothenburg11 October 20232678 kmDirectTickets from 47
Billund17 November 20232651 kmDirectTickets from 47
Sofia29 October 2023900 kmDirectTickets from 47
Tel Aviv-Yafo11 October 2023660 kmDirectTickets from 47
Samsun14 October 2023693 kmDirectTickets from 47
Budapest16 October 20231505 kmDirectTickets from 47
Katowice25 October 20231774 kmDirectTickets from 47
Copenhagen30 October 20232490 kmDirectTickets from 48
Adler/Sochi7 February 20241063 kmDirectTickets from 48
Ercan30 September 2023310 kmDirectTickets from 48
Erfurt5 January 20242216 kmDirectTickets from 49
Warsaw18 November 20231864 kmDirectTickets from 49
Nuremberg9 November 20232113 kmDirectTickets from 49
Stuttgart11 October 20232184 kmDirectTickets from 49
Paderborn29 October 20232389 kmDirectTickets from 49
Barcelona14 November 20232514 km1 StopTickets from 50
Cologne30 October 20232433 kmDirectTickets from 50
Geneva25 October 20232288 kmDirectTickets from 50
Vienna8 October 20231702 kmDirectTickets from 52
Helsinki18 November 20232636 kmDirectTickets from 52
Dusseldorf24 October 20232478 kmDirectTickets from 53
Leipzig/Halle29 October 20232179 kmDirectTickets from 53
Tallinn28 October 20232540 kmDirectTickets from 54
Beirut30 December 2023545 kmDirectTickets from 54
Lyon28 November 20232347 km1 StopTickets from 55
Venice16 November 20231810 km1 StopTickets from 56
Bristol29 October 20233081 kmDirectTickets from 56
Saarbruecken29 October 20232346 kmDirectTickets from 56
Dublin31 October 20233380 km1 StopTickets from 56
Milan15 November 20232076 km1 StopTickets from 57
Atyrau14 October 20232065 kmDirectTickets from 58
Mineralnye Vody16 March 20241316 kmDirectTickets from 58
Bodrum12 October 2023280 km1 StopTickets from 59
Chisinau29 October 20231126 kmDirectTickets from 59
Munich14 November 20232000 kmDirectTickets from 60
Krakow21 November 20231709 km1 StopTickets from 60
Vilnius24 October 20232017 km1 StopTickets from 61
Alicante8 December 20232753 km1 StopTickets from 61
Edinburgh25 October 20233310 kmDirectTickets from 61
Konya29 October 2023196 km1 StopTickets from 62
Tirana20 November 20231078 km1 StopTickets from 62
Prague25 November 20231974 km1 StopTickets from 63
Palma Mallorca4 December 20232459 km1 StopTickets from 63
Van16 October 20231115 kmDirectTickets from 63
Brussels26 September 20232597 kmDirectTickets from 64
Muenster26 October 20232474 kmDirectTickets from 64
Bremen29 October 20232475 kmDirectTickets from 65
Rome4 December 20231681 km1 StopTickets from 66
Suceava27 November 20231253 km1 StopTickets from 66
Lisbon15 January 20243484 km1 StopTickets from 66
Belgrade2 November 20231244 km1 StopTickets from 66
Gdansk10 October 20232160 km1 StopTickets from 67
Friedrichshafen25 October 20232109 kmDirectTickets from 69
Paris6 November 20232644 km1 StopTickets from 70
Bourgas23 October 2023683 km1 StopTickets from 70
Nice3 November 20232129 km1 StopTickets from 70
Volgograd12 February 20241717 km1 StopTickets from 70
Dalaman3 October 2023180 km1 StopTickets from 70
Aalborg24 October 20232725 kmDirectTickets from 70
Frankfurt26 October 20232298 kmDirectTickets from 71
Riga9 October 20232283 km1 StopTickets from 71
Marseille12 October 20232281 km1 StopTickets from 72
Belfast4 December 20233422 km1 StopTickets from 72
Antakya2 October 2023492 km1 StopTickets from 72
Skopje21 October 2023966 kmDirectTickets from 72
Makhachkala19 January 20241578 km1 StopTickets from 72
Denizli26 September 2023138 km1 StopTickets from 73
Nis7 October 20231043 km1 StopTickets from 73
Karlsruhe/Baden Baden17 October 20232260 kmDirectTickets from 74
Sharm el Sheikh29 September 20231047 kmDirectTickets from 74
Bruges27 September 20232714 kmDirectTickets from 74
Abu Dhabi30 September 20232657 kmDirectTickets from 74
Vladikavkaz13 October 20231364 kmDirectTickets from 74
Cluj22 October 20231245 km1 StopTickets from 75
Antwerp26 September 20232614 kmDirectTickets from 75
Newcastle30 September 20233173 kmDirectTickets from 76
Poznan18 October 20232040 km1 StopTickets from 76
Aktyubinsk18 October 20232571 kmDirectTickets from 76

Rules of transporting children on BBN Airlines flights

Turkish charter airline BBN Airlines provides special rules and services for the carriage of children on its flights to ensure maximum comfort and safety for young passengers. These rules take into account the different age groups and needs of children.

Passengers under 2 years of age (infants):

  1. Tickets: Children under 2 years of age who do not occupy a separate seat can be carried on the lap of an adult passenger. However, such children are not issued separate tickets.
  2. In-flight cradle: In some cases BBN Airlines may provide an in-flight cradle for infants to ensure a more comfortable journey.

Children from 2 to 12 years of age (children):

  1. Tickets: A separate children’s ticket is available for children between the ages of 2 and 12. Ticket prices may vary depending on the age of the child and other factors.
  2. Accompaniment: Children in this age group can usually travel independently, but parents or guardians can also request an on-board escort service.

Teenagers 12-18 years old:

  1. Tickets: A separate ticket is available for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18. Ticket prices may vary depending on age and other conditions.
  2. Independent travel: Teenagers in this age group may travel unaccompanied, but parents or guardians may request an escort service if necessary.

Rules for transporting pets on BBN Airlines flights

The rules for transporting pets on flights with Turkish charter airline BBN Airlines take into account both the needs of passengers and the observance of safety and comfort standards for all on board.

Preliminary information:

  1. Acceptable pets: BBN Airlines generally allows pet cats and dogs in the cabin or in the baggage compartment.
  2. Advance Notice: Passengers wishing to transport their pet must notify the airline in advance when booking tickets or by contacting customer service.

Pets in the cabin:

  1. Weight and Size: In general, pets transported in the cabin must meet certain weight and size restrictions in order to fit under the front seat in a specially provided bag.
  2. Special Bag: Passengers are required to provide a safe and comfortable bag for their pet that will allow them to remain comfortable during the flight.

Pets in the baggage compartment:

  1. Seat Reservations: Carriage of pets in the baggage compartment requires advance seat reservation as seats are limited.
  2. Boxes: Pets must be placed in special boxes to ensure their comfort and safety during the flight.

Health and documentation:

  1. Veterinary Certificate: Before boarding, passengers are required to provide a veterinary certificate confirming that the pet is in good health and up-to-date on vaccinations.
  2. Special requirements: If the pet has special needs such as diet or medication, this must also be considered and provided in the instructions.

Additional Conditions:

  1. Carriage Fee: BBN Airlines may charge an additional fee for transporting pets and the cost may vary depending on the weight and type of pet.
  2. Number of pets on board: Usually a limited number of pets are allowed per flight, so it is recommended to check in advance.

History of BBN Airlines

BBN Airlines (Turkish: BBN Havayolları) is a Turkish charter airline specialising in providing air passenger and cargo services. Founded in early 2023, the airline has quickly gained popularity due to its high degree of professionalism and customer-centricity.


BBN Airlines received its Operator’s Certificate from the Turkish General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in March 2023. This was a key step in its ability to provide air transport services. Founded by a group of experienced aviation professionals, the company decided to start its operations with a fleet of four Airbus A321 passenger aircraft, supplemented by one A320 in a high passenger density configuration. Additionally, an A321 P2F was introduced for cargo operations.

Main destinations and services

Based at Antalya International Airport (AYT), Turkey, BBN Airlines provides a wide range of services including ACMI (aircraft rental with crew, maintenance and insurance) and passenger charters. This strategic location allows the airline to successfully serve in-demand destinations and provide additional capacity for charter flights.

Fleet expansion and prospects

BBN Airlines is committed to aggressively expanding its passenger fleet. Following its successful market launch, the airline plans to increase the number of high-density Airbus A321 aircraft by September 2023. This will enable the company to better meet the growing demand for air travel.

An important milestone in BBN Airlines’ plans is the planned addition of two additional Airbus A321 aircraft in the second quarter of 2024. This additional fleet expansion will significantly increase the airline’s capacity and capability, helping to further grow and consolidate its market position.

Mission and Values

BBN Airlines’ mission is to become a global player in the aviation industry. With a stance focused on innovation and sustainable development, the company is committed to providing high quality passenger and cargo services. By promoting fuel-efficient aircraft and integrating advanced technologies, BBN Airlines aims not only to meet customer needs but also to remain an environmentally responsible company.

With a bright outlook for the future, BBN Airlines continues its journey to success by expanding its fleet, increasing capacity and improving service quality to remain the preferred air transport partner for customers.

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