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Alaska Airlines: contact details

IATA code: AS
ICAO code: ASA
Country: USA
Operating bases and hubs: Anchorage Ted Stevens International, Los Angeles International, San Francisco International Airport, Portland International, Seattle Tacoma International
Foundation date: April 14, 1932 (as McGee Airways)
Reward program: Mileage Plan
Parent company: Alaska Air Group
Alliance: Oneworld
Address: P.O. Box 68900, Seattle, WA 98168, USA
Phone: +1 800 252 7522
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
Alaska Airlines official website:

Alaska Airlines: Flight Destinations

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1Anchorage → SeattleFind tickets
2Atlanta → SeattleFind tickets
3Austin → Los AngelesFind tickets
4Austin → SeattleFind tickets
5Boise → SeattleFind tickets
6Boston → SeattleFind tickets
7Baltimore → SeattleFind tickets
8Denver → SeattleFind tickets
9Dallas → SeattleFind tickets
10New York → Los AngelesFind tickets
11New York → SeattleFind tickets
12New York → San FranciscoFind tickets
13Spokane → SeattleFind tickets
14Honolulu → SeattleFind tickets
15Washington → SeattleFind tickets
16Houston → SeattleFind tickets
17New York → San DiegoFind tickets
18New York → SeattleFind tickets
19New York → San FranciscoFind tickets
20Las Vegas → Los AngelesFind tickets
21Las Vegas → PortlandFind tickets
22Las Vegas → SeattleFind tickets
23Las Vegas → San FranciscoFind tickets
24Los Angeles → New YorkFind tickets
25Los Angeles → Las VegasFind tickets
26Los Angeles → PortlandFind tickets
27Los Angeles → SeattleFind tickets
28Los Angeles → San FranciscoFind tickets
29Los Angeles → San JoseFind tickets
30Los Angeles → Salt Lake CityFind tickets
31Orlando → SeattleFind tickets
32Minneapolis → SeattleFind tickets
33Oakland → SeattleFind tickets
34Ontario → SeattleFind tickets
35Chicago → PortlandFind tickets
36Chicago → SeattleFind tickets
37Chicago → San FranciscoFind tickets
38Everett → San FranciscoFind tickets
39Portland → Las VegasFind tickets
40Portland → Los AngelesFind tickets
41Portland → SeattleFind tickets
42Portland → San FranciscoFind tickets
43Phoenix → SeattleFind tickets
44San Diego → New YorkFind tickets
45San Diego → PortlandFind tickets
46San Diego → SeattleFind tickets
47San Diego → San FranciscoFind tickets
48San Diego → San JoseFind tickets
49San Diego → SacramentoFind tickets
50Seattle → AnchorageFind tickets
51Seattle → AtlantaFind tickets
52Seattle → AustinFind tickets
53Seattle → BoiseFind tickets
54Seattle → BostonFind tickets
55Seattle → BaltimoreFind tickets
56Seattle → DenverFind tickets
57Seattle → DallasFind tickets
58Seattle → New YorkFind tickets
59Seattle → SpokaneFind tickets
60Seattle → HonoluluFind tickets
61Seattle → WashingtonFind tickets
62Seattle → HoustonFind tickets
63Seattle → New YorkFind tickets
64Seattle → Las VegasFind tickets
65Seattle → Los AngelesFind tickets
66Seattle → OrlandoFind tickets
67Seattle → MinneapolisFind tickets
68Seattle → OaklandFind tickets
69Seattle → OntarioFind tickets
70Seattle → ChicagoFind tickets
71Seattle → PortlandFind tickets
72Seattle → PhoenixFind tickets
73Seattle → San DiegoFind tickets
74Seattle → San FranciscoFind tickets
75Seattle → San JoseFind tickets
76Seattle → Salt Lake CityFind tickets
77Seattle → SacramentoFind tickets
78Seattle → Los AngelesFind tickets
79Seattle → VancouverFind tickets
80Seattle → CalgaryFind tickets
81San Francisco → New YorkFind tickets
82San Francisco → New YorkFind tickets
83San Francisco → Las VegasFind tickets
84San Francisco → Los AngelesFind tickets
85San Francisco → ChicagoFind tickets
86San Francisco → EverettFind tickets
87San Francisco → PortlandFind tickets
88San Francisco → San DiegoFind tickets
89San Francisco → SeattleFind tickets
90San Francisco → Los AngelesFind tickets
91San Jose → Los AngelesFind tickets
92San Jose → San DiegoFind tickets
93San Jose → SeattleFind tickets
94Salt Lake City → Los AngelesFind tickets
95Salt Lake City → SeattleFind tickets
96Sacramento → San DiegoFind tickets
97Sacramento → SeattleFind tickets
98Los Angeles → SeattleFind tickets
99Los Angeles → San FranciscoFind tickets
100Vancouver → SeattleFind tickets

Alaska Airlines: Air Fleet

Alaska Airlines official website cheap flights
The air fleet of the airline «Alaska Airlines» consists of the following aircraft: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321neo, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900, Embraer 175, McDonnell Douglas MD-80.

Alaska Airlines: Web check-in

Web check-in for «Alaska Airlines» flights opens 24 hours and closes 3 hours before scheduled departure.

Alaska Airlines: Check-in at the airport

  • Check-in at the airport for international flights of «Alaska Airlines» starts 3 hours and closes 60 minutes before the flight departure.
  • Airport check-in for «Alaska Airlines» domestic flights within USA starts 2 hours and closes 45 minutes before departure.

Alaska Airlines: Airfare Deals from Seattle

DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Denver26 October 2022Tickets from 153
Las Vegas1 October 2022Tickets from 166
San Diego6 November 2022Tickets from 194
Miami6 December 2022Tickets from 253
New York8 December 2022Tickets from 306
Fort Lauderdale6 December 2022Tickets from 384
Los Angeles23 November 2022Tickets from 388
Ontario22 December 2022Tickets from 517
Chicago1 October 2022Tickets from 591
Paris4 December 2022Tickets from 609
Honolulu23 December 2022Tickets from 830
Wilmington14 October 2022Tickets from 957
Bangkok25 November 2022Tickets from 1 160
Istanbul3 October 2022Tickets from 1 414

Alaska Airlines: carry-on baggage and checked baggage allowance

Classes Carry-on Checked baggage
  • 1 hand baggage item (55x40x23 cm / 22x18x10 in), maximum weight: 10 kilos / 22 lb;
  • 1 personal item (45x36x22 cm / 17x14x8 in): handbag, small backpack, PC bag or similar.
1 item x 23 kg / 50 lb, length + width + height 158 cm/62 in
  • 1 hand baggage item (55x40x23 cm / 22x18x10 in), maximum weight: 10 kilos / 22 lb;
  • 1 personal item (45x36x22 cm / 17x14x8 in): handbag, small backpack, PC bag or similar.
2 items x 23 kg / 50 lb, length + width + height 158 cm/62 in

Alaska Airlines: Airfare Discounts to Seattle

OriginDeparture atFind tickets
San Francisco9 November 2022Tickets from 54
San Diego8 December 2022Tickets from 66
Oakland9 November 2022Tickets from 68
Medford13 January 2023Tickets from 79
Los Angeles19 October 2022Tickets from 83
Juneau22 October 2022Tickets from 87
Phoenix13 October 2022Tickets from 89
Ontario19 October 2022Tickets from 91
Boise22 October 2022Tickets from 92
New York5 February 2023Tickets from 103
Chicago22 October 2022Tickets from 104
Oklahoma City8 December 2022Tickets from 114
Philadelphia27 October 2022Tickets from 116
Boston7 December 2022Tickets from 136
Miami10 December 2022Tickets from 144
Portland16 October 2022Tickets from 151
San Juan5 November 2022Tickets from 154
Baltimore5 October 2022Tickets from 168
Tulsa8 December 2022Tickets from 211
Honolulu1 December 2022Tickets from 222
Austin5 October 2022Tickets from 232
Dallas1 October 2022Tickets from 255
Sacramento30 September 2022Tickets from 267
Washington5 October 2022Tickets from 270
Anchorage2 October 2022Tickets from 274
Wichita1 October 2022Tickets from 280
Barcelona10 December 2022Tickets from 341
Fort Smith8 December 2022Tickets from 374
Bloomington16 October 2022Tickets from 416
Belgrade30 September 2022Tickets from 433
Bangkok7 October 2022Tickets from 465
Cairo3 October 2022Tickets from 493
Auckland13 October 2022Tickets from 522
Tokyo2 November 2022Tickets from 535
Riga26 October 2022Tickets from 544
Johannesburg9 November 2022Tickets from 585
Ho Chi Minh City29 October 2022Tickets from 589
Hanoi29 October 2022Tickets from 596
Phuket11 December 2022Tickets from 632
Delhi12 October 2022Tickets from 643
Doha7 October 2022Tickets from 667
Baku30 September 2022Tickets from 707
Cape Town9 November 2022Tickets from 727

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